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Left at birth as “someone else’s problem”, abused, and given up on by countless foster homes.

That was the life of our next guest before one family changed the course of his journey forever.

He is now a recognized teen expert for media outlets as MTV, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, 20/20 and Good Morning America.  And he’s spoken to more than two million teens live about turning your passion into your profession and building an empire of impact.

Please welcome our next professor on The School of GreatnessJosh Shipp.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Josh Shipp on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“What is your next step, and what is the training and accountability to get there?”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The Shocking Story of Josh’s Troubled Youth
  • How to Build an Empire of Impact
  • Whether being Exposed to Trauma is Integral to Success
  • The Inextinguishable Value of Mentors in Various Parts of Your Life
  • How to Get the Attention of Any Mentor you Could Dream of
  • How to Put “Skin in the Game” to Create the Urgency to Make Big Things Happen
  • Josh’s Biggest Mistakes and Challenges to Success
  • How to Implement Self Imposed Boundaries as an Entrepreneur
  • Plus much more…

“Intentional, consistent, incremental improvement. That’s Greatness”

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Did you enjoy the show?

What’s your biggest takeaway from this episode?  And what are your thoughts about success and trauma?  Do you think someone needs to go through extreme trauma in order to have the opportunity to reach the highest levels of success?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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