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Lewis Howes on the total wave machine with Gabby Reece

Last week on  The School of Greatness I posted an awesome interview with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton.

I loved everything I learned from Laird (including the crazy breathing workout we did).

But that was only half of the fun I had that day.

After interviewing Laird, I got to interview his equally amazing wife Gabrielle Reece.

Gabby is accomplished on so many levels, including being a world-class sand volleyball athlete, model, fitness trainer, author, wife, and mother.

In talking with Gabby I really had the sense that she has it all.

But she is the first to admit that it hasn’t been given to her. She has worked incredibly hard for everything she has.

We first talked about her volleyball career and how she paid her way through college by modeling.

And then we got into her best relationship advice (she and Laird have been married 20 years and have 3 daughters).

I LOVED what insight she had on the importance of empowering alpha males to stand in their power.

We also discussed her views on the importance of knowing your own worth despite what anyone else thinks.

I couldn’t be happier to bring you a second incredible interview coming from the same visit in Episode 215 with Gabrielle Reece.

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The School of Greatness Podcast


“When you’re looking around, you’re not moving forward.”

Some questions I ask:

  • Were you comfortable in your own skin (being so tall at an early age)?
  • Why is living a healthy lifestyle so important to you today?
  • What’s it take from a woman to be with a strong, driven man and have a thriving relationship?
  • How does a woman find inner happiness these days?
  • What are some strategies to increase belief in yourself?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Gabby got into pro beach volleyball before it was an Olympic sport
  • How hard work helps your self-worth
  • The story of how Gabby got into modeling to pay her way through college (and gave up her sports scholarship for it)
  • Why having a real sense of self served her so well at a young age

“Exercise is way cheaper than therapy.”

  • What she learned from trying to become a pro-golfer after her volleyball career
  • Why it takes so long for volleyball players to transition from indoor to beach
  • What she and her husband Laird have learned from the bumps in the road in their relationship (and how they have created a 20 year marriage!)
  • Why it’s okay for a woman to yield to her husband in certain cases and why it’s important to honor his masculinity
  • Gabby’s amazing relationship advice (so much wisdom here!)
  • The philosophy behind Gabby’s HI X workouts that are now taught at 24 Hour Fitness
  • Her approach to building her business (beyond fitness)
  • How fear and doubt are part of being human and it’s okay to start over each day
  • Plus much more…

“Let yourself win.”

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

Me too. Gabby is so grounded and I can tell she’s learned all of her life lessons from living them herself. I am even more inspired to take care of my health and follow my dreams after talking with her.

“Your belief system is a reflection of the people around you.”


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