New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Webinars are huge and my business has grown tremendously because of them.  This is a guest post from a friend Chris Brisson who has showed me ways to get more attendees on each one of my webinars.

If you are running webinars and are struggling to get more people to show up, then use these strategies that Chris talks about below.


Today the web is filled with buzz about webinars. Everyone seems to have a webinar they are promoting these days. 

Software developers that are demo’ing their software. Coaches that are pitching their curriculum. Speakers that are trying to cut down their traveling.

The reason for this wave? …THEY WORK!

Webinars are generating leads, delivering content, and selling product faster and better than any other medium right now. The best ones are even out selling top sales reps!

But… There’s Massive Elephant In The Room

Hidden among all this success is a 2 ton purple elephant of a problem. The concern is not with registration numbers, engagement, or closing rates. The problem isn’t getting people to sign up, but to actually SHOW UP.

And the fact of the matter is, if no one shows up, no products are sold, no users are signing up, and no money is made. Imagine hosting a webinar and seeing 250, 500, even 1,000 people signed up for your event, only to have 50 or 100 show up.

It’s a huge let down and in this article you’ll learn how to ensure the success of your webinars and teleseminars.

Use These 3 Strategies To Double Your Attendance Rate

1. Create An Incentive To Gain Their Attention

Look, let’s face it… people sign up for webinars, teleseminars, and events all of the time and not show up. So knowing that it’s up to you to hit every angle to get them to show up. The first way is to create an incentive worthy enough for them to perk up and want to join, if not just for the incentive.

Provide a free gift, ebook, audio, or a giveaway. A very effective strategy a friend of mine uses is by giving away two of his $997 courses away on his webinars.

Friends of mine have used password protected members areas and reports. The persuasive power behind this method is the registrants can see the members area or download the PDF but can’t actually access it until they get the password! (which is delivered at the end of the webinar)

Giving something away that has a REAL value attached to it, will greatly increase the amount of people to join your event. Attach a dollar to it: $47, $97, even $1,000.

2. Get a 97% Open Rate With a SMS Text Message Reminder

Let me share with you a story…

Imagine that your webinar starts at 8pm EST at night and leading up the event you have over 350 people registered o attend. At 2pm you send out an email reminder and at 7:30pm you send out another.

Here’s the problem with your 7:30pm email reminder…

Just imagine what your prospect is doing at that time. If they’re on the east coast they’re eating dinner, watching tv, or simply relaxing. If they’re on the west coast, they may be driving home from work, grabbing a bite to eat, at the local bar.

Chances are… they are NOT checking their email!

This method for reminding your registrants is not enough.

According to a recent study, it showed that people have their mobile devices within 3 – 4ft of them 24 HOURS PER DAY! Think about it. On my desk right now, I have my cell phone sitting along side papers, documents, and books.

When I leave my home, office, WHEREVER, I have my cell phone in my pocket and when I get home I put it on my kitchen table. It’s around me all day long.

You’re probably the same and more importantly you’re registrants are doing the same thing too.

Now just imagine, it’s 7:30pm, I’m relaxing and all of the sudden my cell phone rings. It’s a text message reminder for that webinar I was very interested in attending. All I do is reach over, check the message and if I choose to, I join the event.

This method alone on average will drive anywhere from 7% and I’ve seen as high as 312% with a simple text message reminder. The great part about this is that it’s all permission based, your registrants opt in to receive this reminder and in fact, many are expecting it and leaning on it as they’re calendar.

I’d recommend a text message marketing service like Call Loop to send out your voice or sms text messages to your registrants.

3. Create The Intrigue By Adding a Mystery Element

In some of our webinar registration copy we have added an element of mystery. Either in the form of a mystery guest or a mystery feature to our software. We build up the value of this mystery element to very high value.

For example, imagine a webinar about Facebook Advertising. On the landing page you say “Plus you’ll get a Q&A session with a mystery guest that has spent over $1 million dollars on Facebook ads which generated over 9 million clicks and $21 million dollars.” This mystery guest is the curiosity and intrigue to get people to want to join your event.

If the audience wants to learn about Facebook advertising, THEY WILL BE STARVING to find out who the mystery guest is and have the ability to ask him/her questions on the webinar.

It doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a feature of your software, a topic in your coaching program, or whatever else you can add a mystery element too.

Curiosity + powerful benefits = high response!

If you’re suffering from poor webinar or teleseminar attendance rates, put these three strategies to work and instantly you’ll see a boost in people showing up.

Now that you have them signed up – GET THEM THERE.

For more kinds of advanced marketing and mobile marketing strategies, to increase your webinar or teleseminar attendance, you’re welcome to a complimentary account and 50 free text messages at

I hope you enjoyed this article, thank you for reading.

Author Bio

It’s been said Chris Brisson “doesn’t look like much” – but clients who’ve earned millions as a direct result of his software and systems, know better than to underestimate him. After creating his first internet business out of his college apartment at 19 yet knowing nothing about “marketing”, Brisson took to studying the greats. Frustrated with the hodge-podge marketing systems and his own poor webinar and teleseminar attendance rates, he pioneered a new mobile platform to solve this problem and from this frustration – Call Loop was born.

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