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Dr. Shefali

Conscious Parenting

The Parent Whisperer came to the Greatness Studio and blew my mind with her wisdom.

Ok. This is big.

And it’s not just for parents. I got so much out of this interview and I’m not a parent yet.

In fact, I believe in this message so much, I want EVERYONE to hear it, whether they are a parent, a child, or an adult child (that covers all of us).

Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of the world’s leading experts in parenting. As a clinical psychologist, she is well educated in this topic.

But that isn’t what’s made her a multiple NYT bestselling author or a favorite of Oprah.

"We need to keep our kids who they are; the rest will follow."  

Dr. Shefali has spent her life learning from both Eastern and Western philosophy about the relationships between parents and children.

This includes learning about how our egos respond to creating life, why we struggle so much with trying to control our children, how we project on them all of the things we didn’t get from our parents, and so much more.

In our conversation, we dove deep into why it’s so important to become a conscious parent – beginning well before you decide you are ready to have a child.

I was on the edge of my seat during this whole interview because I was learning so much (that made so much sense about my own experience of being a child).

I can’t wait to have Dr. Shefali back on the show, but for now, get ready to upgrade your level of consciousness in Episode 526.

"The point is to become curious about how the mess-up teaches us to become more evolved."  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Is there a way to parent “right” so that your kid isn’t messed up? (2:24)
  • Is it possible to raise kids without fighting with them? (5:02)
  • What should we be doing in the first 2 years of a child’s life? (13:57)
  • What is the role of fear in parenting? (19:13)
  • Is there a question a parent should ask themselves daily? (23:40)
  • How do we remove our ego as a parent? (25:15)
  • How can a man be the best parent he can be? (52:13)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest difference between Eastern and Western philosophies of parenting (3:32)
  • The mental illness running through so many parents in our society (6:40)
  • How children are actually our teachers (7:26)
  • The question every person should ask themselves before choosing to become a parent (9:01)
  • Why we need to think of children as coming through us instead of us creating them (14:15)
  • What needs to shift inside women for them to own their power (28:59)
  • How parenting can be a mask (32:40)
  • Why parenting is a “being” more than a “doing” (48:40)
  • Plus much more…

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