New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


Price Pritchett

Manifest ABUNDANCE: 5 Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your QUANTUM Breakthrough | Price Pritchett


Price Pritchett is one of the foremost experts on fast-growth strategies and breakthrough innovation. His book You² inspires readers to embrace a quantum leap mindset, emphasizing that success and transformation often require a radical shift in thinking rather than incremental efforts. With its unique and thought-provoking approach, You² encourages individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and conventional constraints to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results.

"When you go for a big goal, any goal of significance, you're going to have some setbacks, obstacles, and you're going to get banged up and bruised. The heart is what sustains you through that." @pricepritchett  

And now let’s jump into episode 1502 of The School of Greatness!

“It needs to be your goal. Not someone else's idea of a goal. Not a 'should've' or 'ought to' goal. A fundamental mistake people make when setting goals is that they don't fully believe in themselves.” @pricepritchett  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Can you explain the concept of limiting beliefs and how they impact one’s potential for success? 
  • How do these limiting beliefs develop in the first place? Are they primarily influenced by external factors or internal thoughts?
  • How do people go to a quantum leap to achieve their biggest dreams and ambitions?
  • Why isn’t “trying harder” necessarily the solution for achieving more?
  • Could you share some common examples of limiting beliefs that individuals often struggle with?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The concept of limiting beliefs and how they significantly affect your potential for success.
  • You will discover how limiting beliefs develop, whether they are primarily influenced by external factors or internal thoughts.
  • You will explore the strategies people employ to make quantum leaps toward achieving their biggest dreams and ambitions.
  • You will understand why simply “trying harder” may not always be the solution for achieving greater success.
  • You will learn when to embark on your own quantum leap.
  • Plus much more…

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