8 Ways To Boost Your Business With Webinars


I can’t say enough about what webinars (or web conferences) have done for my business in 2010.

My business has grown over 12x since last year, and I’ve had more free time to travel the world and do what I want.

This year I either hosted or was a presenter on over 300 webinars.  This may seem like a lot (and it is) but there are a number of reasons why I continue to do them.

1.  List Building

When you host free webinars then you are able to build a decent fresh list by promoting it via social media or by hosting it for someone else.  Your database is your most valuable asset in business (besides yourself).  The larger the database of people who know, like and trust you or are fans of your work the better.  It’s pretty simple.  If you can get your products and services in front of more people that like you, you will probably sell more and make more.

2.  Brand Awareness

Building a list is one thing, but sometimes you may not be the one hosting the webinar, you may just be a speaker.  For example, Social Media Examiner hosted a social media business summit (basically a number of webinars) and had roughly 2,000 paid attendees.  I was one of the speakers Mike Stelzner asked to be in the summit, but I didn’t get to keep any of the list.  I did, however, get to present in front of a couple thousand buyers who were extremely interested in my topic.  I’ll speak in front of 2,000 people all day long, and if I can do it from the comfort of my home or office, then even better.

3.  New Audience

It’s good to expand your reach to new audiences.  I’ve done webinars to various industries outside of the social media world I normally wouldn’t get in front of.  Those are sometimes the most profitable as you are able to bring fresh ideas to an audience that needs your guidance the most.

4.  Perfect Your Craft

Each time I present, I learn how to make the next one better.  Hosting a great webinar takes time to master in order to get more sales or achieve your professional goals.  Record each webinar using ScreenFlow or Camtasia so you can go back and listen to how you presented and what you can improve on.

5.  Prepare For The Big Game

No one in business is an overnight success.  Although it may seem that way for some, most of the time they have spent years of preparation to get ready for big stages and big business opportunities.  Webinars can set you up for the big game, and prepare you for that interview on CNN, or your moment on Oprah.  It’s all about the journey for the big games.

6.  Save Time

I like to make the most out my time.   Don’t you?  Speaking at live events definitely has its perks, but webinars save you time from traveling, and allow you to be in a more relaxed state without having to stand on stage in front of an audiences.  Even the most shy individuals who are terrified of presenting can feel comfortable sharing their knowledge from behind the screen.

7.  Increase Sales

Show me the money.  Most of us are in business to make more money so we can do what we love.  A number of individuals are making multiple six figures a year in extra sales just from webinars.  Some companies like HubSpot use them as a primary lead gen source to increase sales along with their great blog content. I’ve seen some that have done more than a million in sales from a weeks worth of webinars.  Think they can’t make you money?  Think again.

8.  Connect With Decision Makers

If you have a product or service that adds great value and converts well during a webinar, then you are setting yourself up to connect with some of the biggest decision makers in business.  It’s very common to do a joint venture webinar with industry leaders who can share their information to your network or list and visa versa.  If you build up a good reputation with your online presentation and add value to others, then word spreads fast in the world of webinars and be prepared to connect with some major players.

I recently did a show with someone I do nearly all of my webinars with, Sean Malarkey, and we break down a number of other reasons you should be hosting webinars, and some great ways to market and promote your magnetic webinars to increase your list.  Check out the video below:

The reason I continue to use webinars as a major part of my marketing is because of one simple reason.

They Work!

Have you had success running your own webinars?  Can you see the value they can provide in your business after reading this article?  I’d love to hear your thoughts about the success you have had with webinars, or some concerns you may have as well.  Please share your thoughts freely in the comments section below, and spread this article with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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Yeah, webinars helps organizations reducing travel costs, having wider audience range, convenience of presenting demos from anywhere, gathering accurate statistics as to who all attended the event etc. There are many Webinar tools such as R-HUB, WebEx, GoMeetNow, gotomeeting, etc. to select from.


Awesome tips Lewis, it's amazing to see the type of success you have had because of webinars.


ClickWebinar is a simple and easy to use meeting software where you can deliver webinars online. The Software works well on Microsoft and Mac and is web based, its an intuitive software at an affordable price. ClickWebinar offer a free trial for 30 days which you can use to see if it can work for you.



@LewisHowes and @SeanMalarkey you shared some great gems and being entertaining! I've been resistant to doing webinars but after seeing Oprah do it with her life class and how much people love the interaction it is the way to go. My resistance specifically has been teleseminars are easy and webinars need so much preparation! I look forward to learning more as to how I can integrate this medium into my teaching.


Loved the energy at 1:08 on the video! Gr8t stuff. Life is fun!


Great Post Lewis, I am in the process of building my intital list from my blog. That is step #1
#2 Attending several webinars hosted by you and learn the process from A to Z Have plans in the future for health related webinar. So many people have problems and I am sure they are all looking for answers. I can provide those answers for them. Thank you for sharing this with us



I was just discussing this yesterday with a colleague. Weighing doing a posted online short course vs. doing it in a webinar format.

Your list above has many of the reasons I am now leaning towards the webinar format.

Love #5 - Preparing for the Big Game. Sometimes you need to jump in the deep end of the pool. :)

- Craig


Lewis, I have been doing webinars since 2005 (when Go To Webinar was basically still in Beta) and have done over 50.

My webinars helped me grow my list from 500 to 21,000 in a three year period. I mostly use them to introduce my list to SPECIALISTS in the fields of marketing, social media, etc. (hint hint) and to create trainings centered around a product or service.

The MOST important thing in doing a webinar, in my opinion, is to provide 99% content and to studiously avoid coming across as a PITCHMAN. A webinar isn't designed to be an info-mercial (unless you have promoted it that way) but a chance for your audience to reach out and touch a new idea without RISK.

Selling on webinars is OK, of course, as long as what preceded the offer had value in the minds of the audience. In fact,, your audience sometimes DEMANDS that you sell them something. But, they have just as much use as a content development tool, book promotion event, or customer appreciation event.

Tammy de Leeuw "The Grouchy Marketing Lady"


I agree webinars are something people should do but I feel like I have no credibility ... why would anyone listen to me?


Just curious if you have a preference for webinar hosting? I would love to start doing webinars just not sure where to start.


As you know, Lewis, I love webinars too! I'm a visual person, so teleseminars don't work for me at all. If I have to be on the phone with anyone -- even my husband -- my brain tunes out. Thanks in large part to webinars, I grew my list from 300 subscribers in January to 2100 by October this year. I know that's tiny compared to your list, Lewis, but it was a big achievement for me.

Hey, when are we doing a webinar together?

:-) Lexi


Lewis- thanks for sparking me to do this! I really appreciate your work!


Ah - just what I was looking for. Thanks :-)


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