New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Tony Robbins

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Success and Happiness

He's back for a third episode on The School of Greatness, and I'm so pumped to bring this conversation to you

Tony Robbins is someone I’ve looked up to since I was 16 years old and attended one of his events in St. Louis.

I’ve learned so much from him through the years by reading his books, watching him give talks, and hearing him speak.

He’s been on the podcast twice already, so of course when I got the chance to interview him about his newest book, Unshakeable, I jumped on it.

You probably know I don’t read fast and it’s not my favorite way to learn (dyslexia, etc). But I read this book in 4 hours, which has to be a record for me.

“Trade your expectation for appreciation.”  

I’m really glad I did as well since Tony partnered with the top financial advisor in the country to write a playbook for financial freedom no matter what the market is doing.

In this interview, Tony and I go deep into exactly how to do this, but we also cover powerful topics like how to avoid suffering, the power of choice, and what is still uncomfortable for Tony after all his success in life.

As always, I can’t speak highly enough of what I’ve learned from Tony and am excited for you to learn from him as well in Episode 451.

“Wall Street is the only place that when things go on sale people freak out.”  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What’s the difference between someone who is financially rich and someone who is financially poor? (5:31)
  • How can we invest without fear? (16:31)
  • What have you learned about the power of a beautiful state? (32:45)
  • What are you still uncomfortable about? (47:32)
  • How do you rationalize choice when there is so much we don’t get to choose? (49:58)
  • Is it possible for women to become powerful leaders without making men feel emasculated? (54:47)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the current financial market is so volatile compared to the rest of history (2:45)
  • What most investors are failing to do (8:15)
  • Why you must become an “owner” and how to do this (17:38)
  • How to prepare for a bear market (24:07)
  • What you need to know about timing when investing (27:23)
  • Why 80% of investing success is psychological (30:46)
  • The antidote to suffering (38:51)
  • Plus much more…
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