Tim Ferriss on Meta Learning and Living the Good Life


In the third episode of The School of Greatness I interview a hero for most entrepreneurs, Tim Ferriss.

It was five years ago when I was introduced to Tim’s international bestselling book The 4-Hour Work Week.  My brother gave it to me for a Christmas present while I was recovering from surgery due to a career ending football injury, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

The ideas in his book literally opened my mind to what was possible with building an online business (without trading time for dollars) and I can attribute millions of dollars in sales made in the last few years from the ideas in his book.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Tim Ferriss and Lewis Howes

Tim hasn’t only had an impact in my life, but he’s influenced millions of individuals seeking lifestyle businesses.

In this interview we discuss the essentials of his latest book The 4-Hour Chef and go into an interesting Q&A session with a live audience over a few glasses of wine (you might start to hear it in Tim’s voice towards the end) :)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

    • Why the Kitchen is the perfect dojo for maximizing human potential
    • That it doesn’t take much to become impressive
    • Tim’s secret receipt for Ossobuco
    • The core of his new book: Meta-Learning, Domestic, Wild, Science and Professional
    • The DISSS framework for meta-learning
    • How to overcome behavioral psychology barriers through learning to cook
    • Why the Four Hour Chef is the most banned book since 1928
    • How to deconstruct skills when you have no starting point
    • To use the “four-hour process” to learning an instrument
    • What surprised Tim the most while writing the Four Hour Chef
    • 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly (KK.ORG)
    • Tim’s take on smart drugs
    • How meta-learning can help when investing
    • The importance Tim places on social media in networking
    • How many skills can you work on at a time
    • Ramit and Tim on Publishing vs. Self Publishing
    • That Rescue Time can help to track your activity
    • Plus much more…

Here is the video Tim talks about with Ramit on publishing:

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Dude, great show and a really interesting episode, but please please please get a better mic


I read 4HB and 4HWW, both are fab. His Slow Carb Diet  and workouts from 4HB are already part of my routine while the 4HWW has changed my way of thinking. Now even I encourage my friends to be an entrepreneur and not just be a job slave, also never follow the crowd!! But I love his blog the most as its lot more informative, everyday I read something there and what makes it unique is that he gives away tons of accurate stuffs through which beginners like me can learn everything from lifestyle, health, marketing & business all in one place. Tim ---you inspire me the most. Thanks. 


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