New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

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Do you have a business or an idea that isn’t getting the type of financial results you want?

Maybe it’s a passion that you have, and you feel a struggle charging for it (because you would do it for free anyways).

Or maybe you don’t have REAL business experience, and you aren’t confident in finding new customers.

This is a crowd favorite… “I need to make the website and logo look puurrrrfect before I launch this product”.

Sound familiar?

The truth is there are a million excuses we have that hold us back from launching a product or service.

Over a recent 3-day weekend I taught 8 students in a studio (and nearly 50,000 people watching live online) How to Launch and Grow an Online Business.

One of the students was Alicia Dunams.  And for the last two years she had a number of excuses for not getting the product done, and that’s the problem for most of us… too many excuses!  During this workshop we helped her figure out a profitable idea and make almost $22,000 over the weekend without having a product.

As you can see, the sales page was not anything special as it had a headline, a video and a Paypal button to purchase the product.  Then she delivered the product at a later date.

THIS is possible for you, and I’ll show you how in a bit.

We spend so long trying to create the perfect product that it never actually gets done (so we can’t sell it in the first place).

But that’s where you are wrong.  You CAN get it done, you just need a little pressure on yourself.

That’s why I love the model where you sell a product FIRST, then create and deliver it SECOND.

Look at this image above.

There are three focuses.  Traffic.  Leads.  Sales.

It’s not until the very end of the image do we talk about the product.

The issue is we think we have to have the product done first but that’s not the case.

(side note: many naysayers will jump in here and say that some companies can’t do this, but in fact, a lot of companies with high end products collect orders and deliver them months or years later.  It’s called pre selling or back ordering)

There are really three reasons why you haven’t launched a product online:

1.  You don’t believe in yourself – You don’t think you are credible, think you need more experience, don’t believe people will buy it, etc.

2.  You don’t know how to launch a product- you haven’t learned how to use the tools and resources necessary for launching the product online.

3.  You make excuses on why it isn’t done-  you think you need a lot of money, that you don’t have the time, or some other excuse why it isn’t finished yet.

All BS reasons if you ask me, as it comes down to a fear of something on why you haven’t done it.

Time to step up and drop the fear my friends.

Want to know exactly how we helped Alicia make $22,000 in a weekend without having a product?

Check out these three videos below for the brief overview from each day as it will uncover most of it.  Sign up for my free newsletter at the top of this site as I’ll be sending out a special email soon that uncovers the rest 🙂

Thanks again to Derek, James, and Amy for providing their amazing wisdom during this workshop at creativeLIVE and for Chase Jarvis for getting me plugged in!

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