New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Lewis Howes

The Morning Habits of the Rich

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Lately so many people have been asking me about how to make more money.

In fact 3 of my top 6 episodes are about money. Another 3 of my top 10 episodes are about habits.

It got me thinking that there really is a correlation between money and the things that people do. I decided to address this for all of you and teach you what I’ve learned studying all of the wealthy people around me.

I’m also willing to share my personal habits that have contributed to my success.

So if you’re looking to find out about the habits that made people rich and kept them on top, don’t wait to download Episode 568.

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What rich people do that poor people don’t (4:37)
  • What money does for us (6:00)
  • What people feel is holding them back from making more money (9:28)
  • What to do when they have too many ideas and don’t know where to go (13:12)
  • How to get started (14:34)
  • Some of the habits of the rich (16:43)
  • My personal morning routine (26:38)
  • Plus much more…

Show Notes:

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Transcript of this Episode

Lewis Howes:     This is episode 568 on The Morning Habits of the Rich. Welcome to The School of Greatness. My name is Lewis Howes, former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now, let the class begin.

Henry David Thoreau said that, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” Ah, yes, my friends, I am very excited about this, this is a solo round. A lot of you have been asking me about how to generate more income in your business, more side income if you have a job, how do you earn more income on the side, and just about money in general.

This is a hot topic forming lately, and I’ve been evaluating the top podcasts that I’ve ever done. The ones that have been downloaded the most, and three of the top six episodes out of 568 episodes now, three of the top six were around money. Now, three in the top ten were around performance and habits and mind-set.

So. I thought to myself, “Okay, if three of the top six episodes that I’ve done are around money, that means a lot of people want to know this information, how they can earn more, make more, grow their business and things like that.” And then three out of the top ten were around habits and mindset and performance. There were others that were around health and happiness and relationships, also in the top 10/15, but I saw this common thread, okay, making more money, and the morning routine.

Now, what are those habits? People are fascinated by habits and routines, and people are always curious about making more money. So, I said, “Well, what are those things that you can do, in the morning routine, those habits in your morning routine, that will help you make more money that day?” And we put together a brand-new book, called “The Millionaire Morning” and you can go to, and I’m giving it to you for free, We’re giving you this book for free. It’s a physical book, I have it in my hand right now and we’ll ship it to you.

All you got to do is pay for shipping costs and handling costs and you get the book for free. Now this is a small guide, this is a little thirty-five, forty-page booklet, physical copy, but it’s a smaller guide and I wanted to do this to get you something in your hands that has actionable steps that you can take at the end of each chapter, that will help you optimize your mindset and your morning routine to actually help you make more money that day.

The things that I’ve learned over the last decade, after being broke, on my sister’s couch, not having any clue how to make money. I had zero idea of how I was going to make money ten years ago on my sister’s couch. I was terrified of money, I was terrified of making it, I didn’t have a lemonade stand when I was a kid, I didn’t sell baseball cards, I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff. I was never creative, and created my own things and sold those on the side.

I was focussed on playing sports, and that was my jam! I didn’t know anything else about even getting a job, besides playing football. I had worked some part-time jobs here and there, but I never really knew how to make money. So, it was terrifying for me. But I knew that I had to figure out a way of how to earn a living, and really how to get financial freedom, because I just didn’t want to feel stuck any more in my life. I didn’t want to feel trapped, I didn’t want to feel like I was suffocating inside.

I felt this pressure, when I was sleeping on my sister’s couch, living off three credit cards, had all this student loan, didn’t have a college degree yet, and I had nothing in my bank account. And I just remember feeling suffocated, feeling a sense of pressure and tightness, and I just didn’t want to feel that anymore. And I realised early on, I started interviewing and spending time with people who had more money and then eventually financially free people, and millionaires, extremely rich people, billionaires.

I started to spend more time with these individuals as I started to grow and build my business, and build relationships, I started to have the opportunity to connect with some of them, and I realised, early on, that rich people do things differently than poor people do. And I was fascinated by this, because when I was growing up, money was always a hush-hush conversation. It was bad to talk about, or it was rude. If you ever asked anyone about money, they were like, “You’re rude.” You know, if you asked about how much did this cost, or how much was this home, or how much is your salary, or how much is this, it was a rude conversation.

And it was almost like people were scared of it. When I was growing up it was something that I was scared of, because I didn’t understand it, because I was told it was bad, because it was rude to talk about it, and it’s hard, I think, to make money when you’re scared of something. It’s hard to attract something in your life that you’re scared of. If it’s uncomfortable to talk about, why would you want to have more of it?

And around rich people, what I realised is that I learned that they were more open to talking about it. It was an open conversation, flowing in and out, as money should do, and people weren’t hiding things and people were proud to talk about it. Now, not every rich person was this way, but a lot of them were, and, again, some were guarded, some weren’t open to talking about everything, people are different about what they share. But it was a general feeling that rich people weren’t scared of money.

Now, what does money do for us? I realised that it does a lot for us. It gives us flexibility, it gives us options, right? And when we have more money we can choose to do different things. For many years I rode in Greyhound buses around in my early days, because I couldn’t afford a plane ticket and then I could finally afford Southwest flights, because those were the cheapest. I actually love Southwest airlines, but those were, you know, like, $49/69 flights, and I could afford that. And then once I had more money, I could actually afford first class if I wanted to, or economy plus.

But I remember, early on, I actually wouldn’t pay, even though I had enough money to pay for first class, I was too scared to invest in it, because I was, like, you know what, I’d rather spend my $200 round trip as opposed to the $900 round trip and save that money and reinvest it, but I had the options. You know, I started to have the options if I wanted to fly first class, or have some more comfort, right?

It gives us choices. We can choose, as opposed to buying something that we only have the money to afford, we can now choose to buy something else, right? We can invest in ourselves in a different way. So, it gives us better options.

It can also give us less stress. The challenge is, once we make more money, if we haven’t changed our mindset around it, it can also create more stress, and I know there’s some people sitting saying, “You know what? Money has actually caused a lot of stress in my life, because it opens up a whole new set of problems for me. You know? People now demand certain things from me more, or I feel like I have more responsibility that I don’t know how to handle.”

And so, it can also cause other challenges, but these are what we like to call first growth and good challenges. It allows us to give back in a bigger way. Having more money allows us to give back. We now have the option to support other people, to donate to causes, to things we care about, whether it be a church or a charity that you appreciate, family, friends, things like that. It allows us to give back in a bigger way. It allows us to support more people, you know, friends or family, and it gives us more resources to invest back into our personal growth, our health, buying the right foods, which might cost more, to buy organic, right? For the right health programmes, trainers, coaches, education, all these things. It allows us the opportunity to invest in ourselves.

So, money can do some great things for us. And I realised early on, that rich people think about money differently than people without money, and they have a mind-set that is much different. We go into it in the book as well, about that. And I wanted to learn more from people. Why were they held back from money? What were the biggest challenges to making money?

And so, I asked the question on social media, and I asked people what their biggest challenge that they faced, mentally, emotionally and physically, in earning more income or making more money in general, was. And there were tons of responses, but I saw a common theme with ten of them. So, I put together ten of the responses and I put them in the book, and I will share a few of them with you right now. Here’s the responses of what people felt like was holding them back from earning more money in general.

Now, number one is education and training. People said they feel that they need to have the best grades, the right degrees, and the right training to have the tools to make more money. Now, there is an excuse for everything that people have put up here, and there is also a response. There’s the rich mind-set response that says that that’s BS, because if you feel like you need to have the best grades, the right education, the degrees, some of the richest people in the world dropped out of high school or even college and built massive brands, massive businesses, innovations, inventions, without having those degrees.

So, there are excuses that people have that say, “Well, I don’t have the education and training,” and I agree, you’re going to need some type of education and training to build something, but it’s not necessarily what you think. And some of the greatest examples of financially wealthy individuals in the world, did not have good grades, did not go to the right schools and a lot of them dropped out of college or high school. So, that’s not something that is necessary.

The second thing that people said that held them back from making more money was that they don’t have time. They said they were working so much and after you come home from work, you have to cook and clean, be with the family and work out, et cetera, that making more money is hard and you don’t have the time. Now, I get it. I can empathise with that because I understand that when you have a lot of responsibilities in your life, you can’t just say, “Well, scrap it all, I’m going to go spend all my time making more money on the side.” I get it.

But the rich mind-set response would say that making money isn’t easy at first and that you’re going to need to really prioritise your time and make this something that is important to you. And maybe there is hours in the morning where you’ve got to sleep a little less, or some hours in the afternoon, or your lunch break you’re focussing on this, or the weekends where you spend some extra time where you set aside and dedicate towards earning more money.

And if you are watching any TV at night then that’s an excuse. If you are just watching cat videos on YouTube, or on Instagram, scrolling for 90 minutes a day, comparing your life to someone else’s life, or doing anything that isn’t supporting you in making more money, then you are lying to yourself saying that you don’t have the time, because you were just wasting the time. And you can even track this. There are apps on your phone that will allow you to track how much time you’re spending on social media, just texting people, watching videos, all these things.

And I bet, if you track this, over a week’s time, you would see that on average you have been spending about two to four hours a day of mindlessness, that you could be focussing that energy on generating more income. So, when you say you don’t have time, prove it to me. And then people still, when they have all the responsibilities in the world, when they are single moms with five kids, three jobs, there are examples of people who still find a way.

So, I’m not saying this is going to be the easiest thing, I understand you have responsibilities, you have challenges where you’ve put yourself in those responsibilities, but there are still opportunities and you might be missing out on some of them.

The third thing that people say holds them back from making more money, is the focus and the direction. They have tons of ideas, go ahead and nod if this is you, you have tons of ideas of what you want to do right now, so many things you want to do. But you’re not sure where to start or which direction to go. That’s something I get all the time.

And here’s the rich mind-set response: This comes from a lack of vision and a fear of either missing out on an opportunity or fear that you will fail when you take action on one of them. Here’s the thing: you need to start with one thing, build momentum and start taking action with one thing. Because your ten brilliant ideas are worthless, unless you make one of them great. So, go do one thing.

When I started out, I saw an opportunity, teaching people how to use LinkedIn, since there was a big need for it at the time, in 2008. That’s right, almost ten years ago, I was broke and I saw an opportunity around LinkedIn. Now, I had lots of ideas, a lot of things I wanted to do. But I said, “I’m going to focus on this, and I’m going to earn money around this one thing, and build that.” So, start with one thing. You can always reinvent, and build something else once you get the resources and the momentum for that one thing first.

The fourth thing: Knowing what to do. Here’s what a lot of people said: Knowing what to do. Now, you may have the big idea for a product or a business, but you don’t know how to get started with all the tech, the branding, the marketing, the legal documents. You get overwhelmed and allow for this “not knowing” to consume your days, which then turns into years. And you’re always talking about launching something, but it never actually happens.

I hear this a lot with people that say, “I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years, and I still don’t have my outline.” Because you’ve just been over analysing all the things you need to do. “I need to get a publisher and an agent and I need to figure out an editor and all these other things, and do the research,” and you analyse and you analyse and you try to figure out what to do. “I need to know all the steps.” Just get started, people, just get started!

I started out, and the rich mind-set response is: To get started! I started out with no degree, no experience and had no clue what I was doing. The beautiful thing is, we live with a thing called Google, and podcasts and books and YouTube and so many free tools to research all the answers we need. Or you can spend 15 bucks on an audio book, and get a lot of the answers for pretty much anything you need.

There are no more excuses. All the information is available for us, right now, in almost any format that you want to learn. If you don’t like to read books, then you can listen, or you can watch a video, your you can go to a workshop, or you can go to virtual reality workshops. There’s any type of format for learning, so there’s no more excuse of knowing what to do.

I will leave you with those four things. There are six more things, of the biggest excuses why people say they can’t make money. I share with you what those things are, and the rich mind-set response to each one of them, examples of people that debunk those challenges every single day. So, make sure, again, to go to and get this book. It’s absolutely free and all you have to do is pay for shipping and handling. Again,

Now, the next thing. I want to talk about what are some of the habits of the rich? What are some of the habits of the rich? Now as I was researching this, I’ve been learning about this stuff for almost ten years now. When I got injured playing professional football in 2007, I didn’t have any money. I had no clue what I was doing, I started to consume as much information as I could. I started reading about millionaires, the habits they had, I started researching, I started interviewing people and asking them, “What are the things that you did?”

Again, I want to learn from people who have already done this before me, and I actually came across and article, about a book that a guy named Tom Corley wrote, and he wrote this book called, “Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”, and he says that it’s often two or three habits that separate the wealthy from those who are financially challenged. It’s usually two or three habits only.

So, if you’re struggling right now, or if you’re at a level where you haven’t broken through financially, and you want to get to the next level, there might just be a couple of habits that you need to shift to help you. The good news is: All of these habits can be changed. Rich habits of self-made millionaires, you can start developing today. Those habits, you can start applying yourself.

This isn’t something that only rich people can do, these are things that anybody can do, and the results will hopefully be more income to you, by doing these things repeatedly, consistently, for a long period of time. Now, here are some of the things that he talked about. He said that there a number of key habits that these rich people do that he studied. I’m going to share with you some of the ones that I’ve studied as well.

He said that they read consistently, this is from all his research, he said that they read consistently, usually a couple of hours a day, which may seem like a lot. I don’t think you need to read consistently. A lot of the rich people that I’ve interviewed, they listened to audio books, the key is, they’re learning. There’s a quote out there, I can’t remember who said it, so, I didn’t say this quote, someone said that, “Earners are learners.” Earners are learners. Rich people are constantly learning about new ways to develop themselves, so he says that they read consistently.

Number two: They work out. Again, I remember reading a quote from Richard Branson, that he said online, and I’m going to butcher the quote, but I’m paraphrasing it, but he said online, when someone asked him, “What is the key to your success in making a lot of money in finances and building your businesses?” He said, “Fitness.” That was his answer, fitness.

So, again, they work out. I remember reading Branson say fitness, I believe Mark Zuckerberg, even talked about fitness as well in supporting him in business decisions. But here’s the thing: when we work out, we gain so much clarity. I get my best ideas when I work out, I have more energy, I have more confidence, I feel like I’ve accomplished something so there’s definitely a correlation to working out and earning more.

Now, there are a lot of fit people who are also broke. I see this a lot. There’s a lot of $20,000 earning millionaire people on Instagram in the fitness world, right? Where they look like they have millions but they only make about $25,000 a year. So, I’m not saying, you work out and you’re in shape and all these things, that you’re going to make money, but it definitely supports in earning more when you do.

They spend time with other successful people. There’s another habit. Again, they spend time with other successful people. So, the first three things right here, anyone can read more consistently, anyone can work out, and anyone can spend time with other successful people. Now, this may be more challenging, you may say, “Well, my friends and my family, they’re negative, or they’re this or that and they hold me back.” Well then you got to just go out and seek this out.

You got to go find groups and communities, you can find people online, you can go meet people at meet ups, who are doing things at a different level. I’m not saying everything is going to be easy, but there are things that you can seek out and start to pursue.

The next thing is: They have goals and pursue them. I never met a rich person that was like, “Oh, yeah, I just, like, it just happened. I just started making lots of money and I had no goals and I had no vision and it just, like, all of a sudden fell in my lap.” That might be for someone who wins the lottery, but for the most part, people who have money, have a plan. They have a goal and they pursue those goals with everything they’ve got.

So, get very clear on your goals. Here’s one of the habits that I did, and about ten years ago, I started doing this, and I write about this process in The Millionaire Morning. I would frame my goal. I was so clear on my goals, my financial goals. I would write it down. I remember writing it down, $5,000 was a goal that I wanted to achieve in nine months. From speaking. I wanted to get a speech, where someone paid me $5,000.

Now, at the time, I had never made a dime doing a speech or a presentation, but I said to myself, “I’m going to make $5,000 with a speech.” And I gave myself a nine-month deadline. Now, I wrote this down on a piece of paper, I framed it, I signed it with the date of when I wanted to achieve it by, and I put that thing on my wall, right by my bed, so when I went to bed, I looked at it. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was my goal, my financial money goal that I wanted to achieve.

And what I did is, I said, “What’s the one action I can take right now, today, that’s going to get me closer to this goal?” Now, having that goal, gave me focus for the day, which developed habits and a mind-set of taking actions that were going to support in achieving that goal, that day. And not getting distracted with anything else. So, have goals and pursue them, but have financial goals.

Write it down. Frame it. Stick it up on your bathroom mirror, stick it up in your bedroom, put it on your wallet, put it on your ‘phone as your screensaver and make the date something that you commit to, when you’re going to achieve that goal.

The fifth habit, habits of the rich, they get up early. Now, there are periods of my life where I will get up early, and I’m consistent with it, and other periods where I’m getting up at 8, 8:30, 9 sometimes, and it just kind of depends on the stage of my life. But I’ll tell you this: when I do get up early, and when I go through my entire morning routine, I tend to be performing at much higher levels than when I don’t. My typical results are usually much higher. So I can attest to that as well, getting up early.

Another habit: They have multiple sources of income, multiple sources of income, so, not just income coming in at one place, but other places that you could be building as well. So, could you have a product online? Could you be doing a service on the side? Could you be investing in real estate? Could you put your money in other investments? In stocks? Putting it in another business, a start-up? Whatever it may be where you can generate other passive income as well.

Another habit. This is a big one. They find and check in with mentors. They find and seek out mentors and they check in with them. Now, I would say that this is something I’ve been doing for my whole life. I’ve been seeking out mentors and coaches in sports, and then when I transitioned from sports to the business world, I was seeking out mentors early on.

I was on LinkedIn all the time, for those who know my story, constantly reaching out to mentors, people who knew more than me, who were more successful than I was, and asking them questions, learning from them, getting mentorship from them, and then checking in, every month, every couple of months, checking in with them and saying, “Here are the results I’m getting, can I get some feedback?” I hire coaches now, I’m constantly doing that, and that supports my growth. It inspires me.

And, I mean, my mentors are people that are making… who are in different industries also, who are making a ton of money, doing different things, and I’m learning from them. I’m investing in certain things that they invest in. I’m getting tapped into the way they think and the actions they take. So, finding those mentors and checking in with those mentors.

Another habit is: They are positive. You know, obviously there are some people who are not positive and there are so much people who don’t do any of these habits, but, in general, they are positive. They are happier, they are more positive. And anyone can turn on an attitude of gratitude at any time and be more positive over negative.

But if someone’s always negative, the first thing they say out of their mouth is negative when you do something great, the first thing they talk about when someone’s making money is a negative comment, they’re typically not going to earn and bring in more money in their life when they say negative things. So, anyone can be positive. Think about that.

Those are some of the habits, we cover the rest of the habits of that they do, but these are all things that anyone can do. Again, you can turn this on at any moment. You don’t have to have a special background or have a special place you grew up in or a family that came from money, to have these habits. You can turn these on at any time.

And in the book we gave you an exercise, again, in all these chapters, on how you can apply these habits. Certain things you can do, and the money goals that you have. Again, I encourage you to go to, again,, and get your book. It’s free! It’s all about the morning mind-set, habits and routines that will make you rich.

Now, I want to go over one more thing about this, and that’s my morning routine. A lot of people ask me, “Well, what’s your morning routine?” I am going to leave you with some of the things that I want you to see exactly what it is in the book, but I’ll share with you what some of them are. Some of the things that I think help me so much.

Now, I’m not reading every single day, like some of these millionaires do, but I’m constantly learning. I’m constantly researching and learning and asking questions. But what I do do is focus on the work out, making my bed. I make my bed every single morning, do a workout, I meditate, those are the three things that I focus on the most. Now, I don’t do these perfectly, sometimes I don’t do them. But when I do, when I wake up early, when I meditate, make my bed, and I work out, I feel like I’m unstoppable that day.

Some of you ask about my diet, my nutrition. I go through different phases, I’m constantly testing things, based on the season of my life. But when I eat a clean diet: vegetables, grass red meat and pretty much that’s it, I feel, again, unstoppable. I have more energy, I’m burning more calories, more fat, and I feel focussed and sharp.

And I think people try to overcomplicate these things sometimes. They think there’s some secret weapon, some secret habit or routine. But it’s, like, doing it consistently. We also talk about the sleep habits. I think that if you’re sleeping only a couple of hours a night, you’re unable to perform in the morning, you’re unable to perform those habits in the morning at the highest level. So, you got to make sure you get the most sleep as well.

We talked about all these things, we talked about working through the numbers, so, I’m just going to go through exactly what’s inside this. Again, it’s a free book. We ship it to you, you get access to this, we talked about it, again, the ten biggest challenges to making money, which are the ten biggest excuses and how you can overcome those excuses with all the different people that have done that, the examples out there.

We also cover the mind-set of the rich. Why the rich think differently than the poor, and what they think to become millionaires. How you can attract more money in your life. How to create a clear money vision. Most people that I coach, aren’t even clear on their money vision. I work with a lot of high performing entrepreneurs and a lot of them are sometimes unclear of how much they want to be making in the next six to twelve months.

So, we talk about how to create a clear money vision, which is super crucial if you want to earn more money. Again, you got to have clear goals. We talk about the power of your dreams. Things that I dream about and focus on before I go to sleep. We talk about the power of sleep. We talk about the millionaire wake up time. What is the perfect time to wake up? We talk about all the habits of millionaires that have been researched and documented out there.

We talk about my habits and my money routine, so what I do, to hold myself accountable with other team members, things like that. We talk about working through the numbers. Okay, how do we work through the Millionaire Math Exercise? We give you a whole exercise, to break down exactly how to make your million dollars.

We go through all that, we talk about the power of relationships. Again, one of the things I’ve been known for, is building relationships. We break down some of these things, in finding a mentor, the method for building relationships and approaching influencers. How to approach influencers. We talk about the nine keys to maintaining successful relationships in business.

We talk about the power of massive action. Again, one of the things I’ve done well over the last ten years has just been taking action every single day, and understanding that it’s not going to look perfect at first, but you can build upon it as you go. But you’re going to learn all these things. How to break free of the mind-set that hasn’t been making you millions and how to really develop a millionaire mind-set.

All this at Make sure you guys go there right now. You’ll see on the link,, the book, what it looks like. Again, it’s a short guide, I would say. It gets you moving into action quickly. You can put this on your night stand, you can just carry it in your back pocket, you can write in it, you can scribble in it, take some notes, rip pages out, do whatever you want to. This is a guide to be used, and I want you to take action with it. All you need to do is pay for shipping. Again, pay for shipping and we’ll ship this little guide out to you, and this, for me, is a test, this is a test to see how effective this will be. And if you guys love this, which we’re already seeing, a bunch of people who just shared it out on social media, briefly, and we saw tons of people, hundreds of people already get it in the first couple of hours, which is really cool to see. And we want to see the results you get.

So, make sure to take a photo of this, tag me on Instagram, @lewishowes, when you get it in your hands. Take action! And within the first seven days, tell me the results you’re getting, by taking action on all of it, tell me the results you are getting. I will flesh this out into a full-blown book with tons of more research, exercises, talk to all the billionaires and learn everything and give you everything you want.

If you want me to flesh this out even more after you go through it, just shoot me a message over on Instagram, @lewishowes, DM me or tweet me @lewishowes or shoot an e-mail on a contact form at and let me know if you would like me to flesh this out to make this the next big, researched book: The Millionaire Morning.

I have a feeling this is going to help a lot of people. Again, based on the research of the topic of money, it being three out of the top six most downloaded episodes on The School of Greatness podcast are around money, more in the top ten are around habits and high performance, so with all this, I said, “Okay, let’s put this into one little simple guide, give it away for free, just pay for shipping so we cover our cost on the shipping so we don’t lose any money, see if we can get some people some big results.” So, check that out.

Also, if you’re interested, every single month, I do a live training where we teach you a new topic, about how to build your online business. So, for those that do have courses, books, programmes, an audience, coaching, services, software, physical products, goods, any of these things, membership sites, we have a monthly live training where we teach about one specific thing that will help you generate more leads, more traffic and more sales that month for your business. And it’s called, “Inner Circle”.

You’ll get an e-mail after you sign up and get this book for free, you’ll get an e-mail that just gives you more information about that. Make sure to check it out, at least for one month, because there are over a thousand people in there who are getting incredible results, and I want you to get some amazing results as well, in your business, and it’s an amazing community, great training, every single one’s to help you earn more and build your audience and generate more sales.

So, again, I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Again, if you did, share it out with your friends, on the morning habits of the rich. You can also get a couple of copies for your friends. So, when you go to you can click a button to get two, three, five copies and you can pass them out to friends as well as little gifts. Cool little book to give to friends.

Again, the quote from the beginning was from Henry David Thoreau, who said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” And I truly believe that wealth is that ability. It is the ability to express yourself fully, to experience life fully, when you have the financial flexibility to have choices, to have options. Now, it’s a whole new learning curve when you do have the money, but I would definitely say, having financial flexibility is much better an option than not having that flexibility.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Share with your friends over on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tag me @lewishowes, and the link is to get all the resources over on the show notes there, the full transcript of this podcast is over there. That’s right, we’ve got transcripts of every episode now, on the show notes. And everything else we talked about, it’s all linked up,, go get your copy now. Go there. All you got to do is pay for shipping and you get a copy shipped your way. Take a photo of it, tag me and let me know what you think.

I love you guys, I hope you enjoyed this one very much again, share your feedback if you did enjoy it, if you want me to do more of these solo rounds, let me know. And you know what time it is: It’s time to go out there and do something great!

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