New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Welcome to the YouTube Marketing Revolution!

That’s right.  It’s time.

YouTube has been “quietly” taking over for the last few years as brands and marketers of all sizes are seeing massive ROI on their YouTube video marketing.

I’ve been personally benefiting from marketing on YouTube for the last few years, but I always knew there were better ways to increase traffic, exposure, and sales using the second largest search engine in the world.

Introducing the #1 YouTube Marketing course online!

Sign up for Video Traffic Academy here.

What is Video Traffic Academy?

It’s your one stop course for all things video marketing and YouTube related.

It’s purpose?

To get you more YouTube views, more traffic to your website, more leads for your business, and more sales.

It’s simple.

YouTube is taking over, but are you using it to the best of your ability and do you really know how to market your videos?

If you were like me a few months ago… then you probably don’t.

Who Created Video Traffic Academy?

My company (along with business partner Sean Malarkey) produced Video Traffic Academy.

We both have created YouTube marketing materials in previous webinars and trainings we do, but we never had the ultimate course on YouTube in one place.

Enter James Wedmore.

James Wedmore is the #1 guy in the world when it comes to understanding how to successfully create and optimize YouTube videos for professionals and businesses… no matter what their industry is.

I’ve watched him like a hawk over the last two years do a number of things on YouTube including:

  • Take one begging business beginner from broke to 6 figures in less than a 60 days
  • Help a relationship coach in a saturated market go from 1 sale a day to 16 sales a day (residually)
  • Make it the #1 traffic referrer for his first niche product 4 years ago (and it still sells over and over today)
  • Help a realtor sell 7 luxury homes within their first week of listing during the worst housing market in history
  • Help a personal trainer sell their products to thousands of people online
  • Creating thousands of his own videos in virtually every market imaginable
  • And more…

Integrating YouTube in Your Marketing

Here’s the deal.

YouTube is an important part of my marketing mix in my sports company and my online marketing company.

It helps with branding, connecting with my potential customers on a personal level, differentiating myself from competitors who aren’t using video, driving more traffic, increasing sales, and helping me rank higher in search engines.

If you aren’t getting the most out of YouTube, it’s time to start now.

Get Video Traffic Academy Today

I love having a roadmap that gives me a step-by-step process for getting results.

It’s kind of like having a coach guide you to your end goal, but without the pain of hearing them yell at you all day 😉

We’ve created Video Traffic Academy specifically for you in mind.  And we guarantee more views and traffic once you apply the system.

It’s that simple.

Sign up today for Video Traffic Academy (AKA the #1 YouTube marketing course in the world) and if you aren’t happy with your results then you can have a full refund.

I put a LOT of pride in everything I create or produce.  If you aren’t satisfied, then I’ve failed (and I hate failure!)

If you decide to refund, then you get a full refund within 30 days and you can keep the product (again, because my failure is your gain 😉

Take Action Either Way With YouTube

A lot of companies and individuals are seeing results with YouTube.

It’s time you do as well.

I want you to take action and sign up for Video Traffic Academy.

However, I realize that some may want to spend the time to learn all of this on their own, or they may have an excuse for getting started with YouTube.

Stop with the excuses, and just take action either way.

Those that take massive action get massive results.

I hope to see you as one of our newest members of Video Traffic Academy as I know you are going to love what you see, and the business your receive from applying the YouTube marketing strategies.


Are you currently using YouTube effectively in your marketing?  Make sure to post in the comments section below how well you are using it and the results you are receiving.  Also make sure to sign up for the VideoTrafficAcademy Facebook page to get more free YouTube and video marketing tips.

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