New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!

New book from NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes is now available!


David Siteman Garland is an extremely successful young entreprenuer.

He has started and owned a professional hockey league, created a hit T.V. show, speaks professionally around the country, and now has his first book deal (all before his 26 birthday).

The guy is a mutant and his hustle mentality gushes from his eyelids.

So how has David been able to build a powerful brand and achieve (some of) his goals?

One way David has done this is by being completely fearless and taking action to go after what he wants.  He isn’t afraid to fail, and he alters his path at any time along his j0urney when he notices something isn’t working the way he wants it to.

Simple as that.  David creates valuable content, connects people, and does this on a consistent basis.

Do you need to have 20+ years of experience to make a living doing something you are passionate about?  David has a little over 3 years of experience (not including his life experiences), and is completely dominating his niche and growing every day.

Don’t take it for me, watch this video interview below with David just to see how much passion and knowledge he has.

Make sure you check out David’s new book when it comes out, as he really knows his stuff and I stand behind everything he produces.  There aren’t too many people I can say that about, but David is the real deal and his site The Rise To The Top is always a great resource for entreprenuers.

What are your challenges you face along your journey to being an entreprenuer, or any other goals you might have?  Make sure to leave a comment with a few of your challenges, and I’ll have David respond with his best stuff.  Make sure to follow David on Twitter for quick markeitng tips as well.

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