Celebrate Full Circle


I took a big trip down memory lane this week when I opened up a bunch of boxes my  mom sent me of my old stuff from school and college.

Oh man, so many things I’d forgotten about.

Pictures of me in every phase (including the chubby “Flewis” days, college football, and some black and white model shots haha).

My old letter jackets, trophies, and jerseys from sports.

Newspaper clippings, letters, comic books, footballs (lots of those).

It was a hoot.

But it got me thinking. Sometimes I get so caught up in achieving and what I still want to accomplish that I forget to acknowledge myself for what I’ve already done.

So here’s an invitation in 5 Minute Friday to celebrate where you’ve come from and what you’ve already overcome, learned, and done with your life.

It’s time to look back in Episode 417 on The School of Greatness.

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