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How can social media tools drive your sports marketing success?

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What brands have succeeded in using social tools to increase their engagement with their fans? Enhance their brand affinity? Drive their bottom line?

These are all questions WE’RE going to explore today, together.  That’s right, I’ll get us started, but then let’s use the comments section to build out both lists until we have a pretty extensive resource sports professionals can refer back to in the future.

So, how can social tools drive your sports marketing success?

1.  Find where your fans are. Are they on Facebook? Twitter? Commenting on Blogs? Forums.

2.  Listen to what your fans are saying.

3.   Social media is the perfect place to get the pulse of your fans because anyone can hit publish.

4.  Engage your fans. Humanize your brand by reaching out and connecting with your passionate fans and influencers.

5.  Provide platforms and resources for your fans to connect with each other.

6.  Have giveaways, promotions, access to your athletes/team.

7.  Build trust.

8.  Monetize.

8-25+) What are some other great ways to leverage social tools to drive your sports marketing efforts?

What brands are already doing some of these well?

1.  Shaq

2.  Kerry Rhodes

3.  Lance Armstrong

4.  Chris Bosh

5.  Calgary Stampeders w/ Stamps Connect

6.  Yardbarker

7.  Ballhype

8-25+) We don’t have to name every professional athlete on Twitter (though be my guest if you insist), but what other sports teams/entities/players are using social media to drive increased success (and not just in increased engagement and return on emotion, but the actual bottom line?)

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