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Lewis Howes

You Are the Inspiration

This is for all the times you want to give up.

“When you have the courage to chase your dreams, you inspire others to chase theirs too. Don’t give up, you never know who you’re inspiring.”

Yes, you!

You are the inspiration to so many people and you probably will never know who they are.

As many people as you look up to and are inspired by, the same goes for you.

The people who are in your life are looking at your example and seeing the quiet persistence with which you are going after your goals.

There’s no mistake about who you are, what you are up to, and where you have been placed in life.

You are here to be an inspiration – so keep going.

Sharing my thoughts on this in 5-Minute Friday Episode 501.


“We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility.” - Albert Einstein  

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