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He’s a beast.

He gets to hit grown men in the face for a living, and gets paid well for it.

He once entered the top amateur boxing competition in the USA as a first time contender and won every bout by knockout.

Despite the fact that he’s probably the only guest thus far who could dismantle me with his bare hands, he’s a big lovable bear that I have the most in common with than anyone else.

In this interview we discuss relationships, how to transition your dreams, the mindset of a champion and what it takes to have it all.

Welcome to episode 82 on the School of Greatness with UFC contender Brendan Schaub.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Brendan Schaub on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“100%. You should demand that out of yourself.” – Brendan Schaub (Tweet)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Insights into the importance of entertainment in the UFC
  • The mindset behind high performing athletes
  • Why it’s hard to fall in love being in the UFC

“Every single day I feel like I could lose it all.” – Brendan Schaub (Tweet)

  • What inspired Brendan to pursue MMA in his spare time after football practice
  • The story of how Brendan accidentally singed up for and won the golden gloves regionals

“If you have a belief system in yourself and a heart, it’s going to take you a lot of cool places.” – Brendan Schaub (Tweet)

  • How Brendan won the Black Belt division of the Jiu Jitsu competition as a white belt
  • How the Ultimate Fighter reality show works and what it takes to join the UFC
  • Why even as a veteran UFC contender, Brendan still doesn’t feel comfortable in the octagon

“Nothing make me more excited then to wake up monday morning and kick the shit out of the Prius.” – Brendan Schaub (Tweet)

  • How UFC sponsorships work
  • How his fans changed his name from “The Hybrid” to “Big Brown”
  • Brendan’s pre-fight ritual/philosophy for a great performance in high pressure situations
  • Plus much more…

Lewis and Brendan Fun Common Facts

  1. All-State high school football athletes – TRUE
  2. Division III college football players – TRUE
  3. Both transferred colleges to play football- TRUE
  4. Professional arena football players – TRUE
  5. Practiced with the Buffalo Bills – TRUE
  6. Guests on a national TV show – TRUE
  7. 31 years old – TRUE
  8. Born in March – TRUE
  9. Both are Picies – TRUE
  10. Born on days adjacent to St. Patties – TRUE
  11. Both took up other sports after pro football and compete on world class levels – TRUE
  12. 6’4’’over 225 pounds  – TRUE
  13. Drove/drive a Prius – TRUE
  14. Live in Los Angeles, California and live near the beach – TRUE
  15. Have their own podcast (Check out The Fighter and the Kid) – TRUE

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

I loved this interview with Brendan.  Mostly because he is my long lost twin and we have so much in common, but also because he’s an awesome human being and has a huge heart as a professional fighter.  What part of this episode did you enjoy the most?  Post it in the comments section below and be sure to share this online and let Brendan know your thoughts @brendanschaub on Twitter.

“You should expect to be champions.” – Brendan Schaub (Tweet)

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