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LinkedIn, the King of Social NetworkingI was walking around Buckingham Palace in London the other night and it made me think of Kings and Queens.  Today, I thought about which social networking site would be ranked as the “King” of social networking, and I came to the conclusion it would be LinkedIn (surprise, surprise).

For a few years now I have been preaching about LinkedIn, and it’s metaphorical holiness.

Yes, LinkedIn has a number of bugs and issues that many users dislike.  They are also constantly changing and updating their platform which upsets even more professionals trying to figure out the site.  Sometimes you think you know how to use something within the system, and the next day you can’t do the same thing.  Sound familiar?  (Those who own or manage groups know exactly what I am talking about)

Over the next few months I will be writing more about LinkedIn, and why in my mind it is the best social networking site on the planet, and how it is better than the holy Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube knights.

It is true, there can only be one King, and that King (at least in the social networking world) is LinkedIn…. for now.

I will break down LinkedIn in many ways, the good and bad, and share with you some things you probably weren’t aware of with LinkedIn, or how you can use it to build your business and achieve your professional goals.  My ultimate goal is to make you believe that LinkedIn is the sexiest social networking site, even though you may think it is just a glorified resume.

I hope LinkedIn learns to be more “kingly” as Chris Brogan puts it best, and takes the criticism from some of it’s users over 2010.  I sense LinkedIn making a number of changes to improve and update it’s platform to keep up with some of the other social media knights.  Bear in mind, that with change always comes criticism.  As long as LinkedIn continues to keep the users best interest in mind, and not their own, the site will ultimately rise to the top, and even Facebook and Twitter advocates will start to see why the number one business social networking site will be your most useful online tool in the coming years.

More points to come soon, until then, all hail to LinkedIn, the social media King!

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