New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


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Money is not a bad thing.

Money is portable power. It allows you to make the impact you want to make.

It allows you to build your legacy.

You have the power to take control of your money and start hoping for a better future.

It’s all within your grasp.

However, it doesn’t matter how much money you have if you’re not enjoying life. That’s why you need gratitude.

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about mastering your money with a man who needs no introduction: Tony Robbins.

“The key to living is giving.” @TonyRobbins  

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist. Author of six internationally bestselling books, including the recent New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE, Tony has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs.

Tony uses his money to help others and give back. Once he got rid of the scarcity mindset he was able to become the man we know him as today.

So get ready to learn how to gain wealth and how to use that wealth to make the world better on Episode 794.

“To be unshakable, turn the snake into the rope.” @TonyRobbins  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • If you could only use one strategy, what would that be? (5:10)
  • How does someone continue to stay hungry? (7:31)
  • How do you stay grounded in your relationships? (10:30)
  • How do we invest without fear? (17:00)
  • What are you the most grateful for right now? (32:00)
  • What are some things people can do to stop living in scarcity? (40:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Tony’s mom thought his ego was too big when he was younger (11:50)
  • How Tony views failure (8:45)
  • Tony’s key to financial success (15:00)
  • The difference between a correction and a crash in the stock market (22:00)
  • How gratitude is an important part of building wealth (30:00)
  • Tony’s system for strengthening your mind (40:00)
  • Plus much more…
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Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 794 with number 1 New York Times best-selling author Tony Robins. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes, a former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today now let the class begin.

“The secret to living is giving” Tony Robins said that and it’s something that I live by every single day. How much are you giving? Not how much are you taking but how much are you giving on a daily basis with your smile, with your energy, with your hugs, with your generosity, how much are you giving?

Today we’ve got a special episode with the icon Tony Robins. Now, for those who don’t know who he is he is an author of a number of best-selling books including the number 1 New York Times best-seller ‘money master the game’ and ‘unshakeable.’ He has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video, and life training programs. He created the number personal and professional development program of all time and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. This guy is the king of personal growth.

In this interview we talked about how money is not an enemy but a magnifying glass. Why diversifying is key to success in business. The power of gratitude and why it is the secret to wealth. And how to feed your mind and strengthen your body for success.

Now, I took the best clips of 3 different interviews that I had with Tony Robins on and we put them together for this special episode. The reason I’m doing this is because Tony is part of the biggest online marketing launch in internet history. He partnered up with my buddy Dean Graziosi who we had on about a month ago and it’s been amazing to watch them launch this program and to see the results and the impact that people have had by this course. You guys can watch the replay and more at

For me Tony has always taught me the power of mentors. You know he’s one of the few people that I wanted on early on my podcast and we’ve had him on 3 times now, and he always talks about the power of having an inner circle you are like the people your surround with the most. So, make sure you evaluate the people that you’re spending the most time with. So many things we’re gonna cover in this interview and I think you’re gonna love this. Make sure to share with your friends

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A big thank you to our sponsors and without further ado let me introduce to you the one the only the icon Tony Robins.

You’ve been doing the work for 40 years right?

Tony: Not quite. It’s my 39 years.

Lewis: This is a question that my friend Edo Keith asked “With all the tools you’ve learned and wealth and information over 39 years, the strategy is to break people through to help them overcome challenges. If you can strip them all away you can only have one strategy or one thing to use what would that be?”

Tony: Part of why I’m effective is I don’t buy that. I am always looking for more strategy, but philosophically I would say that the capacity to strengthen and increase your hunger is the one common denominator amongst the most successful people. Most people are hungry to achieve a certain amount and they get comfortable and relax or to get a certain level of fitness and then they relax. Warren Buffet is 85 years old he’s as driven today as when you know he began the journey.

So, people that have that hunger, I believe in intelligence I love people that are wickedly smart and I work to be wickedly smart by educating and training my brain. Hunger is the ultimate driver because if you’re hungry you can get the strategy and get the answer, if you can’t model it you can find it. So hunger modeling would maybe be the next best skill knowing that success leaves clues like why reinvent the wheel? So, why would I go learn my trial and error and maybe take twenty years when I can learn from somebody in a few weeks or few months or a few hours that could save me?

Lewis: So how does someone continue to stay hungry? Or rediscover what they’re hungry about?

Tony: The best way is get around better and things will hit you. Who you spend time is who you become? So, when I started coaching all these billionaires you know there’s a part of me that says I’m smart in certain areas as they are, I need to step my game up it’s not about the money it’s about how can I take the invisible and make it visible? How can I find more value to other people to such an extent where economics are such a question or whatsoever, and then I can take economics and do even more when I’m not there. I look at money as a portable power, I can leverage my money to do things for people even when I sleep but I love doing this for people and I work 18, 20 hours a day but it’s really nice to have the leverage as well.

Lewis: What would you sense is your current vision for life? What’s the vision you have and what’s the legacy that you want to leave behind?

Tony: There’s a line in Hamilton and I thought it was really interesting ‘Legacy is planting seeds in the garden that you’ll never see.’ I thought that was really interesting.

For me it’s human lives, it’s I love my life is about being a blessing in the lives of the people that I meet. My legacy is the lives that I’ve touched and my legacy is the institutions that I’m building right now that when I’m gone will continue to touch people. My heartfelt every day is be a blessing, you know it’s interesting sometimes you’re a blessing by giving somebody a few moments just by loving on them, sometimes you’re being a blessing you coach them or intervene with them.

Lewis: Why is that? Why do you want to build that legacy?

Tony: Again, it’s less about legacy and about doing what I’m made for while I’m here maximizing. I want to be climbing the mountain when I die. So to me it’s about hope and giving to all human beings.

Lewis: How do you stay grounded in your personal and intimate relationships when everyone wants a piece of you? You know sell a lot of events 10, 20 thousand people come to you event and pay tens of thousands of dollars. They want you to help them breakthrough the next level. How do you stay grounded with your marriage or with your kids or with friends?

Tony: My mom craziness gave a great gift. I wanted to be a professional athlete and I want to be a professional baseball player and I got cut from the junior high school team and figured out I’m in trouble and so I decided to become a sportscaster. So, I took typing when I was in junior high school, I was an only boy in an all-girl shorthand class. So, they called me up and offered me the job to be the nightly sports caster as I was turning 15, and I was out of mind like the dream I have when I was 25 or 30 was becoming in 15. My mom said to me “You’re ego is too big and if I let you do this it’s getting bigger.” My mom would not let me take the job, she made me quit the job working for the [?] which is a daily newspaper, and I hated her and I was devastated but it created a sensitivity inside of me that along with watching athletes who had not sign a card for a kid they were making money selling card would make me angry.

I think when you achieve things incredible sense of focus, massive action, and figuring out how to execute and do things effectively and it’s great, and I never forget that that’s a part of formula for where my life is today.

Lewis: Do you think people a little bit of ego to kind of drive that insanity or obsession? Or is it more a belief in a bigger vision?

Tony: I think ego can produce drive, but that kind of ego won’t make you not be fulfilled and we all have it until we get a few hammers, because in the beginning when you’re young especially a young man you’re trying to find yourself, trying to prove yourself to the world and really you’re trying to prove yourself. As I grew up I realize these people care just as much as I do, now I’ve trained a thousand therapist in the world that my partner [?] make films of people’s lives.

Lewis: Do you ever question choices or decisions you make today? Does everything you touch turn into what you want it to be?

Tony: Failure is part of life, I mean the difference for me though is I look at failure as a stepping stone to success. I know I’m going to fail but it’s not failure if you learn something. I’ve made so many mistakes I’ve screwed so many things up, but every time I do it becomes a way for me to explain to someone else what it takes.

Lewis: And if everything you touch is successful relate to people as much.

Tony: And also it’d be total bullshit everyone knew it’s bullshit, and also you’d be bored silly.

The things we worked the hardest most we value more. So I think the purpose of a goal is not getting anywhere the purpose of goal is who you become. So, I’m not looking for an effortless approach there’s no such thing.

Lewis: Now, I’m curious about relationships and building wealth. How important is it to have the right partner or marriage or in an intimate relationship in relating to building wealth? Does it matter who you choose their mindset? Does it play any effect on how much you make?

Tony: It won’t affect how much you make but it will affect your relationship a lot. You know getting on the same page is really important. When my wife and I met we both grew up very poor, but I decided that I was gonna find a way to have so much value that money would never be a question for my family and never stop me from doing, giving or sharing anything and I made that decision early on so I became earner, she became a negotiator a cost-manager. So, when we first met I remember we were in NYC, I remember when they first came out with digital cameras and it was like such a cool thing you could take 12 pictures or whatever. But we were down in NYC and we went into one of those camera shop and it was Christmas time.

So to answer your question it’s nice to be on the same page but you know one day I told my wife I was coaching someone and the person gave me a quarter of a million dollar bonus. It wasn’t the money it was the generosity that just knock me off my seat, I called my wife and said “Honey, boss gave me quarter of a million dollar bonus.” And she’s like “That’s nice honey, do you know what I’m making for lunch?”

Lewis: Wow.

Tony: So, I used to get upset about but now I’m like that’s my squeaky little girl. I’m thrilled she doesn’t have to think about it I’m in charge. I don’t think your partner has to, one of you has to master it and you have to have some alignment.

Lewis: But you don’t want them to be against you essentially?

Tony: Well, sometimes they’re gonna be we are against each other in some ways, we are having fights but what you eventually aside is ‘Do I want to be a writer or do I want to be in love?’ And then also I just said you know “Honey, I understand your intent.”

Lewis: A lot of people that I grew up with who are poor who had a negative mindset about money. What would you say to someone who has that mindset where they have a story around money that isn’t a positive one? How does someone shift it?

Tony: Get to the truth the truth is simple. Money does not change people it makes you more of what you are, it’s a magnifying tool. So what I show people is what you really want to do is create an income for life without working. No matter how good you are in business think about this the one universal rule that idiots in finance know is diversification. So you have to diversify and most people they know real-estate, they know stocks and they grip their head and it’s the wrong thing to do. So you’ve got to diversify in order for you to be able truly succeed that’s why when you want a business, if you put all your money in your business which is what most of us do naturally, let’s say you spend 20 years and you figured out how to put together the ultimate map.

Lewis: Yeah. They’re making like hundred million.

Tony: So, I always tell people competition happens and technology happens, what you must do is have a second business with no moving parts. In my life I have 31 companies now we have 1,200 employees 7 different industries, we do 5 billion in sales and I used to be you know me and my seminar business, but with all those movie parts the only way I’ve been able to succeed is I’ve taken every one of those businesses that diversify my asset so that when things were in trouble I still have my economics myself and it keep it going. So, everybody needs a money machine that works while you sleep that does the moving parts and that’s what this is really about.

Lewis: You have a great cartoon in the book where there’s a kid asking his father something about how the stock market work, and he says “You put your money in and it starts to go down and lose money and you get scared so you take it out, and then someone smarter than you makes all the money.” And I’ve done that in the past where I put my money somewhere high and it went down. So how do invest without fear?

Tony: It’s one of the main reasons why I wrote the book. I always tell people “If you just read the second chapter of the book it’ll change your life and nothing else.” That chapter is really about teaching people that winter is coming but that winter is the best time on earth. I don’t mean like pure facts.

So in the books I take you to 10 facts I give you a couple right now. The first fact I give people is ‘why do people not invest?’ They’re afraid of failing. So you grew up witnessing 2008 when you are relatively young, how old are you now?

Lewis: 2008 27.

Tony: So you’re a young man and you’re watching the world melting in front of you. For most millennials they are the first generation since the generation of depression that is not investing at the ratio they need to even close.

Lewis: More debt than everyone right? I have a friend that has 400,000 dollars debt in dental school.

Tony: Obama just paid out his debt 5 years ago. So what I tell them is “Paying off your debt is not enough you’ve got to be an owner or you’re always going to be in that place.” You got to become an owner and get into the game and you got to understand the rules of the game. So, I teach people the rules of the game so they don’t get screwed but the most important thing is this ‘winter is coming but people react.’ So let’s take last year last January 2016 we have the worst stock market opening in the history of stock market. There was a drop of 2.3 trillion dollars, I think the market drop 800 points.

That day all the richest people in the world in Switzerland and they went there and they said “let’s go talk to Ray.” You had to have a 5 billion dollar net worth and a hundred million dollars to give him or he wouldn’t talk to you 10 years ago. Now he doesn’t give shit how much money you give he doesn’t talk to you. He went on TV and he said “I spent 15 years of my life to perfect a strategy all of my money is in that plan.” And day gave me an idea I think it was [?] the market was down. 9% the first 5 weeks of the year his strategy gave me which made money 85% of the time for the last 75 years, it’s average a 10% return and the average loss when 15% loss 1.6. His plan made 2% while the market was down 9, it was up 11% difference.

What it did was right after that I interviewed Alan [?] he was the head of the most powerful man for 19 years 4 presidents he was there. [?] I interviewed him for 3 hours off stage and 2 hours in front and at the beginning of this I said “Look if you could [?].” and he looks at me and says ‘resign.’

Correction vs Crash: Anytime the market drops on its high by 10% or more up to 20 it’s called a correction. If it drops 20% or more up to 80% then it’s called a crash or bear market. So how often does a correction happens? Since 1900 we’ve had a correction on average every year for 116 years. So when is winter coming? This year on average. You wouldn’t be surprise for it to rain now some winters are long and some are short but winter always comes. So I wasn’t panic when this happened last year I don’t panic when this happens because I know it’s supposed to be. How long does it last? Average 56 days just over 2 months.

What’s the average drop? 14% over the last 30 years 13.5 of last hundred years so I use the more recent one. 14% gets your attention, but here’s what you need to know 80% correction never become a bear market. So all these fear of what people do [?]. The stock market never took a dime from anybody only you can take from it, you sold that’s why you [?]. So when you look back and say ‘what was it like in 2008?’ I can remember vividly they were my platinum partners and saying “You see this $80 stocks? This is 6 months before the crash” I told them in April. October I go on the today show in 2008 and they go “Tony, there’s been 3 trillion dollars melt down.”

Lewis: Let it go.

Tony: At the point the $80 stock rate I said some of those and I am not a market forecaster but I worked with Paul [?] one of the greatest investors in the history of the world in the biggest market crash in the history in 1987 he made 200% when everybody else was losing their entire life, and I’ve been coaching him continuously now for 24 years every single. So, I said I work with the best in the world and you’re telling me based on the history in the 30’s and 70’s this $8 stock some are gonna be a buck. I remember the day March of 2009 Citibank which have been I think $70 sold for 97 cents. You could go take your money in the ATM it cost you more than to own the bank. I told people it will jump from 97 cents to 10, 12 dollars in a month or 2 and that’s exactly what it did. So, what you got to know is corrections happen every year.

The bear market happens to give you an idea in the last 100 years every 3 to 5 years, we’ve gone 8 without one. In modern years the last 30 years it’s been every 5 years, the average length of the bear is 1 year and the average drop is 33%. A third of those drops goes 40% or above.

If you want to leapfrog and you’re a millennial and you think there’s no future or you’re a baby boomer and you think it’s too old or late. The greatest gift you have is coming. Wall Street the stock market is the only place that when things go on sale people freak out. If I said to you that Ferraris are going on sale for 50% off, but when I tell you that Apple is on sale for 50% off “What am I going to do here? The world is coming to an end.” How old are you?

Lewis: 33

Tony: So let’s assumed you are 35 you got 50 to 52 years ahead of you that means you have 52 more corrections to live through. That means you probably in those 50 years gonna have 10 more bear markets to live through, if you’re gonna have gut checks every time or you’re gonna leave out of it. So here’s the good news about the bear it average 1 year it can be shorter, but here’s what’s cool every single bear market in the history of the United States has led to a bull market. So, 2008 this plummeting what happened in 2009 up 67% in a year. I can show you every single bear markets and the next year when it comes out it’s this explosion, and that’s not true in every market in the world it’s true for 2 centuries in the United States. That’s why Warren Buffet says “I want to be greedy when people are afraid and I want to be afraid when people are greedy.”

So what you have to do to be unshakeable is turned the metaphor I use ‘turn the snake to the rope’ meaning we all know the story it’s the middle of the night and you’re walking through live in the yard or some place. Once you know it’s a rope you’re never afraid again. I want to take for people investing and show them how to turn that snake into the rope it really is. I’ll tell you one final stat on all this. There’s 2 different research projects one was done by JP Morgan I just spoke for them at the alternative investment conference and to be in a room with 400 people you have to have a billion dollar net worth to get into the room.

Lewis: Crazy.

Tony: So, JP Morgan did the study and also [?] different study. In the last 20 years to give you an idea the average [?] that index has produce 8.2% over 30 years it was 10.28, in the last 20 years a little bit less. If you miss the 10 best trading days in 20 years because you’re trying to time the market and you’re not in it, during one of those days you went from 8.2% return over that period per year it drop down almost half 4.5. What are the chances of you knowing the past 10 days to trade in 20 years? None.

Warren Buffet said “Market timers and market forecasters are only there to make fortune tellers look good.” Because no one can do it successfully even if they do it for a while in doesn’t last. Jack Vogel told me who started Vanguard a 3 trillion dollar company he said “We took a thousand in the room that had flip coins and we did 3 sets.” And he said “1 gorilla in one set of those turns flip heads 21 times in a row.”

Lewis: In the book I was really excited to hear you talked about secret to wealth is gratitude. Every day I practice gratitude and when I wake and every night I always try to say to my girlfriend or someone who I am talking to before I sleep 3 things I am more grateful for. Why is that the secret to wealth?

Tony: John Templeton is probably one of the greatest investors in history, people don’t know his name. He start out with nothing he wasn’t from the U.S and he decided he wanted to understand wealth and he save $10,000 huge amount in those days and when Hitler invaded Poland he developed belief. His belief was you make your money in times of pessimism, if you are around in 2008 or 9 you remember what it was like right?

Lewis: Yeah.

Tony: You could have bought Sands in Las Vegas for 2 dollars and 28 cents today its 67 dollars a 3000% return. So people in those times he understood that and so what he did was everybody thought that the world was gonna end, he took $10,000 and bought every stock on NY stock exchange it was a dollar. When things are bad people think it could be bad forever, when things are good they think it’s going to be good forever and they are always wrong. So there’s a season for everything, so once we are through a few years later those same stocks made him a billionaire, I asked him “What’s the secret to wealth?” and his response “You know it you teach it. Gratitude.” I said “Why do you say that?” He said “If you have a billion dollars you’re pissed off and frustrated the quality of your life is pissed off and frustrated. But if you have nothing but you’re euphorically grateful for what you have you’re the richest person you know.” I believe you have to condition you don’t just hope that stuff just shows up.

Lewis: So what are you most grateful for recently in your life?

Tony: So many things. 1 is my daughter is 40 years old and she’s my child forever and she’s gonna bring me a grandson, but also its thanksgiving it’s a very emotional time because my family was fed when I was 11 we had no food at thanksgiving and it touch me so deeply and I decided I was gonna get back when I was 17. You know I fed more than 42 million people now over 37 years.

Lewis: A challenge for this right?

Tony: What I do is I write this book and in the middle of writing it last summer most people didn’t even notice congress cut food stamps. They cut it by 8.7 billion which means you eliminate 2 million people from the rows overnight and they still need to eat. So, I support all these non-profit organizations and feeding America is the largest country.

As the years gone by more and more fired and so now I’m gonna feed 50 million people personally and not just from the book but also I’m working feeding on America matching funds to feed a hundred million people.

So to go from my family not being able to eat to feeding a hundred million people is pretty amazing sense of gratitude and sense of grace and I’ve done my part but there’s grace in there as well.

Lewis: It’s amazing and incredible what you’re doing it is inspiring so thank you for doing that. I think I also read in the book ‘the key to living is giving.’ Now, I think I might have heard you say this actually back when I first saw you when I was 16 and I remember thinking I don’t have anything to give, I don’t have any money you know how am I supposed to invest my money. But I really understood it’s so valuable and important to give when I worked with a lot of non-profits myself. I’ve seen a big impact in my life the way I serve people.

Tony: John Templeton told me that he’s never seen anyone [?] like 10% of what you earn for at least a decade, he didn’t become incredibly financially free and I think the reason is I had a moment when my life changed. I remember I was so frustrated because I was working and nothing was working and I was broke and I was embarrassed you know.

Lewis: Sure.

Tony: I was driving from Orange County 57 freeway and I was at this breaking point and then I was like ‘why am I not doing better?’ and I just pulled off the road and these journals I still have them and I wrote in big lines ‘the secret to living is giving’ and I realize I am so focus on what am I not getting and not focusing on what I’m giving. I started to get into some tough times and I lost everything financially and I was mad at everybody because I loan a friend thousand bucks and he didn’t even returned my phone call. What changed me was I was down 22 or 23 bucks or like that and after I knew I didn’t have money for food for the next week and I didn’t have any prospects, and I was living in Venice feeling sorry for myself.

So there’s a place called Marina Del Rey not far and it’s a beautiful community and it’s right on the water, and there’s a place called ‘el torito’ still there. So I walked there for the 3 miles and go and load up and there’s one who walk the door a very attractive lady and I’m [?] and there’s nobody up there’s this little guy down here and it was obviously her son and wearing this 3 piece suit a little vest, and it was he stared at his mother’s eyes and pierce into her eyes I don’t know what but something about him was so moving, it was such a sweet caring and loving young man whose mother that moved me. So I paid for my meal and always put 17 or 18 bucks put back on my pockets what’s left, I walked to this young man and introduce myself.

I had no car I had no money I did not, I was euphoric I was like flying home. What I thought was I should have been and the plan was going to take me 10 days to 2 weeks, well people fast for a week and I can fast for a week and I just had this great mindset about it and I woke up the next morning and I get the old regular snail mail shows up and this guy called a zillion times and wouldn’t return my call. So, I’m sitting there and I started crying and I was just like “Why did this happen you know?” I don’t know if this is true though but probably that day because I did the right thing because I didn’t have the plan and it wasn’t strategize. I thought this little soul beside me and I knew it was right and I did it. That’s the day I become a wealthy man, I didn’t have any money but scarcity left my body and I have plenty of ups and downs since that time and various times of my life but I never looked back to that. So that to me is what it is about is showing people, if you won’t give a dime out of a dollar go bullshit yourself. But if you can do that now you don’t ever get scarcity you start behind it.

Lewis: So how does someone you know when they are living in scarcity and fear and this like emotional feeling it’s in your body like you would say ‘I cannot even pay for my meal how am I gonna start giving?’ What are some things that people can do to start overcoming that mindset and start strengthening it or shifting it?

Tony: My mom kicked my dad out when I was 17, she kicked me out next with a knife she wouldn’t hurt me but I wasn’t going back to the room and I started to figure out what to do. Every single day you got to feed and strengthen your mind, until you do that you’re always going to be up there because fear is automatic the human brain is design for survival it’s not designed for success. Your brain is not design to make you happy that’s your job. My coach Jim told me “Tony every day you got to stand guard the door of your mind you got to watch what is going in because if you’re not careful stuff will go in.”

Lewis: Family.

Tony: Your worst enemy puts sugar in your coffee what happens? You get sweet coffee [?]. So life sugar and [?] are watching coffee. So every day I decide I am old enough, honestly there’s no internet those days I used to go to the library. I would read biography, I read people’s lives and it make me go ‘wait a second as bad as I think it is the greatest people in the world had worst.” So you feed your mind and Jim used to say to me [?] and today I don’t mean internet crap I mean read something a biography, read something a strategy, read a thing that’s gonna change your life.

The second thing I tell people is feeding your minds great then you got to also strengthen your body and you do that as an athlete naturally, I learned to do that because fear is physical and you know you feel it. If you go work out and lift that experience alone changes you. So it doesn’t have to be 2 hours with something it can be something that you do for 30 seconds but it’s training your body to be strong because a strong body is strong mind and vice versa.

The third thing I tell people is find a role model. It seems impossible till you see somebody has done it. Ray [?] one of the greatest investors in history the guy was a caddie right, his dad was a jazz musician and mom was a home maker.

Lewis: He found someone to mentor him.

Tony: He found multiple people to model. You don’t always find mentor but you find somebody who can model and when you start seeing that somebody else can do it and you see that they really did you start to believe. And the fourth thing I tell is massive action and constantly change approach and find somebody worse than you are and help them, because when you do that it gets you out of yourself and that’s what I really helped people do.

Lewis: Amazing.

Tony: its amazing people go in there and, I thought my life was tough but look at this person’s life it makes you appreciative and puts life in perspective.

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And again Tony said that the secret to living is giving. What are you doing right now with your life? Every single day are you complaining or upset that you’re not receiving more than you want to receive. The key to accomplishing more is to give more. The more you give the more you receive. It’s a law guys this is a principle it will happen, you will have to learn to give before receive.

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