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Josh Bezoni

Do More Good

Doing more for others will actually help your business.

Sometimes we get stuck after we get some success.

I even feel like I’ve hit an income ceiling.

How do we get to that next step?

There are some mindset hacks that can get you out of a rut. One of them is tying your business to charity.

For this 5-Minute Friday, I revisited a conversation I had with Josh Bezoni where he shared the importance of having a charitable mission in your company.

Josh Bezoni is a nutritionist, best-selling author, leading health entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and CEO of BioTrust Nutrition, America’s #1 all-natural and premium e-commerce nutrition brand.

Josh and BioTrust have donated over 1.5 million meals for hungry children in need through their partnership with BioTrust donates a nutritious meal to a child for every order placed with the company.

He learned the importance of giving back early in life with his family, and it’s a lesson that has served him well in business.

Learn why it’s important to tie your sales goals to doing something good in Episode 768.

“I’m a firm believer that you get what you give in life.” @JoshBezoni  

Some Questions I Ask:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why giving people an opportunity to donate on your website helps sales go up (2:50)
  • Why you should tie your sales goals to giving back (3:12)
  • How charity work can help with recruiting (3:50)
  • How doing good can help you meet amazing people (4:23)
  • Plus much more…

Show Notes:

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Josh Bezoni

Transcript of this Episode

Lewis: This is 5-Minute Friday!!

Welcome everyone my name is Lewis Howes, very excited about today’s guest, he’s a good buddy of mine his name is Josh Bezoni. And for all your design and branding needs you got to check out and go to for a special $100 VIP offer for our listeners. I’m telling you guys I’m using this all the time for my branding whether it’d be logos, book covers, t-shirt designs. I’m constantly launching projects and I go there first to start working in ideas for getting logos. It is super affordable and all you need to do is go to for your special $100 VIP offer for our listeners only.

We got 8 steps right?

Josh: Yeah.

Lewis: Should we dive into first few?

Josh: I love to. The first one for biotrust was really important for us was to create a charitable mission, I hadn’t done that in the past in the past you know I was 20 years old and I was trying to make money and I really wasn’t thinking about contributing to everyone in society as a whole. And so with biotrust the very first thing we did was we came up with a concept that for every order that would happen at our website, we would feed 100 child for a day. And so we’ve done over 1.5 million meals for kids and that only came from, not only because we’re a nutrition company that ties in with hunger but when I was a little kid we used to feed people for Christmas and go to their houses. It’s important for the community as well as well as our customers and our employees because people want to be a part of a company that’s doing good things in the world.

So, charitable mission was the first thing we did with the meals and the second thing we did on our order page to put an opportunity for customers to donate to make a wish foundation. They can do 1 dollar, 5 dollars or 10 dollars. Now, the interesting was we just want to do that as good will. But when we added that to the order page our sales conversations went up.

Lewis: Really?

Josh: Because I think people see that you’re a giving company and they want to do business with you. So our sales went up for like 5% on the order page, the conversions and over the last 3 years we’ve raised over million dollars for the make a wish. So we do a specific match on that amount of money.

Lewis: Whatever they give then you match?

Josh: Yeah and anyone out there whose got a website add that to your website to any charity, raise a certain amount of money you know where your customers can donate, you can do a match on that and you can do so much good and it’s so simple. It’s a win win, the charity wins and the make a wish kids win and we actually increase sales and customers like feel good about giving. So that’s something simple that people could actually do out there, raise your conversion rates do something great for a charity.

Lewis: I like that, we do that already. But it’s not like on the checkout page and want to make a donation, we just give you know so I really like that when you incorporate them.

Josh: And we do [?] promise build our 2nd school which I got introduce to them through you, Adam he came out here and we met by a coffee shop, at the end of it I said “Yeah, let’s build a school.” So we do a lot of charity work but if you start an organization and you tie in your sales goals with doing something good for people, if you hit 10,000 dollars in sales and you’re gonna do something great for a charity and you have those goals set out, I mean people in your company will work for them. It just they want work for a company like that and recruiting, a lot of people have come to us and said ‘we read about all the charity work you do and because of that we want to come work for you.’ So it’s a great recruiting tool. One more thing is that you meet the coolest people, like I was having lunch with Maria Shriver, she does some amazing things. A month ago I was in California and it’s all because of charity work, you know pencils a promise is where they are at a gala and I meet these people which I never would have the possibility before. So, I am a firm believer you get what you give in life in a big way.

Lewis: Hey guys if you enjoyed this inspirational clip from a past episode of the show then you’ll love the free book I’m giving away right now It’s called the millionaire morning and it includes some of my best tips for starting off your day with a millionaire mindset. Get your free copy at the and just pay shipping, again check it out right now the

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