New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Most business professionals believe they need to create a product before they can begin selling it online, but that’s just not the case.

The best way to sell a product online is to first test your market to see if people actually want to buy it.

You do this by not creating the product first… but by selling it first.

There’s no point in spending time, energy, and resources on building something that may be a flop.

For nearly two years I was afraid to make my own product because I wanted it to look perfect.  I ended up wasted a ton of time over nothing, and lost money by waiting around.  Sound familiar to you?

Then I tried something new, and the moment I saw my inbox flooded with “you’ve received payment” notifications before I even had a product… I knew I was on to something.

Watch this video to learn how to sell a product online before you create anything.

How to Sell A Product Online

Below is an overview of the ten steps, but watch the video above as I go into more detail there.

How to Sell a Product Online

1.  Set a Financial Goal- This will get you excited about following through and give you a finish line to train for.

2.  Select a PROFITABLE niche– through Market research (Clickbank, Youtube, Amazon, Competitors Websites, etc.).  This should align with your expertise and passion. DO NOT create the product yet, just SELECT the product you wish to create.

3.  Identify a problem in that niche and a way to solve.

4.  Create a Webinar Registration page for a FREE Webinar about this topic.  (Should contain bullet points of what you’ll be covering).

5.  Promote the Webinar (your email lists, social networks, ads, etc)

6.  Host the Webinar – over deliver on the content, share a great story and help them get results.

7.  Offer Your Bootcamp– (You can create training later – It will actually force you to create it faster) = HUGE BONUS for you.

8.  Create the Training (Reference the bullet points in the registration page and make your outline)

9.  Host Your Live Training and record it.

10.  Package and brand the product so you can sell at any time.

Learn how one student followed this same system and made $22,000 in one weekend (without having a product) in this article The $22,000 Weekend:  How to Cash in on a Product Before you Create It.

And if you want the go-to guide for hosting webinars then make sure to check out my best selling webinar book The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide sponsored by GoToWebinar.

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Do you think this model works and is right for you?  Or do you think it’s better to create the product first before you start selling it?  Please leave your argument in the comments below. 

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