New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Bob Proctor

The Science of Success (SECRETS TO UNLOCK YOUR MIND)

Success doesn't start in the future. It starts now.

What would you do with the secrets to unlock your mind for success? Do you have a specific goal in mind you’d like to achieve?

Well, today’s guest has spent the better half of 60 years studying the secrets and teaching others how to implement these strategies into their lives for a richer and more fulfilling experience.

Today’s guest is Bob Proctor, and when I first met Bob, his energy, essence, and decades of wisdom poured through. I loved everything he shared then, and I thought this is a perfect time to bring him back. Today, Bob is considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind. 

Bob shares stories about science and mindset to speak wisdom into the hearts of millions of people around the world. In this interview, we talk about why faith over fear is one of the main keys to success, the power of setting hard goals that will help you grow, why realistic goals are things you should never set, how we can reprogram our minds instead of allowing our minds to be run by fear, and so much more.

Who Is Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor is a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker, success coach, and expert on the human mind. In short, he’s a master thinker. One of his bestselling books, You Were Born Rich, is all about finding success in your present rather than reaching for it in the future. Bob is also featured in the popular film The Secret, one of the most popular self-help films ever made.

Bob was a high school dropout who started his career working low-paying jobs. At age 26, Bob read a book that changed his life: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Bob moved from making a couple thousand a year to hundreds of thousands to over one million a year. He’s spoken about his journey worldwide and been featured on several TV shows such as Ellen and Larry King Live.

Bob Proctor partnered with attorney Sandy Gallagher to create the Proctor Gallagher Institute. The Institute offers elite programs and coaching courses that teach people how to use the power of their minds to create the ideal life.

Bob says he was going nowhere before he “woke up” to how the universe works. He’s passionate because he figures that if the secrets to unlock your mind could work for him, they could work for anyone. That awareness has translated into how he thinks about goals:

“If you set a goal and you know how to do it, the goal probably isn’t any good. See, the purpose of a goal is not to reach the goal. It’s the awareness that you develop as you go after it. You’re learning who you are, [and] it’s about becoming aware of who you are.” – Bob Proctor

I had Bob on The School of Greatness back on Episode 835, where we talked about how having an abundance mindset naturally creates an abundant life. Today, we talk about the practical things we can do to change our mindset and set ourselves up for a life of success.

Let’s jump straight in!

Mastering Thinking

Of all the human faculties that play such an essential role in shaping our lives, thinking, and particularly how we think, is perhaps the hardest of them all.

“Almost all the great leaders have been unanimous [in] agreement, that we become what we think. Ford said, ‘Thinking’s the hardest work there is,’ which is probably [why] so few people engage in it. Dr. Ken McFarland was a great educator in Kentucky; he said, ‘2% of the people think. 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think.’ If you stop and listen to what most people are saying, [that’s] fairly obvious — they’re not thinking.” – Bob Proctor

Most people have their television on the news and soak up everything dominating the media. Whether it’s accurate or not, true or not — your mind is being manipulated to think what it sees and hears.

Is this how you want to spend your life, just listening to [the news?] It doesn’t mean you deny it. It doesn’t mean that you should think it’s all false, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time thinking [about] that. I would much rather activate some of my creative faculties and do something constructive.” – Bob Proctor

Considering the current crisis in 2021, Bob’s words are potent. Instead of being consumed by fear and worry, Bob elaborates on how we can be more constructive.

“Spend some time thinking about [this:] How are we going to adapt when [the pandemic] is gone? We’re going to live in a different world. People are not going to be rushing out to big events, and I think they’re going to be very careful about what they do. I was listening to [Simon] Sinek, and he said, ‘If you’re a public speaker, don’t look for a stage for a little while because you’re not gonna have one.’ This also presents great opportunities. For my company, we’re going online full speed ahead.” – Bob Proctor

Bob’s company was perfectly positioned for the crisis, having built their studio five years earlier to broadcast worldwide. They just hosted a training class for their 300 consultants across the globe. 

While others might call that “lucky,” Bob knows that resulted from being future-focused and not allowing a fear mindset to consume him.

Shifting From Fear to a Positive Mindset

Believing in fear means you believe in something you can’t see, and believing in faith is also believing in something you can’t see. They’re the same thing! So if we have a choice, why not choose faith over fear? 

Shifting from a fear-state to a positive mindset takes work. The first step is recognizing what leads to fear.

“The cause of fear is ignorance, [which] starts in a conscious level as doubt and worry. Then we turn it over to our emotional mind. … That fear then has to be expressed through the body. It sets up a vibration known as anxiety, [and when] anxiety is not expressed, [it] becomes suppressed. The suppression turns to depression, which turns to disease, which turns to decay. It’s a very negative track. The opposite of ignorance is knowledge. There’s only one way to knowledge — and that is to study.” – Bob Proctor

Wow, Bob gives a great explanation of what being on the negative track looks like: ignorance, worry, fear, anxiety, suppression, depression, disease, and finally, disintegration. I wish schools did a better job of teaching this, but it’s one of the reasons I created The School of Greatness, and I hope, as Bob put it, we’re helping you learn to love study.

“[School] should teach us to love it because study leads to the opposite of doubt and worry, which is understanding. Understanding enables us to [learn] where fear starts. [The] whole universe operates by the law of opposite. Understanding leads to faith. Faith leads to expression, [which] leads to wellbeing.” – Bob Proctor

If we want to change our world, understanding the law of opposites can help us deal with things like a pandemic. Unfortunately, most people are paralyzed by what’s going on, and as a society, we add to that paralysis by feeding them more of what scares them. What we should be doing is helping them understand what we can do.

Once we understand the path of the negative track, we can even learn how to overcome doubt.

“The cause of fear is ignorance.” @bobproctorLIVE  

Overcoming Doubt

Doubt and learning to overcome it is something very close to my heart, and I became obsessed with learning and researching how to eliminate doubt. If you’re currently doubting yourself, Bob shares the path out of doubt to confidence. 

“Doubt is the cause, fear is the effect. The polar opposite to doubt is understanding. Keep studying, and gain a better understanding. I don’t doubt myself. I don’t doubt what I can do. Does that mean that I can do everything? No. When doubt appears, I’ll eliminate it fast because I’m going to figure out how to do whatever it is I’m doubting. If it’s me that I’m doubting, it’s because I don’t understand myself well enough.” – Bob Proctor

I love that we can eliminate doubt by becoming more self-aware and learning who we are. Part of that self-awareness pertains to diving into how our minds work, and Bob shares the six areas to focus on.

“The intellectual factors [are] perception, will, reason, imagination, memory, and intuition. As I understand those more, I’m developing the things that separate me from the rest of the animal kingdom. Then I can tap into the spiritual essence of who I am because we’re spiritual beings, and that’s where the greatness lies. Our spiritual essence is perfect, and that perfection is within us. The trick is figuring out how to express it in a greater way.” – Bob Proctor

Instead of thinking we need to become better, we can use Bob’s idea of simply allowing our spiritual perfection to come through us. That being said, Bob strives to be better than he was yesterday. 

“When we understand that you have infinite potential, there is no top, no beginning, [and] no end. When it comes to personal development, there is no finish line.” – Bob Proctor

When we realize there is no finish line, we focus on continuous improvement and develop a way of being in the present instead of always focusing on the future.

Sometimes, our greatest lessons might even come in retrospect and from thinking about challenging times we’ve been through in the past.

Lessons from World War II

Bob lived through the Second World War — a far different time than today. I wonder if he has any advice for living through the current pandemic. 

“In retrospect, I learned everything was rationed. People were getting accustomed to living on lack and limitation, [which] was part of the programming. Looking back, the great lesson is: Don’t let what’s going on program you. It’s a good point to bring out right now because of this pandemic — we must not let this program us. [The pandemic] does not have to define us [or] dictate where we’re going to go. It’s got nothing to do with our destiny.” – Bob Proctor

Once again, we can control how we react to external events even during the worst circumstances we have no control over. Bob credits his mom with being the living example during the war.

“My mother, God bless her, was a special woman, and she did not let that control her. Any really good qualities I’ve got for growing and building came from her. She raised three of us on her own, and God only knows how she did it. She was like a magician. She instilled in us that, ‘If you want it, you can get it.” – Bob Proctor

If we don’t think, negativity enters our subconscious mind, and whatever goes in with repetition becomes part of our behavior. We have power by refusing to let it control us and instead think about how to win and get it done. 

To succeed in life we have to adapt, and one of the ways is choosing to focus on how we think. 

Three-Step Approach to Thinking

Instead of trying to box things into good and bad, a more useful understanding is accepting that everything just is — we make it good or bad through our thinking. Michael Beckwith is a dear friend of Bob’s who has a three-step approach to dealing with external challenges. 

“Number one: It is what it is — accept it. It either controls you, or you control it. Number two: Harvest the good — there’s good in everything. Number three: Forgive all the rest. It is what it is.” – Bob Proctor

To make an impact in the world, we need to lead other people and help them understand better thinking. Bob believes one of the reasons he’s so effective at empowering others is because he knows what being in such a horrible place feels like — and if he can do it, so can anyone else. 

Bob goes into greater detail about the six mental faculties that produce results.

“Anybody can win when we learn to use our higher faculties. Perception is how you see things. A good friend used to say, ‘When you change the way you look at something, what you’ll look at changes.’ Will [is] the ability to hold one idea on the mind’s screen to the exclusion of all outside distractions. Memory — there’s no such thing as ‘bad memory;’ everybody’s got a perfect memory. Reason gives you the ability to think [and] enables you to pluck stuff out of the ether. Imagination — anything you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

Just think about the device you’re using to read this post right now. At some point, it was just someone’s imagination of “What if.” Seeing it in your mind means you can turn it into results. 

What we’re doing right now is nothing but the expression of somebody’s imagination. Let’s hear about the power of the last of the six:

Intuition is that higher faculty that picks up energy and reads it. Intuition never lies. It’s spirit talking to you.” – Bob Proctor

Wow! How many times have you ignored your intuition? I know I’m certainly going to do my best never to do that again.

Why You Should Listen to This Bob Proctor Podcast Episode Right Now…

Guys, every time I sit down with Bob Proctor, I’m always taking notes. So make sure you guys have your pen and paper out when you listen to the full episode. Bob shared so much wisdom that I just couldn’t fit it all in this post, so I highly recommend heading over to Episode 950 to listen to the entire conversation. Make sure you’re taking notes like I did because that’s how you learn and remember better. 

Even if you start to apply one thing that Bob shares, you will build momentum. If you’d like to know more about Bob, head to the Proctor Gallagher Institutes’ website. 

If you liked this episode, we would love it if you could tag Bob, @proctorgallagher, and me, @lewishowes, on Instagram with what stood out most to you. Also, please consider giving us 5-star ratings on Apple Podcasts because they help spread these messages even further!

If you’re ready to start reprogramming your mind with the science of success, this episode is for you! So join me for Episode 950 of The School of Greatness, and lay the foundation for your future success! 

To Greatness,

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“There’s no secret to greatness; it’s doing little things in a great way every day.” @bobproctorLIVE  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you get people to get back to their most abundant thinking? (1:23)
  • Which are the hardest faculties to master? (4:39)
  • What happens when we try to resist in our life? (9:41)
  • What should we be thinking about the most right now? (11:41)
  • Why do we feed people what scares them? (18:11)
  • What is the path from doubt to confidence? (20:31)
  • How do we reshape our self-image to serve us? (25:21)
  • What is the one idea or concept to get yourself to another level? (30:11)
  • What was a lesson from the WWII era that we could learn in this quarantine? (40:11)
  • How important is writing down what we think every day is important? (44:19)
  • What routines would you go back and tell yourself to do thirty years ago? (47:23)
  • How can those listening get more mentorship from you? (51:21)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How we grow up through our five senses (3:12)
  • How to view expansion and creation as God’s work (10:01)
  • How faith over fear is key to success (12:11)
  • The steps of fear bringing us to disintegration (15:47) 
  • How opposition is key to understanding the world (17:09)
  • Why learning and growing is forever (31:14)
  • How the purpose of life is learning who you are (36:42) 
  • How programming yourself with something new can be very powerful (45:15)
  • The secret of why helping others is better than helping yourself (49:10)
  • How intuition informs us every day (57:36)
  • Plus much more…
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