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“My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.”          -Bill Gates

We all want more success and results with our online sales pages.  Right?

Well, it’s worth knowing that there are three main behaviors users have when they land on your site.

1.  Flirting

2.  Information Gathering

3.  Purchasing

At least that’s what I took away from Chris Pearson’s speech during Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Vegas.

Chris is the creator of the popular WordPress theme Thesis (affiliate link).  With the help of fellow online marketing mastermind Derek Halpern, he was able to increase conversions on his sales page by 30%!

That’s pretty amazing considering the amount of traffic Chris sends to his sales page and what this does for his overall sales.

Converting Visitors into Buyers

The main thing I took away from Chris’ speech was one simple principle.


He said that most visitors on sales pages will do anything they can to divert themselves from buying the product.

They will want to click on links to watch a video, click to read about your affiliate program, click on other products you mention on your page, or even click on the other navigation tabs you may provide.

Having more options to “click” ultimately loses you sales.

Instead, you want to have a laser targeted focus for visitors landing on your checkout page.

I also took a moment to take pictures of his notes before he went on stage (shhhh, he doesn’t know I took these 😉  Feel free to click these images to view them at a larger size to get inside the man behind Thesis and increasing online conversions.

Online conversions image 1:

Online conversions image 2:


Do you have a clear focus for your visitors, or do you have too many links for them to click on?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Chris’ approach to keeping visitors focused in the comments section below.

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