Derek Halpern: Simple (Yet Powerful) Strategies To Rapidly Grow Your Online Business

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Want to live the ultimate lifestyle, work from anywhere, and be the main authority in your industry?

Look no further than the master of online psychology, Derek Halpern, for your answers.

Those who want to “live the dream” have a hard time doing it when they are broke.  You may not like it, but financial freedom is something almost every entrepreneur is looking for.

But theres more than meets the eye than just setting up a good marketing campaign, crunching numbers, and building a solid team.  It’s about the “Social Triggers” that REALLY differentiate you from your competitors, and Derek is the king of teaching others how to do this online.

Get out your pencil and paper while you’re listening to this episode because it is packet full of actionable, common sense strategies that anyone can implement.  This is episode 39 with founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Derek Halpern on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“If you can sell something that solves someones problem, you will be profitable.” – Derek Halpern

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How a Passion for Poker Fuels a Love for Psychology
  • The 3 Strategies he Used to Get Millions of Visitors to his site
  • Realizing and Managing Perception
  • How Derek Built Social Triggers by Engineering Perception
  • To Understand the Core of Effective Content Marketing
  • How To Approach Sales with Confidence
  • The Most Important Step to Getting Your Content Shared
  • How to Increase your Lead Generation
  • The Best Way to Get People to Your Website
  • Managing Perceptions, Creating Content, Promoting Content
  • Plus much more…

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Fascinating. LOVED the insight about attracting colleagues rather than clients (as a visual artist (http://DoniaLilly.com) this is always an issue as it seems *everyone* makes art/wants to make art).

Ironically, far before I got to the part where Derek mentioned making his listeners think about someone specifically that his information would benefit and then asking to share that info with them, I thought of a friend in NYC who launched her own makeup line (and actually *is* an expert on lipstick! :-) ) and has a blog which gets tons of views, but she didn't even have her makeup site linked to it!! (I helped her remedy that as soon as I noticed it) But I also think she could do more to leverage her views of celebrity makeup posts to convert to advertising or direct sales so I am going to share this podcast with her...

Again, MAHALO for the very helpful and interesting guests - I look forward to digging deeper into your podcast archives!

(and is it me, or does Derek remind anyone else of Jonah Hill? I haven't seen any of his videos, but just listening to him and seeing his picture made that mental image unshakeable -- @LewisHowes? You've met him... am I way off base? :-)


Dude, such a great episode, Derek gave me such inspiration to create content for my wedding blog.  

Alex _K
Alex _K

Hey Lewis,

You and Derek have done it again. I listened to you guys before on Creative Live and that was packed with lots of great info, but I was taking notes here as well. Figuring out how I can apply this to my design and printing blog. Hope to be part of your expert circle.

Alex - www.printleaf.com


Lewis, must say that I've got your podcast on my Stitcher fav's, and I totally love how you put your podcast together. Your stuff is so engaging to listen to. Rockin' site too BTW!

Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios

Thanks. I found it to be very useful. made me rethink about the content of my website and all my strategy! Great insights! thanks

Jason Wiser
Jason Wiser

This interview is so full of fantastic info. "Twitter doesn't send traffic. Get people to share your posts" it's stuff like this that is totally counter to what all the social media gurus are touting. Derek obviously has the data to make a claim like this. 

My blog's really just getting off the ground and it is largely in part because of what I've learned from you, Sean, and the Social Marketing Tribe. But, I gotta confess, it was Derek that led me to you. 

I found Derek doing a Chris Brogan site review, than he interviewed you shortly after that. 

Great stuff guys. Hope to meet you all next time I am State side. 

Manu Kalia
Manu Kalia

Lewis awesome podcast as usual.  I have heard Derek on quite a few podcasts and always brings a ton of value.  Keep up the great work, you are pushing me to get closer and closer to achieving Freedom...


Hey Lewis,

What an awesome episode with Derek Halpern. So much good stuff here, I normally don't take notes when I listen to podcasts too much, but for this one I actually took a ton of notes. I will pick up the book Derek recommended, I already read Influence a few weeks ago, and it's a great book!

Keep up the awesome work!

- Navid

PS. I can't wait for the School of Greatness Academy, I got in ;)


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