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Dennis Rodman

Emotions, Individuality and Being Great


People live their lives trying to find their purpose. 

They are looking for ways to express their true selves. 

But many are worried about judgment and the opinions of others. 

Do you deny your destiny? How can you get on the road to happiness and self-fulfillment? 

You have to ignore the noise. Be yourself no matter what people say. 

Take the time to discover what makes you happy. 

And once you find your happiness, work hard to keep it. Keep moving forward, step by step. 

When you look back, you’ll be amazed at what you accomplished. 

On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about finding yourself and living life to the fullest with a legend on and off the court: Dennis Rodman. 

“If you’re alive, live life to the fullest.” @DennisRodman  

Dennis Rodman is a five-time NBA Champion, seven-time NBA Rebounding champion, two-time NBA All-star, and trailblazer for the LBGTQ community. He recently released a remarkable ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary about his life and career. 

Dennis is open about his highs and lows, including his rise from poverty and his struggles with alcoholism. Through it all, he is proud of his accomplishments and hopes that others will learn from his life journey. 

So get ready to learn how to live life to the fullest on Episode 854.

“You are never too old to grow.” @DennisRodman  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Was it easy being vulnerable in the NBA? (09:30)
  • How did you stay out all night and still have the energy for practice? (18:45) 
  • What makes you proud? (30:50)
  • Who was the best player you played with or against in the NBA? (29:55) 
  • Who was the first person in your life that you respected and admired? (33:05)
  • What is the biggest lesson you learned in North Korea? (45:25) 
  • When it comes to your mother, what makes you proud? (01:00:50)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How he lives with enthusiasm (11:14)
  • How he opened the door for the Gay community (11:20)
  • Why he always does something that makes him happy (14:30)
  • How Dennis feels he is never too old to ask for help (54:17)
  • Plus much more…
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