James Altucher: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream


Think making millions will bring you happiness?

Think again.

After selling his company for 15 million, living like a rock star and then pissing it away as fast as one can imagine, our next guest hit rock bottom and was contemplating suicide.  He’s turned it all around now and his journey is as inspirational as they come.

This is one of the many stories you’ll hear in this episode on The School of Greatness.  Even though this might sound like a dream to many of you out there, this interview makes it clear that money is not the key to happiness.

Thank you for tuning into episode #19 with the enlightened entrepreneur, James Altucher.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

James Altucher on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can easily become a self fulfilling prophecy.”  Tony Robbins

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How James initially stumbled into the business world
  • How he built a web development business which was THE Entertainment Web-development Company for clients like Wu-Tang Clan, Puff Daddy, Death Row Records, Miramax, Warner Brothers, HBO, Disney, Time Warner, New Line Cinema and more
  • About rapid, massive success and subsequent rapid, massive failure
  • How he sold his first company for $15 million and lost it in months
  • How to spend a million dollars a week and end up completely broke
  • What James’s motivation was to make all the money in the first place
  • How he turned his life around by identifying and working on the important things:
  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual
  • How he rebuilt his network and business from scratch
  • An important lesson about sleep from a Canadian Kettle Bell Champion
  • A simple strategy to exceed all your expectations
  • How to identify if your expectations are goals or prison bars
  • How to become a money magnet and let it flow straight into you
  • About the importance of being aware of and accepting that your life is abundant
  • Why it’s a good idea to wipe out your financial goal and build a culture of abundance in your struggling company
  • How to stop looking at your bank account every day
  • The most influential book James has read
  • What living the dream now means to James
  • How James defines GREATNESS
  • “that being great today, is greatness.”
  • How to get paid to read his book
  • Plus much more…

Continue Seeking Greatness:

  1. Abundance by Peter Diamandis
  2. The Rational Optimist by Matt Riddley
  3. The Tools by Phil Stutz
  4. Denis Johnson
  5. Raymond Carver
  6. Coolidge by Amity Shales

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Charles D'Alberto
Charles D'Alberto

This one really hit home.. thanks once again for a Great Lesson in life...

Zach Elliott
Zach Elliott

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Steven Freund
Steven Freund

Dang, I thought this was a new episode with James Altucher


WOW! What a great podcast! I had to take notes on this one. James Altucher is really spectacular. 

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Very inspirational...

I just bought the book. I like his way of thinking.

Thank you very much for interviewing this amazing guy.


Awesome stuff, I've been following Lewis from the time he did he show with Tim on creativelive...,but all the content here is exceptional and SUPER inspirational!


Enjoyed this podcast. Very valuable information for my personal and business life!  We would love to have you speak at our Horizon Expo February 2014!  


Thanks for this Podcast Lewis. I stumbled across this post today through facebook and I have found it extremely valuable. Thank you for sharing your passion I really appreciate it. I cannot wait to explore the site more. Cheers, Nick


Great Interview!  Keep up the awesome work Lewis. 

Matej Bester
Matej Bester

Amazing podcast. Thanks for sharing James & Lewis!


First time listener, and visitor to the site.   Enjoyed the actual interview, but the first 10 mins of bragging and complaining about "The National Championships" caused one eyeroll after another.  You're an alpha mega champion who works out with the mass of planets, we get it.  

Your content is good, and we think you're perfectly awesome without all that other stuff.  You did ask for feedback, right?


I really enjoyed this conversation. I'm currently reading his book. A lot of stuff I read somewhere else before, but still relevant. Some new things I'll do like listing ideas everyday.


Awesome podcast guys! Self-care is numero uno in my book and it really wasn't until I prioritized this that I saw overwhelming (and unexpected) positive results in all areas of my life. Thank you for the reminder - it's a super important message that needs to be spread!!!!


Wow. What a story. What an amazing spiritual man. 'Hippie nonsense'? No, it's the way forward. This resonates with me - and the part about his father was like a gut punch. Powerful stuff.