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Success (and failure) is a choice.

There are plenty of fears and excuses that hold us back from getting what we want as entrepreneurs.

When I started out in business, this was my conversation:

“I’m young and I’ve never had a real job, why would anyone hire me without the experience?”


“I still don’t have my college degree so I’m not smart enough to teach anyone this stuff.”


“I’m just a washed up football jock who didn’t even make it to the NFL. If I couldn’t make that happen how will I make this happen?”


“I’m sleeping on my sisters couch, if my client finds that out, they will drop me for sure!!!”

The thing is, there will always be some conversation that will try to hold you back.

It’s up to you to listen to it, or break through and make greatness happen no matter what.

In today’s video we’re going to discuss the 5 fears that are holding entrepreneurs back and how to unlock them to reach your success:

Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs

“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we’re afraid” – Richard Bach

The 5 Lies and Fears of Entrepreneurs

Ah yes.  Those dirty little lies.

What have you been telling yourself all these years?

What’s really holding you back?  Here’s the five common ones I hear from most entrepreneurs:

1. Don’t Believe in Yourself –

The key to breaking this is building small wins each day so you can gain the confidence you need to take on a bigger game in your business.  Make it a game to see how many small victories each day you can have.  This can as simple as not checking email every hour, or completing one simple task each day by the deadline you create for yourself.

2. Need a Product Before You Can Sell-

This is a common one.  You think you need to have the perfect product finished before you can start selling it.  When you can use the bootcamp model or presell something to see how many people are willing to buy it before you spend months and months creating something that no one will buy.  Sell your product before you create it.

3. You Try to Be Perfect

“I NEED THE PERFECT LOGO!!!”  I hear the logo design story so much it makes me want to puke.  No one cares about your logo, nor the font size that’s on your site.  Yes it’s important to make things great and you can certainly do this by upgrading over time, but good and profitable is better than perfect and never done.  Get things done.  Be a person who finishes even if it’s not yet perfect.

4. You Need Funding or an Investor-

This is BS.  I know so many entrepreneurs who started in debt, and built everything with hustle, relationships, building their audience, and sweat equity.  Time to get creative and start thinking like an entrepreneur instead of thinking like someone who works in a cubicle.  Jump out of your box!

5. Lack the Experience/Knowledge-

Come on now.  With everything that’s available online you are telling me you can’t learn what you need to?  You can either find a mentor, study free resources online, or mimic successful processes. There are so many ways to find the knowledge and get the experience you need to prove that you have the chops to be a great entrepreneur.

What’s Your Fear?


These are just 5 big things that hold entrepreneurs back – but there are a lot more.  Each person has different fears that keep you from your greatness, and it’s your responsibility to identify them.

In the comments section below share what your fears are.  Are they any from the 5 above, or something else?  Thanks for sharing and be sure to post this article on Twitter of Facebook for your entrepreneur buddies who are in denial of their fears as well 🙂

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