How The Hidden Power of Words Inspires, Empowers and Creates Change


Ever wonder what the hidden power of words is?

My next guest would cringe at the sight of the grammar on this blog as I often confuse “Whom with Who”, and “Affect with Effect.”

For me, it’s always been about the passion behind my words, not the grammar or structure (that may also be my cop out since I almost flunked English in high school).

The magic of words, however, happens when we learn to use the correct grammar coupled with passion… that’s when the real inspiration happens in creating a visual story and powerful emotions with the readers.

In this episode I sit down with the Grammar Girl herself to talk about the power of words and her extremely successful podcasting career.  Welcome to the 33rd episode of The School of Greatness with Mignon Fogarty.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Mingon Fogarty on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • On the Growth of Podcasting and Who’s Joining the Mix
  • How Mignon Started Podcasting and Grew her Podcasting Network
  • How Short Attention Spans are the Key to Her Success
  • Dissecting Grammar Girls Massive Success
  • The Most Important Aspects of a Successful Podcast
  • Helpful Grammar Tips – Of Course!
  • What Mignon Considers the Most Powerful Word
  • A Deeper Understanding of the Hidden Power of Words
  • How to Select Words that Invite Action
  • How to Increase One’s Vocabulary Without Slaving Away
  • Plus much more…

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  2. If I Owned the Zoo by Dr. Seuss
  • She Used Game Salad To Develop Her Own Application, Grammar Pop
  • Connect with Mignon “Grammar Girl” Fogarty:

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

What’s the biggest thing you took away from Mignon’s thoughts on the power of words?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below. (side note, Mignon, if you read this entire post please be kind with your red pen 🙂

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Great show.  I've heard about Grammar Girl a few years ago when Mignon was building the larger business but have never caught an episode.  I need to get busy on the archive.

The best lesson I learned was when to use who and whom.  Just taught my wife something new as well.  Great stuff


love the podcast!  I feel somewhat humbled(?) as a lit major, writer and former teacher-- to have never come across grammar girl podcast before;)

i especially appreciate taking on the topic of gender in writing and speech.  How correct-- there really is no such thing as neutrality.. we are always presenting position and perspective through how we frame and reference things:)

i find that i tend toward writing gender neutral, where i will shift into plural mode, employing WE, or people... when I need to create illustrations or address a topic in a way that employs pronouns.  it could be that I picked this up from studying French... where everything possesses gender-- but.. they also have the term On.. ie one... which they can use when they don't want to denote gender... 

fairly ironic that languages that are very gender grounded, have an intrinsically neutral grammatical construct.. while a language that is very un-gender oriented... defaults to the pro-masculine:) 

the thing i like about this approach, additionally.... is that when one reads a sentence that is gender neutral... it also can feel more as though one.. might and could be, the reader.. not.. someone else.. someone.. out there...


Teri D.

Jan Koch
Jan Koch

I loved this episode. Thanks Lewis for getting Mignon on the show!
Especially for me being German and blogging in English it was helpful to understand the importance of choosing the right words!

I feel quite comfortable with writing in my second language, but recording video interviews or screencasts makes me nervous, even though I already talked to guys like Andrew Warner, Chase Reeves or Pat Flynn. I always feel like I'm making all these horrible mistakes, but maybe that's what people like in interviews. Being too polished is not the right way for me.

Thanks again, I love your podcast!



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