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Five Things to QUIT for a Happier Life

Don't let these bad habits consume your life.

I want to start today’s 5-Minute Friday off with this quote from Mack Story: “Saying NO to the wrong things creates space to say YES to the right things.”

On The School of Greatness, we talk a lot about the habits you need to form in order to be successful. But today, we’re changing it up a bit.

Today’s episode is all about five things you need to STOP doing if you want to live a greater and happier life.

These five things are all unwanted sources of negativity. Once you get these things OUT of your life, you and the people around you will all be better off.

Here’s the issue — you might not even realize that you do these things. So, my hope is that by the end of this episode, you’ll be able to catch yourself next time you’re about to fall into one of these five bad habits.

“Always be on the watch for negative self-talk.” @lewishowes  

#1: Trying to please everyone.

Friends, the opinions of other people don’t matter! Focus on YOUR dreams and your goals.

Some people may be jealous of you and afraid of your success. Others might have your best interests at heart, but they don’t know what will make you happy and leave you fulfilled. Don’t pay attention to the opinions of these people. Don’t even worry about proving them wrong. Just focus on what YOU want deep down inside.

And just a reminder — it’s simply NOT possible to please everyone, let alone please everyone while making yourself happy too.

#2: Talking negatively about yourself.

Your self-talk is a reflection of who you want to become, so when you speak negatively about yourself, whether it’s to yourself or to someone else … you become a negative person.

You’ll bring this negative energy into your business, relationships, routines, and everything else in your life — and that negativity will drag you down by filling you with self-doubt and resentment. Always be on the watch for negative self-talk. When you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself, TEACH yourself that it’s not true. Find a more positive piece of self-talk to take its place and then take action on something that proves the negative self-talk is wrong. 

#3: Gossiping about others.

Small-minded people talk about other people’s problems. They bring other people down in their conversations. Gossiping about someone else might inflate your ego in the short term, but in the long term, most people don’t want to be around gossipers. We don’t trust those who talk badly about others behind their backs.

So instead of gossiping, talk about ideas. Talk about your dreams. Tell other people your vision for making the world a better place. And what’s more, try to elevate other people through your conversations, not tear them down.

#4: Holding onto the past.

Your past is gone. You can’t do anything about the past. Let it go! It hurts to have built-up feelings of regret, anger, or resentment about the past, but you have the power to let these feelings go. Moving on from your mistakes and regrets is a very freeing thing to do.

Only look back to the past to see how far you’ve come or what worked well for you before. The past can be a powerful tool for reflection — just don’t dwell on it!

#5: Stressing about the future.

You can’t predict the future. There’s so much that’s out of your control. Do you think anyone could have predicted all the craziness that happened in 2020?

So don’t fret about the future. Focus on what’s going on now. Focus on becoming your best self in the present moment so that you’ll be equipped to take on whatever challenges the future throws at you.

Also, always remember to cherish the present moment. If you’re always stressing about the future, you’ll never get to experience the joys of living in the NOW.

My friend, once you stop doing these five things, you’ll start attracting so much more happiness and positivity into your life! To learn more, join me on Episode 1,065!

“Only look back to the past to see how far you’ve come.” @lewishowes  

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