New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Anthony William

The Medical Medium: Know What’s Wrong So You Can Fix It

You can always be healed.

So many people struggle with chronic illness or pain. Whether it’s back trouble, ringing in the ears, or headaches, we’ve almost all been in a situation when we know that something is wrong but we don’t know what to do, why it happened, or how to fix it.

Thankfully, we have doctors and health professionals to diagnose us, and they’re often right! But what happens when the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong or how to fix the problem?

What if I were to tell you that there was someone who could “read” your medical condition, like a person reads a book or a newspaper. He could sit down with you right now, or even just call you on the phone, and tell you what’s wrong, without even looking at your charts or medical history. You’d say I’m crazy right?

My guest today is committed to helping people around the world understand and improve their health. But he doesn’t go about it traditionally — he has a conversation with a spiritual medium about each person’s individual health concerns and how to heal them.

A lot of you are probably skeptical, but when it comes to Anthony William, the results speak for themselves.

“I’ve always been there for people. Bottom line — when [you’ve] been in the depths of despair and darkness, you can get better. You can heal … We can get out of this. We can heal and we can move forward, and it’s always been just about that, not the Anthony William show, not whatever and everything else. Just wanna make sure people get better.” – Anthony William, The Medical Medium

Who is Anthony William, The Medical Medium?

Anthony William, also known as The Medical Medium, is the originator of the global celery juice movement and #1 New York Times bestselling author of several books, including Medical Medium Liver Rescue, Medical Medium Celery Juice, and several others. His newest book, Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal, is available for preorder now and is released on May 19, 2020. 

Anthony was born with the unique ability to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s far ahead of its time. Since age 4, Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health.

It started with his own grandmother. Anthony told me he heard a voice – clear in his mind – telling him that his grandmother had lung cancer. When he was a little older, he told his teacher that one of the kids in his class had meningitis. People got upset, Anthony’s parents were called in, and the kid seemed fine. A couple days later, that same kid ended up in the hospital with a 105 degree fever. He had meningitis. As a kid, he was prompted to tell people – random strangers even – when the Spirit of Compassion told him they were sick. 

His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of millions worldwide. Movie stars, rock stars, billionaires, professional athletes, and countless other people from all walks of life could not find a way to heal until Anthony provided them with insights from above. 

He’s worked one-on-one with 250,000 individuals for the last 35 years. In 2014, he had a waiting list in the millions.

Anthony has also become an invaluable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases. When they aren’t sure what’s going on, Anthony is there to listen to the Spirit of Compassion and provide his counsel. 

Anthony William has received tons of offers to do reality TV shows. He could probably have his own network by now, to be honest. But there’s one thing he’s certain about this isn’t about him. This is about people who are suffering and don’t know why. 

Anthony believes that healing is possible for everyone. Our bodies are not against us, he says, they are for us. By having compassion on ourselves and learning how to take better care of them, we can reach the path to healing. 

The Most Common Source of Disease and Mysterious Pain 

Everyday people are waking up with symptoms but no diagnosis. Some people say that these things are psychosomatic or just genetic issues – but Anthony says it all comes back to pathogens and viruses. 

“Viruses. It’s all about viruses. It’s all about the Epstien-Barr virus. It’s all about the shingles virus. It’s all about the HHV-6, the simplex 1 and 2, the HHV-7, the cytomegaloviruses and their mutations. Like, Epstein-Barr has more than one variety. That information originates from Spirit of Compassion. There’s over 60 varieties of Epstein-Barr alone. And people walk around with multiple varieties of these viruses.” –Anthony William, the Medical Medium 

These viruses feed off certain things – like toxic copper for example. We are born with an amount of copper in our system, but too much will become toxic. When we have an excess of copper, it sits and becomes a fuel for a virus like Epstien-Barr. The virus then releases a copper byproduct which becomes a dermatoxin which is pushed to the surface via adrenaline. A lot of things can cause adrenaline – seeing your best friend after a long time or riding on a rollercoaster. It doesn’t matter if the situation is happy or sad the dermatoxins will surface on your skin. This is how you get things like eczema, cystic acne, and psoriasis. 

This was just one example Anthony gave of a mysterious symptom (skin irritability) that has a direct cause. 

I asked Anthony what he thought the biggest disease is in America right now, and he said, “It’s everybody with a symptom.” Headaches, migraines, mysterious back pain, etc. 

“I call that the worst of it all because all of that is being ignored as if it’s normal … Like that’s supposed to be normal? Like, it’s not, but we’re taught and trained for it to be the new normal.” – Anthony William, the Medical Medium

 Science and research can help diagnose a lot of different problems and modern medicine is saving lives, but Anthony doesn’t think scientific research is the best solution to mysterious, chronic pain.

“Science and research teaches everybody that your body’s now destroying itself. So it’s completely disempowering … ‘What it is, is your body’s destroying itself. You have a faulty body. Your genes are bad. Or you’re just creating it and making it up.’ This has been told to women for years.” – Anthony William, the Medical Medium 

The question now is, if the problem is not our bodies themselves but these viruses, how can we avoid fueling these pathogens? 

“I’m not a genius; I'm a good listener.” @MedicalMedium  

The Dangers of Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, and Heavy Metals 

According to Anthony, chronic pain doesn’t really come down to whether you’re vegetarian, keto, paleo, or whatever – it comes down to 4 things: Eggs, dairy, gluten, and copper. 

Now, this was hard for me – because I love eggs. But if you’re eating eggs every day, Anthony says that you’re setting yourself up for the shingles virus. Pathogens feed off of eggs, so you’re consuming eggs every day, you have a greater chance of contracting the shingles virus. 

Secondly, things like milk, cheese, and butter also feed bugs that cause chronic pain. Anthony talked about the bacteria streptococcus, which you find in illnesses like strep throat or pneumonia. There are several different types of streptococcus, but they all feed off dairy. So if you are consuming high quantities of dairy, you’re probably not going to end up feeling too great. When I was younger, I used to go through several gallons of milk a week. After all, milk has a great reputation. It’s full of calcium, which is good for you! But too much of it, and it will end up making you feel sick.

Gluten is your third basic food to stay away from. It feeds the bugs too. If you can manage going gluten free or cutting some gluten from your diet, you will have a much higher chance of avoiding chronic pain, whether it be stomach aches, migraines, etc. I know bread is delicious but maybe try some gluten free alternatives to avoid feeding those viruses. 

Lastly (and we’ve already touched on this one): toxic heavy metals. Mercury, aluminum, and copper. Fish contain some of these heavy metals, so eating large quantities of fish can be dangerous, because these toxins are not good for your body. 

Now, I know this seems bleak. Avoiding eggs, dairy, gluten, and fish sounds extreme. But there’s moderation to be had here. If you’re not experiencing chronic pain, then Anthony says you could continue eating these things and probably be okay! It all depends on whether you have that virus in your body. But, if you find yourself always feeling sick, burnt out, and keep experiencing all these sorts of symptoms, chances are it goes back to pathogens that these foods can fuel.

“And so, what medical medium information is, is knowing what’s causing what’s causing your illness and then knowing how to fix it. So half the battle is won by knowing the cause … The other half of the battle is knowing what to do … That’s how you win.” – Anthony William, the Medical Medium 

Now that we know what is causing chronic pain, we can work towards a solution. Anthony and the Spirit of Compassion have helped a lot of people do just that.

The Anthony William Celery Juice Method 

Drinking lemon water in the morning is a great way to flush out toxins, but an even better way is to drink celery juice. 

Now you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t celery juice mainly just water, anyway?” Here’s what Anthony and the Spirit of Compassion have to say: 

“It’s an herbal medicine. It has power that people don’t know about … it has something called sodium cluster salts — that’s a pathogen killer. That’s different than salt. It’s different than sea salt or anything else … It starts to break down the membrane that’s around the pathogen. The virus has a sheath around it. Its cell sheath. And the sodium cluster salts in celery juice start to wear it down and break it down. And that’s just one thing. I mean, celery juice binds onto by-product that people have in their bodies. So toxins from pathogens, it binds onto it and pulls it out of their body. So that’s just a couple of things. I mean, I could go on. I wrote a book all about it.” -Anthony William, the Medical Medium 

So basically, celery juice is a natural way to destroy toxins, pathogens, and viruses in the body that cause chronic pain or symptoms, such as brain fog, acne, eczema, and addiction. Celery juice also heals the gut, balances blood sugar and blood pressure, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. 

Many people have attested to the efficiency of Anthony William’s celery juice method. If you want to learn more about the positive benefits of celery juice, check out his bestselling book, Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide.

Why You Should Listen Right Now…

Anthony William is committed to helping people. His methods may be unconventional, but countless people have found healing from chronic pain and symptoms through his methods. 

“The reason why the medical medium information has survived is because it actually is fixing people, and I’m a guy who hears a voice. Think about how crazy that sounds, I mean … think about that. Like, wait a minute. He hears a voice? Oh sure, yeah, whatever, sure … But that information has saved countless lives right now. And it’s not me that’s saved their lives, you know? I’m not a smart guy. I’ve always said that.” – Anthony William, the Medical Medium

A lot of people don’t have freedom in their life because they’re stuck in a prison in their bodies. Mysterious pains and symptoms are keeping them captive. Anthony shows up every day to serve people the best way that he can, even when he gets criticized in the medical world, the research world, and the science world.

I love Anthony’s definition of greatness. Rather than attribute greatness to something like global success, fame, or recognition, he takes the humble route:

“[Greatness is] when you accept that we’re really small down here on planet earth and that what’s up there is way bigger. I think that’s the definition of greatness because you take that self-absorption that we have here on planet earth and you move it aside and you realize there’s so much to know … We’re just a small part of what’s really going on. And then, the ego drops, and then greatness starts coming.” – Anthony William, the Medical Medium 

There is so much in this world that we don’t know and don’t understand. In order to learn, we have to be willing to open our mind and acknowledge that we might not know everything there is to know. When it comes to chronic pain and symptoms, unconventional methods sometimes have the best results.

Your mysterious symptoms can be healed. Tune into Episode 920 to find out how with Anthony William, the Medical Medium. 


To greatness, 

Lewis Howes - Signature

“If you don’t have compassion for yourself, you will not have compassion for anyone else.” @MedicalMedium  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What’s the difference between listening to a voice and channelling? (3:43)
  • What’s the relationship you have with compassion? (6:06)
  • What is the secret to ending disease and chronic pain? (15:40)
  • What is the biggest disease in America right now? (19:50)
  • How do we prevent all these symptoms from affecting us physically? (25:53)
  • What does more water do for you? (28:50)
  • What should we do on a daily basis to combat this? (35:02)
  • What are the foods we should never eat? (36:16)
  • What foods should you eat? (42:10)
  • What would the spirit of compassion say to you when you see someone with a really bad disease? (49:32)
  • What’s it like to be in an intimate relationship with you? (1:00:20)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the Spirit of Compassion gives answers where traditional diagnoses do not (11:27)
  • Why disease and chronic pain all lead to pathogens (15:54)
  • The key to winning in disease (17:10)
  • The surprising reason to stay off of dairy and gluten (29:44)
  • We need to learn about the food that feeds pathogens (35:44)
  • Why celery juice is such a great daily antidote (46:30)
  • Why you don’t create your own symptoms or create your own illness (104:40)
  • Plus much more…
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