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Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen on Thriving in Relationships, Marriage and Love


Relationships are as unique as the people who are in them. What might be right for one couple might be wrong for the next one, vice versa, and everything in between. That said, with studies showing people are losing faith in relationships as a whole, it might be time to start considering some best practices we can rely on no matter what relationship we’re in. It might be time to start searching for some universal truths that apply to every partnership. 

In Part 2 of my interview with Joel Osteen, he explains why he believes that time is now. During our conversation, he lays out what he thinks is the biggest reason so many people aren’t in happy relationships nowadays, the three things you and your partner need to be aligned on, the keys to a thriving marriage, and more!

And now, please help me welcome back the one-and-only, Joel Osteen, to The School of Greatness!

“A blessing isn’t a blessing until it’s spoken.” @JoelOsteen  

Joel Osteen is the pastor of America’s largest church, one of the most popular inspirational figures in the U.S., and a #1 New York Times best-selling author. His first book, Your Best Life Now, was on the NYT Bestsellers List for more than 100 weeks and along with ancillary titles has sold more than 10 million units in the U.S. to date.  Joel has written 12 national bestsellers and has sold millions worldwide including a million+ copies in both South Korea and Indonesia.

In October 1999, following the passing of his father and Lakewood Church’s founder, John Osteen, Joel became the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church.  Under his leadership, Lakewood’s weekly attendance grew from an average of 5,000 to over 50,000, and Lakewood became the largest church in the U.S. according to Forbes, Outreach magazine, and Church Growth Today.

In 2003, Lakewood Church acquired the Compaq Center, home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, and spent the next 18 months renovating the arena at a cost of $105 million.  On July 15th, 2005, Lakewood held the first of seven weekly worship services in the new 16,000-seat auditorium and within the year had become the most popular tourist destination in Houston, according to the Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you’re ready to learn how to grow with your partner and not in spite of them, how to make sure your relationship thrives instead of dies, and so much more, then this episode is for you! Whether you’re already in a relationship or looking for one, I’m confident you’ll find value in what Joel shares here. Please join me for Episode 1,197 of The School of Greatness!

“You can call out the seeds of greatness in other people.” @JoelOsteen  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • When did you know that your wife was going to be your wife?
  • What do you love the most about your wife?
  • Do you have any daily non-negotiables in your marriage?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest reason it’s so hard to find meaningful relationships these days.
  • The 3 things you and your partner have to be aligned with.
  • The key to having a thriving marriage.
  • How to grow with your partner over the long-term.
  • Plus much more…
Joel Osteen & Lewis Howes
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