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Are men still men or have we become more like women?

Has technology diminished the use of man’s strength, therefore making him less likely to work hard to become strong?

What about women making more money than men, has this created a role reversal and if so what are men supposed to do about it?

Our guest on the School of Greatness has created an amazing lifestyle around showing men how they can be the best men today.

And in this episode we talk about what he’s an expert at: How to be a primal man in a modern world.

Thank you for listening to the episode 84 with manly man, Brett McKay.
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The School of Greatness Podcast

Brett McKay of Art of Manliness on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“Don’t kill the animal within you; just tame him and use him appropriately.” – Brett McKay (Tweet)

In This Episode, Read the Manly Notes:

  • About the clash of technology and manhood
  • The relevance of Achilles and Odysseus
  • Behind the status of manliness
  • If Theodore Roosevelt was born today, he’d probably be drugged
  • The biggest challenges of the modern day man
  • How to be the version of yourself that attracts women
  • Things you can do today to be more assertive, calm and confident
  • Ancient Roman philosophies on taming the animal inside yourself
  • Is a “manly-man” monogamous?
  • What it’s like working with his wife on a manly blog
  • About the challenges of being a professional blogger and how it was different for grand pappy
  • The Art of Manliness’s social media engagement “strategies”
  • Is Art of Manliness a success?
  • Plus much more…

“The opposite of manliness isn’t cowardice, it’s technology.” – Brett McKay (Tweet)

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“The opposite of manliness isn’t cowardice; it’s technology.” – Nicholas Nassim Taleb (Tweet)

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“Developing confidence is a ‘fake it till you make it thing.’ While you’re faking it, you have to actually do things that will make you confident.” – Brett McKay (Tweet)

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Do you feel like men have lost control of their manhood?  If so leave your thoughts in the comments section below on this.  What should men be doing today with all the changes they’ve faced and what can women do to support them?

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