Give and Take: The Revolutionary Path to Success


What if I told you the key to success was not going after what you wanted, but helping others get what they wanted instead?

Better yet, what if there was research that proved the more you gave of your time and resources willingly to others, that you’d be on your way to achieving your wildest dreams?

It’s hard to believe, but the research shared in this interview will unfold this revolutionary approach to success.

Welcome to episode 15 of The School of Greatness with the man, Adam Grant.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Adam Grant on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Our Featured Guest

Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor at the Wharton School of Business. He’s been recognized as Wharton’s single highest rated teacher, one of Business Weeks favorite professors and one of The World’s 40 Best Business Professors Under 40. He was a record setting advertising director at Let’s Go publications, an All-American springboard diver (props to Adam for being an athlete as well) and a professional magician.

Adam Grant’s new book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success hit #2 on the New York Times Bestseller List in the first week.

This is an exciting interview because Adam and I talk about our differences in leveraging LinkedIn and I’d love to hear what side of the coin you fall on.

Grant talks about the power of weak ties and strong ties.  Also, the most important relationship that most miss out on which is dormant ties.  These are those dormant relationships that are underutilized and we discuss how they can be the biggest opportunities for you.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All about the three types of people: Givers, Matchers and Takers
  • The downsides that matchers might overlook
  • The giving strategies I used to grow my network
  • The two different types of givers: The overly altruistic and the “otherish”
  • In-person strategies to immediately impact those around you positively
  • How to utilize the Law of Reciprocity
  • To think about an alternate strategy for reciprocity when helping others
  • About generalized reciprocity and how it manifests in day to day life
  • A way to view relationship types: strong ties, weak ties and dormant ties
  • How to reconnect with dormant ties
  • Ideas on whether to connect with strangers on LinkedIn or not
  • Adam’s thoughts on self promotion and personal branding
  • How confidence and poking fun at yourself can help you achieve success
  • Who are the famous givers and the famous takers
  • The discussion of whether Steve Jobs was a giver or a taker
  • A great example of a givers: John Huntsman Sr.
  • Plus much more…

Continue Seeking Greatness:

Did you enjoy the podcast?

Do you consider yourself a giver, matcher or a taker?  Do you believe giving is the best way to achieve success long term or is Adam missing something here?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and leave us an iTunes Review as well.

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Samantha Harders
Samantha Harders

I follow Adam Grant's writings (books/blog/etc) very closely and it's so exciting to see other entrepreneurs share his work! I've just found your page and am thrilled to discover what else I can learn as I build Avery Graham Skincare... Listening now!! PS hope you got a chance to see his TED Talk regarding his new book.

Francesca D'Ambrosio-Chodhary
Francesca D'Ambrosio-Chodhary

I disagree... It's programming our minds to want the things that will promote not only our growth but others around us as well. Our driving force is that constant reminder and the crystal clear vision of our dream that will ultimately create success. It all starts with our thoughts.

Queen Lina
Queen Lina

i would agree .. if i go after what i want .. i would be fat eating cakes all day and night and watching reality shows in my bed lol


Thanks you Lewis for this inspiring interview.

I love the idea of seing people as Givers, Takers, or Matchers. It has given me an other point of view in work relationships.

Thanks for the advice of reconnecting with dormant ties. I should do it more.

I can't wait to be up to date with the newest episodes...

Thanks again for this inspiring podcast.


What ever you want in your life give it away first; Love, Smile, Advice, Money, free Information, etc. Thank you @LewisHowes  for bringing influential people like Adam Grant on your blog.

Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin

Well, I have to say overall, you said it best with the law of reciprocity! It takes a level of growth and faith and I guess you could say spiritual growth to truly see that by giving from your heart, it will be returned and you will get the help you need as well... Maybe from other people, maybe in a different way... I think the biggest lesson is to know who is a taker who will not give back... that was my biggest weakness in the past... I like this idea of the more you give the more you receive... I am finding it to be more and more true in life...

Hilary Mills
Hilary Mills

You are a great man! Thank you for making me know whom i am, and how to develop myself! Big ups man!

Thomas J Hale
Thomas J Hale

Hi Lewis,

I have enjoyed your podcasts, thank you for the consistently delivering excellent content.


Hey Lewis! I love these podcasts, thank you very much for doing them.


I wanted to ask if you've ever heard of a guy named Kelly Starrett? He's basically the Tiger Woods of physical therapy and strength and conditioning, and I think you'd love him.


He is a practicing PT and also owner of San Francisco Crossfit, and the stuff he teaches literally changes lives! He focuses on mobility, proper positioning and mechanics, and maximizing physical performance in sports and life! And because you're an athlete with handball and crossfit, I think you would benefit ENORMOUSLY from what he has to teach (I know I have)!


His book "Becoming a Supple Leopard" just came out today and it's amazing.


Anyways, hope this helps! It's my attempt to be a giver and connect two people who I have absolutely zero personal connection with, but think could provide a lot of benefit.


Hope this helps Lewis! 



David Garcia
David Garcia

Hey Lewis, Thanks for this great interview.


I was thinking about this today and this post could not arrive in a better time for me.


I started freelancing and I'm adopting a giver position because I think is a clever strategy (I must said I do it inspired by your story) and it's great when I can help others to achieve their goals. It's really motivating.


However, I have been helping a friend with his website, writing posts without asking in return, even purchasing products I was interested in through his affiliate links (instead of those of people who genuinely recommeded the product), so I was wondering today if my strategy was clever or not.


Thanks to your podcast is quite clear for me that my friend is a taker with no intentions of helping me if he has to make even a little effort, so I won't invest more time helping him, as it is clearly not helping me to achieve my goals.


I guess is all about giving and then finding another givers who want to trully help you with your goals, otherwise it's just wasting your time,


Thanks for this great interview!


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