A Conversation on Poetry, Life and the Vulnerability of Pursuing Dreams


My next guest is a rapper, actor, teacher, songwriter, and award winning spoken word artist.

His poetry is a powerful force that has featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, two seasons of Verses & Flow, the Discovery Channel, the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, EA Sports, ABC, NBC, and A&E.

Please welcome the National Poetry Slam Champion IN-Q to The School of Greatness.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

In-Q on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“5 Years Ago, I wouldn’t Been So Angry that I wouldn’t Have Seen The Card”

“How do you grow? You do stuff that you’re not good at.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The Difference Between Poetry and Music
  • To Realize When Your Dreams Have Changed
  • How to See Every Human Being as a Mirror of Yourself
  • A New Perspective for Vulnerability
  • To Balance Vulnerability and Your Personal Branding
  • To Utilize the Power of Working Openly With People
  • What Poetry Teaches about Life and Business
  • Plus much more…


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Did you enjoy the podcast?

What did you take away from this episode? Do you see connections between poetry, or any art for that matter, and business?

Also, bonus points if you name the Great voice behind the sound clip at the end of the show in the comments section below.

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Perrine Rambeau
Perrine Rambeau

I just listened to the podcast and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and vulnerability...

Also, I loved the last poem starting with "we are mirrors" so much that I'd love to get the text. Is the text available somewhere?!




This was such a great podcast! I've always loved poetry and used to write it quite a bit. I stopped writing it, several years ago. I was so focused on building my business. 

Hearing this podcast has re-awakened my passion for poetry and I've been writing again, even incorporating it into my Instagram posts. Thanks Lewis.


Great interview Lewis! My take-away was this nugget from IN-Q:

"Don't operate from your fears. Challenge yourself. Go farther. Dig deeper."

It goes to the heart of your fascination and exploration of vulnerability. Excellent words to live by.

Have you researched Dr. Brene Brown's work on vulnerability? She is the leading expert on vulnerability and she has very interesting response to your question about who you should be vulnerable with and how much you should reveal. You should check her out. Or better yet, have her on the show :)


Thank you Lewis, I keep going back to listen to it.   It is a great episode.  

Sasha Maxim
Sasha Maxim

Lewis, a powerful show. Particularly the last poem. 

To answer your question I got present to the need to tune in more to my heart, and to live what is often times buried there, deep within. But I've learned that it takes courage, because it leaves one exposed. 

LewisHowes moderator

@Sasha Maxim Thank you Sasha.  When I take a look deep within I always seem to find the answers.  Glad to hear you are doing the same my friend. 


WOW WOW WOW.  You continually blow me away with the diversity, quality, and pure awesomeness of the guests you bring onto the podcast.  Love everything In-Q had to say about life.  The expression of poetry and being truly vulnerable and authentic is absolutely something that can be carried over into all aspects of life, business included.  The more I share of myself, my challenges, and be truly present and real with people, the more I attract into my business and in building my tribe.  

Thank you again, Lewis.  I used to listen to about 10 different podcasts, but as I'm stil catching up on past episodes of School of Greatness, it's all I want to listen to now!


Very original episode, Lewis. 'Love the spoken word. I didn't realize you guys in L.A. never see rainbows. You need to visit us here in Maui. Rainbows all-day-long. 



What a down to earth conversation, it stopped me in my tracks, chilled me out, and made me realize how much I had to be grateful for and I already thought I had a lot.  Kudos to your both. 


This rainbow reminds me to be grateful as we're blessed with them often in Oregon.  So neat to see how excited you guys were over it :P  Beautiful guest and great show Lewis!

Tessy Jahnke-Tabarez
Tessy Jahnke-Tabarez

Thank you Lewis, great podcast today. I really enjoyed the down to earth conversation with life's outlook regarding poets. It's nice to here the creativity being acknowledged and appreciated. It's all about one's perceptions of life. Powerful.


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