New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Dave Rubin

How to Deal with Backlash, Find the Truth, and Live in Gratitude

Let's talk politics.

More specifically, let’s talk about the politics of politics.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s common that social media often becomes a place for fierce political battles. Sometimes, these discussions can spiral into threads and threads of negativity and even false information.

It’s crucial that in a world with access to so much information that we take the time to understand what is real news and also what we believe is true. People love to tell other people what to think, but ultimately, you have the freedom to think for yourself.

It’s equally as important to learn how to have civil discussions with people who disagree with you. More often than not, political debates on Facebook turn into vicious ad hominem attacks, and neither side is given a chance to explain their stance. Sometimes, we can be very quick to judge opinions before we hear the reasoning behind them, and this isn’t good for us or the other person.

I know politics is a tough topic, one that causes a lot of discomfort sometimes, but today, I want to share an enlightening discussion about how we can speak our truth in love and understand other people’s of view. My guest, Dave Rubin, is the perfect person to walk us through these muddy waters to a better and healthier mindset.

“People are afraid to say what they believe.” @RubinReport  

If you don’t know Dave, he’s a political commentator and comedian and the host of the Rubin Report on YouTube (and wherever you got your podcasts). He’s committed to, in his own words, free speech and big ideas, and his iconoclastic thinking has often made him the source of controversy.

Dave’s journey from a left-leaning progressive to a free-thinking classical liberal has been quite an adventure. As a gay married man living in America, Dave spent the majority of his adult life subscribing to a certain political belief system. Fed up with the mainstream media narrative and click-bait news, Dave decided to open up about his awakening for all to see. He realized that no person or idea should be expected to join a side, but rather they should embrace their status as an individual. 

Dave’s background as a stand-up comedian, his degree in political science, and his willingness to listen without fighting has uniquely positioned him to tackle big ideas and uncomfortable truths with thought leaders from both sides of the aisle. His show The Rubin Report aims to create civil discourse with people who disagree with each other. He aims to host a dialogue with others where ideas aren’t judged before people have the chance to explain.

Dave was recently touring with Jordan Peterson, who came on The School of Greatness for an amazing two-part interview last year. If you liked those podcasts, you’ll definitely like this.

Join me on Episode 959 to learn how to deal with backlash, find your truth, and live in gratitude with Dave Rubin!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What do you believe in now?
  • How do we set values and principles for ourselves?
  • What do equal rights mean to you?
  • Who was the better debater between Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson?
  • How do we overcome the hate and attacks that come our way for speaking up?
  • How do you interview someone who has the opposite beliefs as you?
  • Has there been a political leader that has stuck to his values through his time in office?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How everyday stresses will consume us if we let them
  • What it was like to tour with Jordan Peterson
  • What freedom means to us during the pandemic
  • What belief means to Dave
  • What being a free economist means to Dave in his life
  • The difference in speaking styles of Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson
  • How it is important to say what we believe
  • The importance of including the fringe of your audience
  • How getting offline and not being political at times can lift us up
  • The effect of living by a code
  • Plus much more…
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