New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Brendon Burchard

How to Become a Full Time Influencer, Part 2


Thomas Paine said, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.” 

I’ve often found that the best things in life don’t come easily. The hard work, the struggle, the dedication that it takes — these are the things that make the end result so rewarding. As an influencer, the ultimate goal should be to discover who you are in the process of taking your message out into the world.

Welcome to this episode. It’s part two of the much-anticipated interview series with Brendon Burchard. If you missed the first part, I strongly recommend catching up on part one before you dive into this episode. In the second part of my conversation with Brendon, we talk about game-changing ways to build a business, why you must honor the struggle in order to scale, the importance of finding reverence for life and the unexpected ways it can show up, and the power of self-doubt and what it signals for you. Get ready — this is going to be an incredible ride. 

Who Is Brendon Burchard? 

Brendon Burchard is a 3-time New York Times bestselling author and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in history. SUCCESS Magazine and O, Oprah’s magazine, have both named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement.  Forbes named him the world’s leading high-performance coach, and Larry King named him the world’s top motivational trainer.

Brendon is a recipient of the Maharishi Award, a Senior Research Lead at the High Performance Institute, an investor and owner in multiple successful companies, and a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. He rarely does media interviews — he prefers reading, researching, filming, teaching online, and creating life-affirming content over cocktail parties and press junkets.

I’m so grateful to Brendon for participating in The School of Greatness for a second time. We recorded our first conversation together on Episode 538: High Performance Habits. I was apprehensive about meeting Brendon at the time, but since then, we’ve grown into great friends, and I have the ultimate respect for his work. He has many valuable lessons to share about building a business that I can’t wait for you to hear. Let’s dive in. 

The Importance of Building a Business

Before I met Brendon, I’d seen his videos all over Facebook, heard his name in big circles, and seen his bestselling books at the top of the charts. Brendon has figured out how to build a very successful business while serving a higher purpose. It’s something that influencers often struggle with when they’re just starting out. 

“[Lots of influencers say to me], ‘I don’t want to charge people. I don’t want to be a jerk. I don’t want to do business.’ [My response is that] you’re doing yourself a disservice. If you don’t build a business — often people don’t pay attention unless they pay. You want to create a real transformation in people’s lives. [To do that], they have to invest something. They have to give something.” – Brendon Burchard

Brendon has found that every thought leader and top influencer in the world has learned the value of their message. Monetizing that message and building a business signals to people that your mission, your service, and your word is worth something. 

Now, just because you have something to say doesn’t mean you have the business training to back it up. Creating a business is not something that comes naturally to everyone. You are going to need to find ways to learn how to create a business model that works for you. You’re going to need to find great people on your team to support you, because you’re not going to be able to do all the work yourself. It’s okay to hire someone to help – just start somewhere. 

“I’ve been blessed to be in the business as a mentor for people for 16 years. The biggest names have come to me [for advice], especially this last decade. None of them ever said, ‘I wish I hadn’t worked on building my business earlier.’ They always say, ‘Oh, you know what? I should have focused on the business earlier.’” – Brendon Burchard

Brendon tells people that creating a business model around your message will inevitably support you to pursue your art and freedom. In the influencer industry, there are so many different ways to create a business because there are so many different things to sell. 

“Make sure you get something digital running in the background selling all the time. You have to have digital sales and subscriptions these days. That could be a course. My number one go-to for most people is to make sure you have a subscription program, [where] people give you money every single month for access to your content library or to new content. … [With] digital sales, [you could offer]  anything from online courses to charging people for access to libraries, to webinars, to coaching online coaching, live or virtual. You have the ability to do seminars, workshops, events, retreats, books, [and] PDFs.” – Brendon Burchard

The opportunity to sell your message comes in many different formats, and success, according to Brendon, lies in figuring out which format works best for you. 

“It’s about figuring out what [content] you love to create and which [content] works for your model and your message. … We were talking about Tony earlier, Tony Robbins. He doesn’t have much of a membership program because his method, his passion is being on stage. You also have to understand everyone’s got a different passion or a different way of letting their methods shine.” – Brendon Burchard

The bottom line: the most important elements to figure out are your message, your method, and your monetization. Knowing who you are is a core component of those three things. When you know who you are, the rest will follow.

“Love grows in the fertile soil of struggle.” @BrendonBurchard  

The Mayhem of Being an Influencer

One thing Brendon warns is that starting a business as an influencer comes with a lot of mess and mayhem. Mayhem comes at you from a few different angles, too.

“There will be relationship mayhem when you commit to your dreams. That’s what the universe sets up to test if you want it or not.” – Brendon Burchard

In your personal relationships, there may be friends and family members who doubt that what you’re doing is a viable career. In addition to self-doubt (internal mayhem), chaos in your relationships can throw you off-course. 

“[It’s] the internal mayhem of the self-doubt — the fear, the frustration, the lack of motivation and discipline that just upsets us, [those are things] we all have. But the real mayhem that really messes up people in the influencer space is the relationships. [People who] don’t get you. Your spouse [who] doesn’t support you. You have a partner who steals. You have somebody who takes advantage of you. All of a sudden, now everyone wants something from you. When everyone wants something from you, there’s going to be some relationship mayhem.” – Brendon Burchard

Taking control of the internal self-doubt is all about working through your own mindset and habits, something we talk about a lot on The School of Greatness. Self-doubt is both a blessing and a curse. 

“Self-doubt is one of the first signals that you deeply want to grow. Most people start with self-doubt being a bad thing. …The difference [between] successful people and unsuccessful people [is] the way they deal with the doubt. If you’re struggling and you’re always unsuccessful, it’s because self-doubt is stopping you. Successful people have the same doubt, but they’re exploring it.” – Brendon Burchard

I love the way Brendon reframes self-doubt into a gift. It’s all about leaning into the unknown, working through that fear, all while taking care of your mental health. Don’t ignore the importance of self-care. Dial into how you think of yourself, and take care of your health and even how you reward your own hard work. The more you can focus on minimizing that internal mayhem, the less important any of those negative external relationships seem. Mindset — and mentors — can solve a lot of problems. 

Finding Meaning as an Influencer

I wanted to shift for a moment to another topic that we discuss frequently on The School of Greatness –– what it means for an influencer to find meaning. What does “meaning” mean for an influencer? How can an influencer find their purpose?

“I think [the thing] often people get wrong as influencers, [is that] they’re waiting for the day to come when they can finally have satisfaction and fulfillment from their effort. [They think,] ‘When I get to a million followers and I make a million dollars, then I can like myself, feel good about myself, enjoy the day, rest peacefully.’ [To me], if you can’t teach yourself to rest peacefully, you’re screwed.” – Brendon Burchard

Materialistic or monetary rewards are never as gratifying as we think they will be. Life’s popularity contest won’t make you happy either. Instead, Brendon looks for satisfaction on the calendar — not the to-do list. 

“Reverence for life shows up in how you felt that day. Reverence for life shows up in your time management. I tell people all the time, ‘Look at all these days you wasted. … Are you actually using your days wisely? Because if time is short, if life is short, then you better be using it.’” – Brendon Burchard

Practicing gratitude is a big part of mental health and feeling centered, but I also like the idea of taking each day and making the most of your time. It’s easy to get distracted by things we “have” to do or by social media or Netflix. Brendon says he was constantly distracted and unable to live in the moment. Over his career, he’s learned to practice mindfulness, be more aware, meditate, and breathe. 

“The number one problem we really have is people don’t feel the day. They don’t feel their relationships. So they’re looking for this feeling, and they’re lacking life. Feel it. You got to feel it, right?” – Brendon Burchard

When you can appreciate the time you have, use it wisely, share it with the people you care about, and stop avoiding the messy mayhem, that’s when you’ll begin to find fulfillment. 

Why You Should Listen to This Brendon Burchard Podcast Episode Right Now…

Brendon had so much wisdom to share — I highly recommend listening to both parts of our incredible interview. It’s been an amazing last couple of years as I’ve built a friendship with Brendon and seen how much he does to serve others. It’s really inspiring. 

I want to leave you with Brendon’s definition of greatness: 

“I think the older I get, the more my definition of greatness is entirely tied to the concept of service. … I’ve always believed that, but I think it is the ability to demand of yourself and command your mind and your body and your day to do something that’s meaningful for other people — that’s what’s great. You can be good just doing self-care for yourself, but you become great when you do things for other people.” – Brendon Burchard

If you want to hear more from Brendon, check out his podcast, The Brendon Show on Apple Podcasts and follow him on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Brendon’s always putting on amazing events and masterminds, so definitely check out his website for the latest news. 

Friends, join me on Episode 806 to learn about building a business, embracing self-doubt, and mastering mayhem with Brendon Burchard! It’ll change your life! 

To Greatness,

Lewis Howes - Signature

“The number one problem with influencers is that they never step into the role of CEO.” @BrendonBurchard  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does “mayhem” mean? (1:07:00)
  • How do influencers find “meaning?” (1:14:00)
  • Why do influencers experience self-doubt? (1:20:30)
  • When do you feel the most loved? (1:23:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you need to care about business and building a brand (50:00)
  • The three ways to make money without working as hard (55:00)
  • The four aspirations everyone has (1:03:00)
  • The moment that Brendon almost gave up (1:30:00)
  • How to be more present (1:36:00)
  • Plus much more…
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Brendon Burchard

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is episode number 806 on part 2 of building an influencer business with Brendan Burchard. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes, a former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today now let the class begin.

Thomas Paine said “The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph what we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly.”

Welcome to this episode its part 2 of the much anticipated second part of this interview series with Brendan Burchard who’s one of the world’s leading high performance coaches, a 3 time NYT best-selling author, one of the top influencers online and a coach to many top performers in the world. He’s got a new event coming out called influencer which is going to be teaching and breaking down how to monetize your influencer business even more. You can to get information about tickets to Brendan’s upcoming event influencer in San Diego, California.

In this interview part 2 we talked about game changing ways to build an automated business. Why you must honor the struggle in order to scale. The importance of finding reverence for life and the unexpected ways it can show up. The power of self-doubt and what it signals for you and so much more.

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Without further ado let me bring back part 2 with Brendan Burchard.

Lewis: Because there’s a lot of influencers that have expertise and they built these following and they’re like ‘well, I’m still broke.’ What should people be thinking of as influencers right now and over the next couple of years as a business model?

Brendan: I’d say first if you’re starting from this space and coming from the heart centered driven place, which is what you and I both came from to. Everyone starts if their hearts in the right place, I just want to give away free I don’t want to charge people. It’s like you’re doing a disservice if you’re not building a business and here’s the thing often people don’t pay attention unless they pay. You want to create a real transformation in people’s lives they have to invest something, they have to give something there. Can you show me one major influencer thought leader you admire today? Show me 1 who hasn’t focus on building their brands and business.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Oprah didn’t care about making money? She [?] about people’s lives. I’ve been on a ranch and he can’t even call it a ranch. It’s like trust me she cares about business and she built a team that cared about business because she knew she could reach more people. Find one like a major influencer.

Lewis: What if like this activist that’s changing.

Brendan: There’s this movie that made 15 million dollars, it’s like I mean Tom [?] you had him here, he knew if he doesn’t sell this shoe you don’t give shoes. So, you cannot find a major influencer, no one has like always notice like why is it every major influencer focus on their business? Because they care about their people and they wanted to be there for them.

Lewis: And most of these people weren’t good at business in the beginning. They were actors, they were a messenger of something but they weren’t necessarily talented in the business. This is not something that comes easy to people you got to have to learn it, you got to apply it.

Brendan: I’ve been blessed now you know kind of in the business as a mentor for people for 16 years the biggest names have come to me, especially this last decade and none of them said “I wish I hadn’t built on my business earlier.” They always like should have focus on the business earlier, it would’ve given me more freedom more capabilities and scale and do those art projects that I wanted to do that didn’t make financial sense.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Like the freedom to do your art have the financial resource that you have the freedom to do your art. So, in our institute there are so many different models, today most people are the focus on the sponsorship and the brand model and that shouldn’t account.

Lewis: Typical influencer who have a following they’re making money off sponsorships.

Brendan: And if that’s more than 10% of your revenue you haven’t accepted as business person yet, what you’ve accepted is a busy job that other people pay you for, and if they don’t pay you anymore you’re fired. There’s a difference between having a business and earning money for individual contributions. Just acknowledge what you have.

Lewis: Waiting for them to like say ‘here you go.’

Brendan: Yeah, business runs while you are sleeping. You know for 10 years of my life I’ve had evergreen campaigns. So on average if I stop working right now we make the same amount of money for 3 years. That’s crazy because I built a business, I need to build some kind of automated process if I’m sleeping I’m still earning, that’s what a business is. Business is an automated process that earns even if you aren’t doing anything in it, otherwise you have a very lucrative hobby, you have lucrative individual efforts but you’re selling yourself short.

Lewis: Or you’re hired talent.

Brendan: And by the way I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but again let’s have some aspirational figures.

Lewis: An empire.

Brendan: Why would I do that? Because that’s called smart.

Lewis: And people buy from me, they buy for me by you know a sponsorship post they might as well buy my own product.

Brendan: In our industry there are so many different ways to do that, there are so many different things to sell.

Lewis: What are the main ways you would recommend?

Brendan: I always tell influencers make sure you get something digital running in the background selling all the time. My number 1 go to for people is make sure you have a subscription program. That model is always running and it gives you a budget each month, now the only issue with that is you have to show up each month and do stuff.

Lewis: You still got to put energy into it.

Brendan: It allows you to have metrics with team that go ‘how many people do we have in? How many do we lose?” Digital sales you got anything from online courses to charging people from to access libraries, webinars.

Lewis: Online coaching right?

Brendan: Online coaching live or virtual, you have the ability to do seminars, events, retreats, books I mean still to this day. We put 100 episodes in my podcast.

Lewis: That was the greatest campaign. You were running there for like 6 months.

Brendan: We sold a thumb drive for $7 with all our best picked audios, people went crazy for that. You know we’ve sold swag and things like that but we’ve sold a lot of book packages. So, you got products and swag, you’ve got live events and experiences and you’ve got digital sales content and it’s about figure out which ones do you love and create and which ones for your model and your message. It doesn’t work for everybody like we were talking about Tony earlier, he doesn’t have much a membership program because his method his passion is being on stage.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Everyone’s got different passion or different way of letting their method shine. My courses are these huge, comprehensive like major curriculum. I don’t do short courses, other people they love short courses. So, this is where the most important thing is your message, your method and how you monetize have to line up.

Lewis: And knowing who you are and when you know who you are, because for me I want to be on stage every 2 weeks like Tony.

Brendan: If you’re on the road you can’t have people all the time.

Lewis: And my model used to be a lot of online courses because that’s what I learned in 2008, 2009. When I met with you 2 years ago you gave me this great feedback ‘you need to have recurring.’ Then I just said “I’m kind of tired doing courses” for me knowing who I am and what I’ve created it’s just a lot of energy for me.

Brendan: They’re hard people don’t appreciate how hard it is.

Lewis: So, I said you know what we’re getting rid of the courses, we’re going all in on subscriptions.

Brendan: Rachel had the same thing so it’s kind of anti-selling. It almost take me 3 or 4 conversations with people and then they get it and you got it.

Lewis: And here’s the thing it wasn’t perfect and it’s evolved. I think a lot of influencers get hang up when you can just get it out there and start building and then make better as you grow.

Brendan: My first online courses suck compared to 28, and also when you figure out that model you got to work that thing. You have to stay on the model, you have to work the model. The number 1 issue I found with influencers often is they never step into the role of CEO. They don’t own the fact that they are responsible for the business. Once you go ‘I’m responsible for this message’ everything changes. The same thing happened with Oprah.

Her company and I did this course together called ‘your next bold move’ and she was going for her next bold move.

Lewis: Left the talk show.

Brendan: Talk show, launch own didn’t go so good so far and it was about a year too and she talks about it. She goes ‘it’s on me, I got to own this’ and she step right back in and turn that thing around in 2 years.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Because she stepped back in and that’s what owners do is they kind of step out. It’s never gonna be easier now if you cared about this thing called ‘scale.’

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Because scale is going to require difference. And so once you get used to ‘I’m going to do a different thing to scale’ then you stop [?] the struggle and the hardship. And this is what I tell people all the time ‘you have to struggle involved in building a business’ because when you complain about it.

Lewis: It’s a job it’s something you don’t love.

Brendan: Anything you apply hate to quickly dies. So, you have to go ‘am I owning the struggle here or allowing the hot mess but staying and owning it.’ The most important thing influencers must do especially new and really young kids, I’ve got a client right now she’s 17. I kept saying hey “You got to take command.” Telling somebody they have to own somebody like, because listen we all have the same aspirations.

  • Our being goals like who we want to be as a person and our desire to be congruent with that.
  • Our relating goals how we want to treat other people and show up with other people.
  • Our creation goals the things that we want to create, the things that we want to contribute.
  • Our growth goals how we want to grow along the way.

So, we have the same aspirations what makes the difference? Everyone has the same type of goals. We all have those same things what’s the difference maker? Usually 2 things. Number 1 did you take command? Are you the captain of your ship or did you just get blown around by everybody else? Did you take responsibility of that? It doesn’t mean you have to do all yourself, it just means you have to own it. And then the other thing is community. It’s like we just deeply care about the community we have, but you’re here because you were on your sister’s couch and one day that wasn’t allowed anymore and you took command.

Lewis: Yeah that’s it.

Brendan: And everybody has that in their life and I tell influencers “You have to command, you must command the direction of what you’re doing here.”  And this girl got these reps and agents all the time and I was like “Let’s sit down, what is it look like to take command of this thing if it was yours?” And no one talks to her like that, they’re all telling her what to do and how she’s going to screw it up and how dumb she is because she’s 17, and I’m the guy honoring her and going saying “There’s magic here.” That’s hard for adults to do it’s hard for parents to do with YouTubers, out of 100 YouTuber 15 have been significant clients and they are graduates and they are kind of like ‘how often they made a 100 videos and made money.’ And if they didn’t say I’m going to do this and keep commanding that of themselves of their will, commanding of their attention. How many of those huge shows never had those millions of subscribers and everyone I talked to they always say the same thing.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: It’s like I tell people in motivational manifesto you had to reclaim your agenda, you got to reclaim your life’s agenda because life sucks in a way.

Lewis: It’s true.

Brendan: Another thing to take command of is your business model, what are we gonna do here? Don’t wait for other people to tell you how to make the money or the agents to say ‘we’ll go get the deals’ you have to be active otherwise you get [?].

Lewis: That’s powerful. I mean get clear on the model with lots of different model, you talked about this in your course as well. There’s also mayhem with becoming an influencer.

Brendan: You got the message market and mayhem model.

Lewis: So there’s mayhem in becoming an influencer, what does that mean?

Brendan: Some of your family’s gonna hate your success and your following. There will be relationship mayhem when you commit to your dreams and that’s what the universe set up to test if you wanted it or not, because it’s not just the mayhem of ‘oh wow, I got money now or I’m nervous’ because that’s always gonna be there, I’m nervous right now. There’s always gonna be mayhem there’s internal mayhem of the self-doubt, the fear, the frustration, the lack of motivation and discipline that just upsets us that we all have, but the real mayhem the really messes people in influencer’s spaces is relationship mayhem.

Your brother doesn’t get you, your spouse doesn’t support you, you have a partner who steals and somebody who takes advantage of you because all of sudden [?]. There’s gonna be lots of problems like anticipate that, know that you’re gonna be challenge.

Lewis: They want something for you.

Brendan: They want something from you or that’s a business deal or money or a handshake or something and I joke about it in some ways because it is funny.

Lewis: It’s hard to tell what’s true it’s like the right opportunity, you also as an influencer get an abundance of opportunities. So, the mayhem of hurting people by saying ‘no’ over and over again, that’s challenging in itself because you want to say ‘yes’ you want to help, you want to be part of projects but then that takes you away from your message, your method, and your model then you’re hurting yourself as an influencer.

Brendan: The way through because there’s 2 kinds the internal kind and the external kind. The way through both of those is the internal kind is through your own mindset and habits, you’ve got to do everything you can to dial in your mindset and your habits from how you think of yourself and how you take care of your body to what you focus on each day to how you reward yourself. And the more you dial that stuff in the less like to me at any given moment with the size of the brands, businesses, teams something is going wrong you know something is just not right.

Lewis: So the mayhem is really when the mayhem comes you’ve got to master your mental health, which is everything you’ve been saying to make sure you take care of your health, habits. Reclaiming your agenda because when we don’t reclaim our agenda it’ll lose our mental health.

Brendan: Absolutely. If mindset and habits can really help with the internal mayhem, with the external mayhems you need mentors. It’s like mindset and mentors can solve a lot of problems.

Lewis: So true.

Brendan: Mindset and mentors can solve a lot of problems and the external happens is like one of the reasons you know, we were just with David and Rachel in Puerto Rico and the reason I met them is she kind of [?], first she promoted my book. But then she had the proactive nature to reach out and say “You know what I don’t know.”

Lewis: Yeah, and because she seeks out you and a few other mentors and you guys guided her and Dave on here’s what’s gonna happen, here’s what should people should be asking me for. I’m just adding a few things where if she didn’t know those things, if she didn’t seek out the mentorship from you she wouldn’t struggle anymore.

Brendan: And others too and like you said she sought a lot of people which is really great. No one is taking credit for anything she did or I did.

Lewis: She did the work.

Brendan: She took command and she got the mentors like I was one of those got lots of them, and same with you.

Lewis: Everyone on the wall is a mentor.

Brendan: And that’s what you have to do your mentors, the people you’re around and the community again they’re going to help make sure that as you take to command you’re doing it well, I’m not allowed to screw up a lot.

Lewis: You can’t afford to.

Brendan: I have surrounded myself with such quality people they hold me to a high standard that I want to be a good person to them and my role model mindset won’t let me do that. So, I think mayhem solve it with a good mindset, work on yourself.

Lewis: Mental health.

Brendan: All Jay’s internal work becomes a reflection of his external success.

Lewis: And when you’re a [?] for 4 years it helps you like keep your mental health in check when the mayhem happens. It’s like all the mayhem that comes with impacting people and what you’re talking about next is meaning when you have your message and you want to be an influencer and want to reach people and you want to build a meaningful life and a meaningful business there’s going to be a lot of stresses also. What does meaning mean for influencers?

Brendan: I think the first thing is how often people get it wrong as influencers they are waiting for the day to come where they can finally have satisfaction and fulfilment from their efforts. If you can’t teach yourself to rest peacefully now you’re screwed when the mayhem really hits.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: So you really have to immediately take control of that including the meaning of your life. It’s like you have to train yourself to draw meaning from each day. Each day you have to draw meaning from it because otherwise, it’s one day after another, and I tell people all the time ‘I faced my death twice significant ways.’ I learned that real reverence for life shows up in the oddest of ways, real reverence for life is did you feel this day? Like did you feel it? Or did you just kind of bumble to and finish the meetings and now you’re tired and go to bed, or like make yourself feel it and present and get aware. So, many people that happens when they are on their death beds at the end. I was lucky as a young man I got mortality [?] to realize you got to have reverence for life. You have to make each day meaningful, do meaningful things but also draw meaning from it not later. Some of the most miserable bastards I know are people who literally are waiting for someday to enjoy life, but reverence for life shows up in how you felt the day reverence for life shows up in your time management. A lot of people have gratitude journal but you know what show us gratitude let me see your calendar.

Lewis: You maximize each day is that what you mean?

Brendan: Are you actually using your days wisely? Because if time is short life is short then you better be using it wisely, doesn’t mean stacked everything in there, it just means like can I see in your calendar that you are enjoying life.

Lewis: Are you playing? Are you traveling?

Brendan: Are you enjoying life? Is there some time off here?

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: Or its meaning and business. A lot of people especially influencers they wake up they create content all day, they check their stats and they go to bed. If that’s your life that’s a very unique kind of secret hell.

Lewis: And it goes by pretty quick.

Brendan: Goes by pretty quick and the frame is in comparison right?

Lewis: Yeah

Brendan: Is waking up and doing something every day only to check the stats on it? Versus really connecting with the audience, really connecting why you’re doing it.

Lewis: It’s a lot of work a lot of energy.

Brendan: So hard.

Lewis: You do the same thing.

Brendan: In the entire industry and the 2 longest trainer events and you don’t do that unless you make yourself draw meaning, because otherwise what’s gonna happen is and I tell people all the time ‘if you are constantly exhausted you’re not in meaning mode yet’ because when you’re in real meaning mode it won’t let you run yourself to exhaustion.

Lewis: It’s a sustainable fuel. You can learn all about this at by coming to the event. I’ve got a few more questions for you but make sure you guys this is resonating with you and connecting and landing for you and make sure to go to right now and get a few tickets for you.

Brendan: For influencers by influencers, it’s not for an agency it’s not for VP’s of McDonalds and brands it’s for the actual creators who want to understand the business of it all. So, it’s not like where you hang out with fans and that’s all cool, this is for the actual influencers in the space doing the actual work, building a career and trying to figure out how to build the business and the brand with real tactical instruction versus like a conversation. It’s like we’re trying to elevate the industry and to elevate the industry we need to get more tools and education and place where they can be together versus hang out. A place where they can actually learn the model versus pitch something.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: It’s like why we’re running together.

Lewis: It is constantly changing, so 2 years ago may not work right now so you got constantly [?] and change and evolve. I’m curious why do influencers or anyone deal with self-doubt? Why is self-doubt there and how do we eliminate self-doubt?

Brendan: Self-doubt is one of the first signals that you deeply want to grow and most people start with self-doubt being a bad thing. I hope everybody starts a new endeavor doubting their capabilities, doubting their competency and the difference is successful and unsuccessful people and the way they deal with the doubt. Like self-doubt if you’re always struggling and always unsuccessful self-doubt is stopping you, successful people they have the same doubt but they are exploring it.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: They don’t let the doubt stop them, it’s when doubt delays you or divides you from other people or destroys your progress then it’s a problem, but it’s a good queue to have.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: If it comes up you’ll say ‘I don’t know or I don’t know how to do that.’ So, self-doubt is a good mechanism in the human experience, it’s when it stops you when it’s a problem. So, the goal is to explore it and the goal is to realize that it should be a queue for you to learn and ask for help. Most people you know what they do? They go silent. But in the silence of self-doubt that’s where the suffering is. When you speak it and you share it.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: That is a proactive way to me the self-doubt and overcome it, but if I go silent with it that’s when the suffering and stopping happens.

Lewis: That’s powerful. This one is on love. When do you personally feel the most love in your life?

Brendan: Denise my girl. She believes in me when no one did and it’s not just because she believes in me it’s because she’s an exceptional human. She inhabits a good space in herself because she’s at peace with being a good person and then she’s calm and holds good energy.

It’s been hard being married and what I mean by that is marriage will challenge you so much and I feel most love in the marriage as much as it is a challenge even though, everyone who knows this we have like this. The reason I say it’s hard because you know in 2011 I had a brain injury and there was a good 2 and a half years I was not good as a husband, and I don’t think I was as good as a man. I had anger issues because of the brain injury, I hurt the prefrontal left cortex the cerebellum. So, the calmness guy in the marriage all of a sudden being angry and getting upset about the stupidest stuff, and the reason I feel so much depth with her now is because we went through that. I really believe love grows in that fertile soil of struggle. And we have struggled so much nothing to building our lives. That injury brought us really close together.

Lewis: Wow.

Brendan: Even though in the short term it was so painful that we survived it that’s where the love is growing so much.

Lewis: What does every influencer need to be aware of with the partner they choose?

Brendan: You know that’s a good point. First read the first chapter on the motivational manifesto on love because love is not in the existent of another person and love is a universal energy that we can tap into and we don’t need it from another person. So, it’s removing need is the biggest and the hardest breakthrough in all of the relationships.

Lewis: For yourself and for the other person?

Brendan: Yes. The second big idea is listen to their permission or understanding is not required for your progress. People tell me all the time ‘she doesn’t understand’ I’m like ‘why do you think she has to understand?’ Like you can seek to understand it and you should but it’s okay if they don’t get it, it’s totally okay because they have their own path. There’s a lot of people in our world [?], but they need our permission.

Lewis: No.

Brendan: You don’t need the permission, the understanding or the cheerleading of everybody around you to follow your dream. But then also if you can’t change your relationship then change your expectations about what that relationship is supposed to give you because you don’t need, to be an influencer and to be a role model everybody around you don’t have to be perfect in cheering you on.

Lewis: Right.

Brendan: You and I have a lot of doubt and a lot of haters as we’ve grown. I think the bigger you grow and the better you get the more people to question you and not get it because your messages is scaling. So, anticipate that not everyone is gonna get it, but what I would recommend if you got a good person and you’re trying to grow together is just be so [?] about sitting them down and always painting the future. And I don’t mean like painting 20 years. You can’t support each other unless you know what each other is facing in the next [?].

Lewis: That’s powerful. What are you most proud of personally in your life?

Brendan: I would say just consistency I got to sound so weird, but like every great thing with my life came from being consistent and congruent even when it’s hard and difficult. I would love to say what I am most proud of is my love for my wife, my contributions but all those things had the consistency of effort behind them. I’m proud of myself for not giving up all those times because I wanted to, I’m proud I’ve been a good man to my family and my friends for a really long time with very little exceptions that came mostly from my brain injury and I feel like I’ve been consistent all my life except for that time. I was really struggling to go through that I’m proud of that.

I think you know the story of [?], I’d finished the next [?] we’ve gone on stage you know a couple of people on stage and you know they do that thing when you finish and they call you back.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: And you go back again three times this happens, three callbacks. I go off stage and I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t feel jubilation, I didn’t feel joy because my brain was hurt and that part of the emotional processing just wasn’t working I just didn’t feel anything, and I literally stood there and like ‘it’s time to hang it up.’ I made that decision that day I was going to hang up the events and this was 2013 or 14 and since then 10’s of thousands of people go to our events and I was gonna hang it up. Sometimes when you know you’re hurt or you know you’re in pain that’s a good time to tell yourself ‘let’s not make a decision, let’s get some help.’ Luckily a mentor told me that.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: And so I stayed at it, stayed consistent to my healing, stayed consistent to be the best guy I could and it turned around.

Lewis: It paid off. I think I’ve never heard that before that’s a good thing to be proud of. We think the hardest way to make a big impact is through being consistent, you can’t make a big impact without being consistent.

Brendan: So, having the heart of a consistent fighter, warrior, lover, caregiver that consistent that can really turn into something meaningful.

Lewis: You talk about sparking joy all the time what is the thing that brings you the most joy?

Brendan: Teaching. I used to say it’s writing because I love to write but the writing is teaching.

Lewis: Yeah

Brendan: I just love to share, I love to share what I’ve learned or researched or I’ve seen with people. Teaching is, I feel like I’m a teacher at heart, I’m most happy and engage like even in this interview when we are teaching something I felt so much more calm.

Lewis: Get the framework.


Brendan: It’s just where I feel so comfortable is just sharing and teaching I was born to teach. I didn’t realize it but I literally finish my 17th course and I had a new videographer helped me shoot that and he had never seen me shoot a course. For me I know that’s a gift because I suck at so many other things, I know that’s a gift and so I try to step into that and I just feel like so much of joy in life we sit around hoping we’re going to get, but when you are in your gift the joy is just there.

Lewis: It’s always there. If what doesn’t happen in your life that will create regret if you don’t accomplish or don’t live or don’t be the end of life, and if you don’t do what you will regret it. What’s the thing that you will live with the most regret if you don’t do?

Brendan: If I didn’t make myself feel the days. Achievement is gonna go NYT best-seller, 3 weeks later you’re still going to grind you know.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: And it’s like I feel like regret comes from you just didn’t feel the days. People don’t talk about big things in the end with being regret. It’s more like ‘you know what I wish we had a barbecue in my backyard.’ People felt they wish moments in their life and I’m aware for me too, I can remember the rock and rolling years when it, like now a lot of people do what we do.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: I mean we were in that OG personal space of you and I play and so I remember it was so unique and so crazy and thing were going so fast on so many deals that it felt like 2 or 3 years went by like that and I didn’t even sense them.

Lewis: Yeah.

Brendan: And I’m the guy who is so aware of his mortality because I’ve faced it so many times I want to make sure like to feel it, I just want to feel it. You don’t have to do it a tremendous amount of things to feel life more, sometimes you just have to hold space just a few extra seconds to feel and appreciate it. You create meaningful spaces in you hold and so I know I’ll be really regretful if I didn’t do that enough. And that’s been my own personal challenge since the brain injury because it’s easy for me not to do that, I’m just trying every day to make sure I feel the day.

Lewis: I love that it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time which is giving long awkward hugs.

Brendan: Yeah you are good at that.

Lewis: It’s like hold it for 5 seconds, unfortunately now I have to be so cautious because of the time of the age we’re in, and I’m almost like barely giving a hug.

Brendan: Yes.

Lewis: It’s like finding the joy in the things that and not being you know.

Brendan: But there are still other ways to have it for example having that meaningful conversation.

Lewis: And not be on your phone.

Brendan: I really feel like the ultimate trying difficulties of our time is that people are not feeling the day anymore, they are swiping through the day and no real comparison is happening. You need to learn mindfulness or awareness practice or try meditations or learn how to breathe, but have that intention. The most successful people in the world who I’ve been blessed to work with have been the coach, they just want to feel it more. They are so tired to go to the emotions, they’re so exhausted doing what everyone else wants and they just want, I mean I was with this person about 4 weeks ago incredibly and we went for a walk and I saw the sign something about some park. So, all we did was walk and I said “Why don’t we just walk around the park?” and literally I got this text from the person and said “You know what I’ve gone to the park every day now.”

Lewis: Wow.

Brendan: And the conversation that I know in my head is just I’m taking a moment of peace for the day to experience the day and to feel the day a little bit. We live in such a distracting age the number 1 problem we really have is people don’t feel the day, they don’t feel their relationships so they’re looking for this for feeling and they’re lacking life.

Lewis: Feel it every day. This is called the 3 truths. You answered it last time so I’m curious to see.

Brendan: I know what I said last time.

Lewis: So, imagine it is your last day you’ve accomplished everything, you have no regrets you felt every day, you spark joy everywhere, and you are the influencer of the century. You got to take everything with you all your messages got to come with you and you get to leave behind 3 truths, 3 lessons or experience you would share with the world. What would you say are yours?

Brendan: My first one would be I want to carry on the message of my dad, that’s a big one for me. And that message was my dad basically thought us the same 7 things “Be yourself, be honest, do your best, treat people with respect, take care of your family, be a good citizen, follow your dreams.” It’s one of the things I am most proud about my career was the quote, you know I’ve created quote card since literally day 1 and my most popular quote of all time was those 7 things my dad.

Lewis: That’s pretty cool.

Brendan: That was so huge. That’s my life but the message behind that is somebody mentored you and somebody inspired you and you had a good parent or family or caregiver or somebody, one of the truths is if they’re going to take away everything else make sure you pass on their message. We live in a time where our elderly are discounted and thrown in these homes and forgotten, we live in a time where the wisdom of previous generations is completely lost to us because we are so fascinated about innovations and newness. That would be a truth I like to give is part of your destiny is to carry on something from a previous generation and you know used to be just genes and genetics but now I think it’s message and values and that would be one truth.

Another truth is that you are so desperately in need of love and you’re the only one who’s gonna grant it.

Lewis: Wow, yeah.

Brendan: Everyone is so desperately in need of love they think it’s gonna come from some external thing but it’s gonna first come from an allowance and an opening and permission that will actually allow other people to access that same energy with you what feels like a relationship love. But if you can’t access that inside then you’re in trouble.

The third thing is nothing will ever be fulfilling than service.

Lewis: That’s true.

Brendan: Nothing you achieve, nothing you give. I see people all the time they hold up their rewards. I feel like you’re going to really tap into a deeper level of service in your life when you recognize who is being impacted by what you are doing, whether we talk about influencers or any other person who’s trying to be a role model is really just stay in your heart of service, it’s hard to be in the heart of service today. Today we’re in the selfish kind of mode and we aren’t in the heart of service that way we used to be, and I feel like people knew how fulfilling service was they’d aim for that as much as aiming for a selfie.

Lewis: That’s powerful I love those. You’ve got an amazing podcast out right now and is the event.

Brendan: Brendan show which is my podcast and then we HPX which is high performance experience. This event we’re doing I think it’s going to be a really hallmark key turning point for our industry. October 10 through 12 San Diego, California.


Brendan: Yeah and the event is just called the influencer.

Lewis: So get your tickets and make sure to screenshot this, tag me and Brendan and let us know what you thought about this. I think this is really powerful and a great foundation to people who are influencers or those who want to become an influencer. And they can follow you @BrendanBruchard everywhere?

Brendan: Yeah.

Lewis: So much fun. I want to acknowledge you Brandon for being an incredible friend. You know the first time I interviewed you I said, I was apologizing for judging you for so many years.

Brendan: Oh yeah I remember that, now I’m super awkward.

Lewis: It’s been amazing the last couple of years just building a friendship with you and you never ask for anything, you never want anything you are the epitome of service to so many people to the biggest influencers and to your audience and that’s really inspiring. So, I acknowledge you for just the consistency you show up with as a friend to so many people. Putting all these great events, creating products, these masterminds you’ve to spend all your money on building and make sure to take care of all of us. You are a great role model to me and to so many people, so I acknowledge you for love and the joy you always bring. get your tickets, come to the podcast.

Final question what’s your definition of greatness?

Brendan: It is evolving. I think the older I get the more the definition of greatness is entirely tied to the concept of service more and more. I’ve always believed that but I think it is the ability to demand of yourself and command your mind and your body your day to something that’s meaningful to other people because that’s what’s great. You can be good for yourself, but you become great when you do things for other people.

Lewis: Powerful.

There you have it, my friends, I hope you enjoyed this episode with the man Brendan Burchard. This is Brendan week we had 2 parts with him all about building this influencer business, influencer mindset. I love this series. If you enjoyed this make sure to share with your friends’

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Thomas Paine said “The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

You don’t want this to be super easy and to be handed to you. You want to make sure that you are discovering who you are in the process, in the journey of taking your message mainstream.

I hope you guys enjoyed this 2 part series.

I love you all so very much and you know what time it is, it’s time to go out there and do something great.

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