The Power of Sleep for Entrepreneurs and Elite Athletes


Do you get enough sleep?

Or do you constantly feel drained, tired, and find yourself yawning throughout you day?

Sleep might be the most important aspect of building a great business, and having a high performing body.  It is also, one of the most overlooked aspects considering the focus on diet and working out.

What if having the right amount of sleep (and knowing when to sleep) solved all of your health problems, gave you unlimited energy throughout the day, and and made you 10x more productive than you’ve ever been?

Well, in this episode on the  The School of Greatness podcast we talk about the massive value one gets from proper sleep levels and also how to build the right habits to ensure you take advantage of it.

So for the 30th episode we have the king of the sleep bank, Ameer Rosic.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Ameer Rosic on on the School of Gretness podcast with Lewis Howes

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How a perfect vessel is key to positive effect on a global level
  • Why sleep is so important
  • Understanding circadian rhythms
  • Why sleep is the most important aspect of human performance
  • The importance of simplicity when planning for success
  • Steps to Improving Your Sleep Debt Bank Position
  • Melatonin puts you to bed | Cortisol keeps you active
  • Alleviating Sleep Debt issues with Time Release Melatonin, St. John’s Wart and More…
  • The Photo Electric Effect or the Power of Solar Gazing
  • The truth about Sugar and Sleep
  • A Simple Dietary Protocol for Improving Blood Sugar Levels, Concentration, Energy Levels and so much more
  • The Truth about Sleep for Entrepreneurs
  • Plus much more…

Continue Seeking Greatness:

Did you enjoy the podcast?

What are your sleep patterns like?  Do you go to bed before midnight or stay up all night long?  How does this affect your performance with work, sex, and relationships during the day?  

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Awesome interview Ameer and Lewis!


Very insightful podcast! Will definitely be more aware of my sleeping habits after listening to this.


Sleep until 10am, up until 2am. Ameer would hate me lol.


Great podcast! I definitely needed this (along with more sleep!)

Lewis, you normally post Music Credit for your podcasts, but not this one. Can you please tell me the name and artist on the song in this podcast please?


This was a great episode. I've been on the go to bed at 10pm wake up at 5:30am schedule for about a year now and it's great. Recently I wrote an article on my blog called Three Simple Ways That I Optimize My Sleep and got a lot of positive feedback about it. 

Ameer only briefly touched on one of my points so it might be worth checking out for anyone that really liked this podcast: http://brianmartinek.com/2013/08/22/three-simple-ways-that-i-optimize-my-sleep/


I usually listen on Stitcher, but there's some kind of bug in the file. It's only a minute long. Can it be fixed?

Eugene Chernets
Eugene Chernets

Looking forward to listening to it in the gym right away

Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson

I'm your Canadian neighbor. Igloo #28383.

UJ Ramdas
UJ Ramdas

Glad to hear this interview is out. Looking forward to listening to this!


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