Ramit Sethi on Building an Empire, Powerful Habits and The Art of Becoming The Best


Can you remember a defining moment in your life that led you to where you are now?

You know, the moment you knew your town stunted your growth so you moved to “the big city”.  Or when you finally got sick and tired of working that corporate job and started your own business.

There are specific moments we experience that define and direct our thoughts and actions throughout the rest of our life.

I’m fascinated by these moments.  They show me why someone is successful and living their dreams and why others aren’t.

On this weeks episode of  the School of Greatness I dive into those defining moments of our next guest who is a New York Times best selling author and serial entrepreneur.  During the episode he reveals how he built his empire, what you can do to build powerful habits in your business and life, and the art of becoming the best at everything you do.

Welcome to episode number 75 with the mind behind I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Ramit Sethi on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“None of us wants to be a financial expert. We just want our money to do the things it’s supposed to do and then get on with life.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Ramit’s debt reduction process helped me get out of debt
  • About Ramit’s love for systems (and why you need them in your life)
  • How his passion for learning about money and psychology came from a big loss

People want simple solutions to complex problems. 

  • The guilty pleasures and hobbies that Ramit loved as a kid
  • The power of the negative self talk Ramit inflicted on himself and how he reframed it for improvement
  • Ramit’s perception on the biggest mistake people make when starting a business

“It never get’s any easier than now.”

  • How to find amazing  A players to grow you business team
  • Ramit’s Powerful 21 Day Hiring Procedure
  • The importance of discipline and clear expectations with great teams

“80% of the hard work happens before you ever set foot in the room.”

  • The important tool when marketing (I bet you can’t guess his answer)
  • How challenges evolve as business grows
  • Plus much more…

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  • Music Credit: Feeling Good by Nina Simone (Remix by Bassnectar)

“If I’m going to spend 8 hours doing something… I might as well spend 15 being the best.”

Did you enjoy the podcast?

I’m always fascinated when I connect with Ramit as he is one of the wisest men that I know, and I didn’t know about his make or break moments that he shared until now.  In the comments section below, share with me one of your defining moments that you had growing up which led you to where you are now.  Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about Ramit and this powerful episode.

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This is the single best podcast I could've come across probably for the whole week. Very powerful words by Mr. Ramit. Thank you

Elise Artist
Elise Artist

One of my defining moments came at age sixteen, when I decided NOT to attend a university. I was then a year ahead, going into my final year of high-school. Test results said I was "high-99th percentile" for the nation in the tested subjects...but I didn't want to go into debt just to get a degree. It lead to my present occupation of art/illustration and having work seen in 65 languages around the world. It was a decision with a long term impact. I don't regret that decision.

Cody Wheeler
Cody Wheeler

Agreed. Ramit has had me tens of thousands of dollars.


LoL "surprisingly I played sports as a kid"  Love him.  He's full of useful advice.  


I've seen Ramit on stage many times and have purchased his programs and there is something awesome to learn form him. Great interview!


I absolutely loved this interview! I immediately purchased his book on Audible and have started implementing his simple and smart tips. It's a breath of fresh air to find someone who can break down the confusion of investing and such. I love how matter of fact he is. Not to mention his funny personality. Thanks so much for this interview Lewis!

John Muscarello
John Muscarello

Great advice from Ramit as always. My biggest takeaway was when Ramit said, "I always think: "It never get's easier than now" It really made me think about how there is no perfect time to get started. The longer you wait and the more advance other people get, the harder you have to work to just get started. 


Great podcast, awesome that you feature artists from soundcloud in your intros! This is my first visit to your blog and I just LOVE it... I also listened to the episode with Noah Kagen which was really cool. 

Just listening to these two episodes I'm already a fan! You're really humble and present in your interviewing, it feels like I'm sitting in on a private conversation more than listening to a podcast. I love "aha" moments which I've gotten I few already and I just felt like throwing some appreciation your way. Man, you're crushing it! I will follow this podcast with enthusiasm.

I really like your blog design and I noticed that you got the scrolling social buttons which I think is great. In fact, I was reading a blog post from Neil Patel at Quicksprout recommending limiting the number of social buttons to the top three as it will increase your social traffic quite significantly. 

Thought you might find it useful.

All the best.



Thank you Lewis!

Your podcast have really encouraged me to change and improve myself little by little, all these small inches really give me a huge improvement!

Because I know what its like to find alternatives when one is forgotten like exit doors in our lives.... and those are the best ways out they shape us and turn us into who we are today.... sometimes the best motivator is rejection... we are who we want to me and I believe your it will shaped my life.thank you

Best regards,


One of the best episode,  learn so much after listen to this interview, thank you for sharing!


Great show as always. If you're just hearing about Ramit, I highly suggest checking out his blog and courses. They are filled with some of the best information you will ever find.

Lewis Howes
Lewis Howes

let me know what you think once you check it out!


You & Ramit! Two of my favorite guys! :) Amazing podcast, thank you!

Kevin Chung
Kevin Chung

This is sure to be a good one, can't wait to listen.


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