How to Eat and Live Healthy (Plus Myths on Red Meat, Paleo, and the Health Food Industry)


The mind can endure an unhealthy and sick body, but it can’t run on an optimal level for long during that time.

So why create a challenge for your mind when you don’t have to?

To say eating healthy is an important aspect of creating an amazing life, would be an understantment.

It doesn’t mean it will make you compassionate, motivated, inspiring, wealthy, live with integrity and know how to deal with your emotions… but it’s a great place to start for a solid foundation.

However, there is so much information out there about what is healthy (much of the information even contradictory) that it’s tough to really know if what you are eating is serving you.

This week on The School of Greatness we have a “blast from the past” guest who I actually went to high school with.  She is a paleo expert and just wrote a book which is all about simplifying the way we see food so that we can eat well without the stress.

Welcome to episode 55 with nutrition and paleo expert, Liz Wolfe.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Liz Wolfe on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“I rely on properly raise meats, veggies, fruits, healthy fats and I’m really happy with that.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • To understand the Paleo diet (and what it really means)
  • How important avoiding stress is to living a healthy life
  • To break down the myth of “eating meat is unhealthy”
  • Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat Eaters (which is right?)
  • The most healthy meat to eat
  • Synergistic principals of permaculture
  • The truth about the health effects of butter
  • About the changing landscape of “the Paleo Diet”
  • About hilarious tests on the effect of gluten
  • Optimal pooping patterns (yes, I said poop)
  • Plus much more…

“We’re so spoiled by the supermarket culture where we can just go get whatever we want whenever we want.”

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“When people overhaul their diets from the processed junk that we’ve been sold as junk food, to something based around whole food, they lose pounds of inflammation.”

Did you enjoy the podcast?

What type of nutrition plan are you on?  Do you follow the principles from this episode or do you eat differently, and why?  In the comments section below let me know what works for you with foods to run at optimal levels all day and what doesn’t work. 

“Let’s cut out the crap and focus on food quality; whatever that food is.” 

School of Greatness

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Several posts here about the health risks of eating eggs (type 2 diabetes, shorter lifespan, etc.) and the false, misleading, and deceptive advertising practices by the egg industry. 


Great podcast. love the work you do. 


Unhealthy food habits

Junk food joints have become hang-outs for college students and young professionals. We are always under the impression that Indian food is healthy because Indians are largely vegetarians. However, the Indian vegetarian recipe calls for liberal use of milk, ghee, oil and decreased intake of fruits and vegetables, leading to a higher intake of refined carbohydrate, saturated fat and trans-fat.


The drinking man's diet by the late and great Robert Cameron!

Eggs, meat, animal fat, veggies, scotch, gin, martini etc.

Cameron lived to 98....outlived most if not ALL medical doctors and surgeons etc.

Sugar, processed foods, deep fried etc are bad. Grain fed meat not good, but counter act with omega 3 to get the ratio of omega 3-6-9 into balance.

Whisky is not risky !

I play sports so I do eat potatoes skin on with butter and sour cream.

NO milk. 

" Seek and Ye shall find."

What you see on the news and tv and the more titles you have ( PHD, medical doctor etc.) is all a Lie.

So being a vegan, vegetarian...not my thing. Lot of Indian people are vegetarian...but have big diabetes problem and nutritional deficiecies.

Japanese smoke and drink a lot but have meat, sushi and raw fish ( sashimi etc. ) and coral calcium in their diets and their incidence of heart disease and cancer is non existent!!



This was a good episode. I appreciated the topic because I've been focusing more on what I've been eating lately and am trying to learn more about what's good for you and what isn't. I'll definitely have to check out the book.


I encourage listeners to this otherwise interesting podcast series to read "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell PhD, and read the blogs by Dr. Greger, especially on eggs. Both are legitimate medical researchers.  My bias: I am a former Navy Hospital corpsman, and registered medical technologist with over 30 years in healthcare. Today, my colleagues and clients include neurologists, and my clients include the Cleveland Clinic - the #1 rated heart hospital in the US.

I no longer eat animal products, including eggs, because of the legitimate research documenting their downside, including animal protein's ability to "turn on" cancer (see Turning Off Cancer in "The China Study). Also read Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne's excellent book on preventing and reversing heart disease - another Cleveland Clinic alum.

Eschew the popular press, and do your own research reading the top researchers clinical studies.


Have you tried Japanese egg yolks, they're so golden yellow bc their chickens are allowed to free roam and eat whatever they find. Yummy protein like bugs, grass, whatever. It's so goood! This info is so great to hear. 

Mistress Vivian
Mistress Vivian

@metabolismman  Although I do believe in "free will" regarding choices of individuals (as you mentioned, "do your research"), I have to agree with you on the ill effects of eating animal products. 


@meganjphoto  not just japanese egg yolks - Lots of farmers and people like ME let our laying hens out to free range and our yolks are dark yellow/orange. #knowyourfarmer 


@HayleyRyczek Ohhhh thank that lord for what you do!! wish I had access to more eggs like yours here in socal. 


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