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Amy Wilkinson

Build From the Ground Up

Entrepreneurs need vision.

If you could interview 200 of the top entrepreneurs in the country, do you think you’d find some similarities?

Amy Wilkinson guessed that she would.

And she did.

Over 5 years of research later, she wrote a book that examines the top 6 traits that very successful entrepreneurs share.

"At any moment in time, you just keep moving forward." @amywilkinson  

Amy is a brilliant woman who has worked at the White House and co-founded a company in Silicon Valley (as well as taught at Ivy League universities).

In our conversation, we discuss these top traits and Amy gives awesome (real life) examples to illustrate each one. I took a clip from the original episode when Amy was on the show in which she shares examples of how to bridge the gap between your competition and build your vision from the ground up on 5-Minute Friday in Episode 903.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

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