New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Esther Perel

6 Red Flags To Avoid In Relationships & How To Find Real Love


It’s no secret that relationships take work. A LOT of work. Like anything else you want to achieve in life, you’ll need to invest time, energy and other resources to keep your relationship alive and healthy. Whether it’s exploring a new place together as a couple, picking up a new hobby you both learn together, or something else entirely, being creative with the ways you show up and show love in your relationship will pay HUGE returns in the short term and long run. 

My guest today is a fan favorite and one of the world’s leading experts on all things relationships. She’s helped tens of millions of people and organizations across the globe navigate modern relationships through her best-selling books, top-rated podcast, her therapy practice, TED Talks, and so much more. She’s the one-and-only, Esther Perel, and today she’s going to teach us how we can all add more flair and find deeper love in our relationships!

“Jealousy is not something you want to get rid of, but rather a signal for love.” @estherperel  

Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author Esther Perel is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. Fluent in nine languages, she helms a therapy practice in New York City and serves as an organizational consultant for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Her celebrated TED Talks have garnered more than 40 million views and her bestselling books, Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs, are global phenomena translated into nearly 30 languages. Esther is also an executive producer and host of the popular podcasts Where Should We Begin? and How’s Work? Her latest project is Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories with Esther Perel. Learn more at or by following @EstherPerelOfficial on Instagram.

Whenever I get the chance to connect with Esther, I always learn SO much from her. No matter where you’re at when it comes to relationship status, the things we cover in today’s conversation will help you develop a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself – which is where everything else stems from. And now, let’s jump into Episode 1,277 of The School of Greatness!

“The idea that you're going to find one person for everything is a myth.” @estherperel  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What’s the difference between a love & a life story?
  • Why do you think most people start with sex rather than get to know each other more?
  • What happens when two peoples’ values aren’t in alignment?
  • When is jealousy a good thing?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced internally throughout relationships?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How you can set yourself up for a healthier relationship.
  • Why unconditional love is a myth.
  • How jealousy plays a role in a relationship.
  • The importance of distance and space in a relationship.
  • Why divorce rates are higher now than ever before.
  • Plus much more…

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