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Dr. Nicole LePera

Relationships, Boundaries, and Childhood Trauma

Healing begins with you.

Most of us all have something in common:


Trauma doesn’t have to be in the form of PSTD — you don’t need to have witnessed a car wreck or  almost drowned to have experienced some level of trauma. Trauma is something that has happened to a lot of us — perhaps we’re not even aware that it is trauma. Maybe your parents got divorced when you were little, and as their child, you felt torn between two people — that’s trauma. Maybe you’ve been in a toxic and abusive relationship that lasted for years — that’s trauma. Or maybe you lost someone close to you, like a parent, child, or close friend — that can be trauma too.

Often when bad things happen to us, we can’t help it. But sometimes, trauma can arise from toxic relationships in our lives — relationships that have no boundaries, where people can step all over you because you haven’t told them otherwise.

Establishing boundaries is so important, not just with your friends and significant other but also with coworkers and even family members. If we are constantly pulled and stretched by the voices around us, telling us what to do, how are we going to listen to our own voice? How do we be ourselves?

My guest on the podcast today knows all about establishing boundaries. On our last interview on The School of Greatness, she shared that she had just set some boundaries with her parents — let’s check in and see where she’s at and what more she has to teach us.

“Consciousness is where we are granted choice.” @Theholisticpsyc  

Dr. Nicole LePera is a Holistic Psychologist who believes that mental wellness is for everyone. She evolved her more traditional training from Cornell University and The New School to one that acknowledges the connection between the mind and body. Dr. LePera founded the Mindful Healing Center in Center City Philadelphia where she works with individuals, couples, and families. She takes gut health, sleep, movement, cellular health, belief, and mindfulness into treatment.

Dr. LePera views mental and physical struggles from a whole-person perspective and works to identify the underlying physical and emotional causes of pain. She understands that balance is an integral part of wellness, and she empowers individuals to heal themselves, supporting them on their wellness journeys.

On May 1st, her new healing community SelfHealers Circle will launch and provide teaching, resources, and challenges to help people on their journey to healing. It will be a private community of self-healers (away from the public eye of instagram) who are here to support and hold each other accountable on their journeys. In addition, Dr. LePera will give a monthly Q&A sessions, lead meditations, provide workshops, and host special guests.

Often times, creating boundaries is a central factor in maintaining balance within our lives. Having relationships is vital to mental and emotional health, but if we are constantly letting people control us, then balance is impossible. In the worst cases, these types of relationships can cause some level of trauma which continues to affect a person throughout their life. Sometimes, in order to stay healthy, we have to say “no” to people without apologizing.

Are you struggling to create boundaries in your own relationships? Do you feel weighed down by trauma? Do you want to learn how to self-heal?

Join me on Episode 932 to learn how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, how to find peace within yourself, and how to live a more balanced life with the Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera.

“Trauma is stored in the body.” @Theholisticpsyc  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How are you growing faster than other therapist brands? (1:28)
  • How do we change a feeling of powerlessness? (7:25)
  • What’s the greatest trauma people face? (17:24)
  • What’s the level a child or the parent traumatizes the other? (19:23)
  • How do we come to a place of worthiness? (29:00)
  • What is the best practice on observing self thoughts? (37:13)
  • What’s your biggest trigger? (39:13)
  • How do we forgive our parents, even if they were doing the best they can? (43:20)
  • How do we say no without apologizing? (49:30)
  • How do you speak to a child that has a chaotic reality and has not observed their own thoughts? (1:01:30)
  • What’s your biggest fear as a therapist? (1:07:32)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The issue with always thinking about what to do next (5:30)
  • How to develop a consistency in practice in consciousness of action (9:45)
  • The top tools for your healing journey (16:25)
  • Why meditation is key to tuning in to our internal world (24:30)
  • What to do when we get stuck in our familiarized comfort zone (27:50)
  • How the practice of self observation removes focus without judgment (29:30)
  • Why we must change our expectations (41:21)
  • Why we find a way to keep connections with other humans (51:32)
  • Great ways to say no without apologizing or explaining yourself (56:25)
  • The importance of going inward and connecting with ourselves everyday (1:07:10)
  • Plus much more…
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