How to Overcome Addictions and Be Courageously Vulnerable with Glennon Melton


When Adam Braun told me about our next guest on the School of Greatness, I had to bring her on.

I had no idea that I’d be on the verge of connecting with someone in such a powerful way. Her courage to be so open hearted from a scary past gives me hope that others can overcome challenges in a similar way.

She writes about her brutiful life (brutal and beautiful) at Momastery.com. Writing helps continue the healing process from her bulimia, alcoholism, and jerkiness.

I’m filled with gratitude to introduce you to New York Times Bestselling author Glennon Melton.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Glennon Melton on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“The most personal fact is always the most universal”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The story of Glennon’s addictions and how she overcame them
  • The moment of courageous vulnerability which changed everything at church
  • About what to find when “ten layers deep” with people
  • Why sensitive people are prone to addiction
  • Managing emotional repercussions of losing loved ones
  • That life happens to everyone and your problems are the same that others facing
  • How to identify as a “and / both” person rather than “either / or”
  • Why perfection and doing good are direct enemies
  • A brilliant small way to see people who are not being seen
  • Why “Gifted Lists” in schools are no longer serving humanity
  • Plus much more…

Continue Seeking Greatness:

  • Are you Dealing with Addiction in your family? Don’t reinvent the wheel, visit Alanon
  • Connect with Glennon:

Momaster.com | Twitter | Facebook | Pintrest

Did you enjoy the podcast?

Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life is a NYT bestseller, was named Best Relationship Book of 2013 by Books for a Better Life and nominated as The Best Memoir of 2013 by Good Reads.  Make sure to pick up a copy today to support Glennon. I was moved to hear someone so open to being a human being, and allowing herself to feel where she is at in each moment (instead of always feeling like she has to do everything “perfect” all the time).  What was the biggest thing that opened up for you on this episode?  Are you currently struggling with an addiction in your life or beating yourself up over a past addiction?  Please share openly in the comments section below.


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Just listened to the last 30 min of this podcast and LOVED the discussion of 'giftedness' and children. My 2nd grade daughter just last week came home from school in tears. She discovered there was an 'advanced' reading and she wasn't in it. She wasn't surprised that she got passed over for any math gifted class (she's honest), but she was like, "I'm a great reader Daddy!"

I told her that school can only measure certain types of giftedness. I told her that the best thing about her reading is that she loves it and that she can tell a helluva story. 

The biggest thing that scares me is that kids will forsake their natural inclinations and giftings to chase after the things that are easily measured and noticed. I pray she and her brothers ALWAYS lean into the things they love. It's in those places that they will be gifts to the world, even if nobody calls them 'gifted'. 


OMG you have to put the last 10-15 mins on children's talents in a child friendly format, been telling my 9yr old a version of that for months. She is such a lovely soul and totally average in a crowd of over achieving friends. What she doesn't see is she is the glue that holds them together. I keep telling her she has the type of talents that adults spend a lot of money learning but kids (and schools) can't see.


I really enjoy all of your podcasts, but when you speak about vulnerability - this really hits home and connects all of us. Thank you for doing such great work.


Be kind and brave. Thank you for another genuinely human episode. The combination of your talent in interviewing and connecting with your guests, makes this podcast truly great. I'm a fan of TED, but it's your podcast with Glennon that I recommend. Thank you.


this was great! it's liberating to hear that so many of our great role models are humans just like us and not just superhumans we sometimes believe they are.

I think she's right that sometimes we spend all our time with "self-improvement", but don't take enough action. What's the right balance and is there a point when you "stop" pursuing self-improvement?

Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz

Thanks Lewis, this episode is gold! I came to understand and acknowledge some important unknown or rather ignored aspects of my own personality from Glennon Melton. Thank you both!


What an inspiring message!  Thank you Melanie and Lewis.

Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton

Nice! Soon you gotta tell us all YOUR definition of greatness!

Lewis Howes
Lewis Howes

thanks man. secret? connect with inspiring people and give them value :)

Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton

Dude... I gotta say thank you for creating SO much valuable and awesome content ALL the time! I can't believe how many quality episodes you are putting out on a regular basis... Your a machine, and a great inspiration for my business! What's your secret??


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