New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Mike Rowe

What 300 Dirty Jobs Taught Him About True Success (Part 1)

Who watched the show Dirty Jobs for the 10 years it was on TV?

My guess is you saw at least one episode of Mike Rowe doing one of over 300 of the dirtiest jobs in the world.

But have you followed what else this blue-collar champion has been up to?

I knew he’d have incredible insights on the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and crafting a meaningful career.

So I jumped at the chance to bring him on The School of Greatness.

Mike has a fascinating background that includes being an opera singer, doing the narration for documentaries, and much more in addition to hosting a super popular TV show.

“Run toward the thing that makes you uncomfortable.”  

What surprised me was his insight on the success and happiness that blue collar workers experience – and why.

I also loved hearing what Mike is investing in, where he sees the future of education going, and why people seem to trust him so much.

This was such a good conversation, we went on for over 2 hours. So I broke it out into two episodes.

Welcome to part 1 of my conversation with Mike Rowe in Episode 403.

“Short cuts lead to long delays.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What’s the biggest lesson you learned from opera that you applied to your life? (13:44)
  • Was there one person you met on Dirty Jobs that really shifted your perspective? (20:53)
  • How did you prepare for shooting an episode of Dirty Jobs? (29:21)
  • What’s a skill you think every human being should focus on having? (50:06)
  • Why is “work smart not hard” bad advice? (51:35)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Mike chose to start his entertainment career in opera (2:45)
  • Why men are so driven to do things where women are (5:44)
  • Listen to Mike sing a little opera from La bohème (8:06)
  •  Why having passion for something doesn’t guarantee you’ll get good at it (14:32)
  • Why people with dirty jobs tend to be happier than most people Mike knows (18:01)
  • The only jobs Mike wouldn’t do for the show (35:30)
  • Why the “reverse commute” is important in your thinking (42:15)
  • Plus much more…
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