Holocaust Survivor On Forgiveness, Healing Your Past & Living A Happy Life

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Lewis Howes

Upgrade Your Belief

"Don't downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your belief to match your vision."

One reason I love Instagram is because I can post a quote there that I need to hear and reference back to it at anytime.

A couple weeks ago I posted the above quote, and I keep thinking about it.

Every time someone tells me their dream just doesn’t fit the reality they live in, I get all fired up.

Of course it doesn’t. That’s why it’s a dream that you have to MAKE a reality.

Giving up on your dream just because no one has ever done it before is what everyone else does.

Not you!

Sharing some thoughts on this for your 5-Minute Friday in Episode 465.

"We get to write the story we want others to believe."  

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