Robert Greene: How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness


Today I’m launching something I’m very excited about.

It’s called The School of Greatness.

I’m constantly connecting with inspiring individuals such as creative entrepreneurs, world class athletes, and interesting celebrities.  I love hearing their story about how they’ve achieved greatness and wanted to share their message to a broader audience.  For that, I’ve created this platform for so you can learn from their insights and lessons and they can share their story.

Our first episode is with international best selling author Robert Greene.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes and Robert Greene

Robert Greene, perhaps the premier student of what it means to be great.

His works have proven immensely influential from the beginning as an international bestseller with The 48 Laws of Power in which he dives through 3,000 years of history and studies and has sold a couple million copies all over the world.

The book was popular in the hip hop community, for entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and actors like 50 Cent, Jay-Z,  Will Smith amongst many others.  He has since written other best selling books like The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War and The 50th Law.

Robert is incredibly influential and this interview had our guests crying and left me with a profound admiration for his work and his greatness.  This episode is about 90 minutes long and we don’t anticipate all shows this long, but Robert is such an excellent guest that it would be a shame to cut the interview short.  As you begin, you’ll see that this show gets progressively more interesting.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Robert Greene came to write his latest book, Mastery
  • The “behind the scene” story of Robert Greene’s time spent with 50-Cent while developing The 50th Law
  • To identify and ignore the perspective that mastery is unattainable and only for great people
  • The importance of apprenticeship and the mentor dynamic
  • How to discover your calling and uniqueness
  • The key to life in the 20th century – SKILLS
  • The path Albert Einstein took to understand his theory of relativity
  • How Paul Graham became wealthy through developing a wide array of skills
  • How Cesar Rodriguez became the last american ace
  • How Michael Faraday became a world class scientist despite being in the wrong social class
  • The path that Charles Darwin needed to take to develop his theory of evolution
  • Plus much more…

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