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Some of the most successful people in the world are master communicators.

They understand how to connect with all of the various personality styles out there.

This episode is all about preparing you to be the best communicator possible and understand how to connect with anyone by understanding their style.

The first key is to understand what your personality style is (why you are that way) and learning to quickly see the tells of everyone else’s style.

How do we get to the next level in all areas of life?  It all comes down to how well we build powerful, value rich relationships with others.  It’s the key to turning your vision from a thought to a reality.

This is an episode you will want to listen to over and over.  Please welcome his third appearance on the School of GreatnessChris Lee.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

The Personality Matrix with Chris Lee on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“A leader is not concerned about other people changing. A leader is concerned about meeting people where they’re at.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The one thing that all powerful people have in common
  • A tool for being able to impact the maximum number of people in the world
  • How to identify personality types and play to their strengths and weaknesses

“It’s not about being fake. It’s about shifting your approach to be able to reach people.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

  • Learn about style flexing and how to cultivate the craft
  • Why some people show up in different quadrants at different points in their life
  • Learn where Chris and I fall on the personality quadrant

“I was Mr. Start-Everything-and-Never-Finish.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

  • How to develop your non-dominant quadrants (and why this is important!)
  • Plus much more…

“You want to be a Jedi master of the quadrants.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

The 4 Quadrant Personality Matrix

  • Analyzer

Opposite of the promoter.

The gift of an analyzer is that they are detail oriented, discipline, systematic, process driven, structured and organized.

How to sell to an analyzer: You must know everything about what you’re working with. Think about the smallest details.


They are their word. When an analyzer says they will do something you can take it to the bank.

They lack passion, spontaneity and they can show up as if they were hardly alive.

Analyzers are visual and logical.

Analyzers are formal in their way of being.

They can be easy going in the sense that they don’t really push through their ideas.

  • Controller

Opposite of the supporter.

The gift of a controller is that they can get things done. Decisive, confident, goal oriented and focused.

How to sell to a controller: Show up powerfully and dressed well.  Agree with them and speak in a leading way that implies that they believe your idea was theirs. Stroke their ego. Connect with them at their level.


The biggest expense they pay is in their relationships.

Their downside is they appear insensitive, mean, uncaring and inflexible.

A controller is someone who is dominant and formal. You have to present to them in a dominant, formal way.

  • Promoter

Opposite of the analyzer.

The gift of a promoter is the ability to contribute and grow many ideas but have a challenge with completing projects.
Promoters tend to break their words and become overwhelmed.

How to sell to a promoter: Show up excited. Talk about the great way your experience will make them feel. Be enthusiastic.


Relationship driven, all about fun and energy.

You’ve got to show up exciting, interesting and passionate.

You can’t control her or be whimsy with her either. She is easy going, causal but dominant as well.

Can show up inauthentic because they bring so much energy and drive.

  • Supporter

Opposite of the controller.

The gift of a supporter is that they are givers focused on emotions, love, acknowledgment and self respect.

How to sell to a supporter: Discuss the emotional benefits to those who will benefit and how everyone around will be better off due to the actions or decisions you’re proposing.


They can show up like a doormat.

They don’t stand up for themselves and it’s easy to make them feel abused by you.

They respond to positive feedback like: great job, well done and I appreciate you.

“Each quadrant has it’s pros and it’s cons. I think it’s important for each one of you listening to identify your home base.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

Stuck? Find your Quadrant and Take Action:

  1. Analyzer? Be Outrageous!
  2. Controller? Be Vulnerable.
  3. Promoter? Keep Your Word.
  4. Supporter? Tell yourself, “I matter.”

“Ideally a leader has access to all four personality types.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

Personality Test Matrix

There is a great test you can take here to see which one you fall in the most of these categories.  The key is being able to have access to any of them at any time.  Which one do you fall into?  Take the test.

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“Ideally you want to be smack in the middle of the four quadrants.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

Did you enjoy the podcast?

What quadrant do you fit in?  Are you an Analyzer, Controller, Promoter or Supporter?  Please post in the comments section below and share what the best and worst part about your personality style is for you.  Make sure to share this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook who you think could find this as powerful of an episode as I do.  This may be the most useful resource out there for understanding how to connect with people and inspire them to take action on your vision (in business, relationships, life, etc)  Thanks so much for listening, commenting and sharing! 

“I find that when you lead by example. People follow.” – Chris Lee (Tweet)

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