Ben Nemtin: How to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams


What does it take to achieve your biggest dreams?

For Ben Nemtin and three of his Canadian friends, it was a willingness to announce their dreams to the world, take massive action, and help others along the way.

They have proven over and over that no dream is too big to achieve and anything is possible.

But why do so many get stuck in living “average” lives and never go after what they want?

In episode #16 I bring on Ben, star of the MTV show The Buried Life, as he unlocks the key on how to turn any dream into a reality.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Ben Nemtin on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

In this episode Ben gives us his Six Step Formula for accomplishing any dream you can imagine.

Since the advice is coming from a young guy who hustled his way to played basketball with President Obama and partied at the Playboy Mansion (without an invitation) you better believe that it’s advice worth listening to.

Ben is also going to share his story from humble beginnings as a young kid in Canada to teaming up with his friends to make a low budget documentary and finally landing their show on MTV.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The story of how the The Buried Life list was born

  • What inspired Ben to get started
  • How Ben hustled to get CEOs to sponsor paying for gas
  • All about the magic around the growth of the show
  • How they went from a start up clothing shop to their debut television show in 2010
  • Why people live a buried life and how Ben and friends overcame it
  • How The Buried Life got to play basketball with President Obama
  • Examination of the success question: The fear of Failure or Success
  • The value of sharing what you really want to do
  • How to think of your dreams as projects and take tangible steps to get them done.
  • The benefits to focusing on helping other people
  • How being audacious leads to doing great things
  • Why Ben wants to inspire people to live their best life
  • The most inspiring, and hardest thing Ben most wants to do next
  • How they crashed the Playboy Mansion
  • Plus much more…

Continue Seeking Greatness:

Did you enjoy the podcast?

I hope you enjoyed listening to what Ben shared as much as I did.  I’d love for you to answer these two questions in the comments section below:  1.  What’s your biggest dream you’d like to accomplish?  2. What’s the biggest challenge you have in trying to accomplish it?  Be sure to announce your dream below as you never know who is reading that can help you achieve it!

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Oyewole Soliudeen Adaptive
Oyewole Soliudeen Adaptive

your podcast has been helping me. as they say ""' success is not what you accomplish but invested into some one life.... Keep the Momentum.


Another great podcast! Each week I am both inspired and motivated to stay focused on my passions & life's mission, which is to help others create their own inspired life! Grateful for all the hard work you put in to make this podcast happen. Thank you!


1. Work for Team SCA in the next Volvo Ocean Race, and become the On Board Reporter.


2. Conveying my passion & skill set to the Media Staff at the Volvo Ocean Race HQ  as they begin the hiring process.


fabulous podcast Lewis i really enjoyed the post thanks for sharing this with us :-)


Fantastic podcast! The most memorable take away for me was the biggest keys to success is to first and foremost put your goal out there so people can support you. If you don't put it out there it's never going to happen. I need to start telling everyone about my goals and dreams even more than I have been. Also, write it down. It seems so simple like why would I need to write them down they're totally fine in my head, but doing this will give you actionable tasks leading up to that goal. 


1.  What’s your biggest dream you’d like to accomplish?  Find a studio space that fits my portrait business. I don't think it's going to be a traditional photography studio space.

2. What’s the biggest challenge you have in trying to accomplish it? Affording my own space to shoot in NYC.


Thanks Lewis!


Josh Coats
Josh Coats

My dream is to inspire the world to pursue growth in spirit, soul, and body and to pursue their passions, while being a balanced person who loves God, my family, and my life. And to be as awesome as Lewis Howes!! Lol! Can't wait to listen to the new podcast tomorrow at work.


That was a great podcast Lewis!


I listened it twice. It remembered me I was aiming for conformity and realistics goals even before trying to do what I really want to do. And it's interesting the concept that Ben mentioned about unrealistic goals and probabilities of achieving them. I read the concept in the 4HWW, but this time, it really resonated in my head.


1. A round the world trip with 10 objectives: (training muay thai in Thailand, learn to surf in Bali, scuba diving in Australia, meet a famous actor in Los Angeles, train with a UFC fighter, learn Salsa in Colombia or Cuba, visit Rio, get sponsorship for the trip, 10.000 followers on facebook, write a book). 


Note: I elaborated this list way before I knew about buried life, it's just that I made excuses to postpone my objectives.


2. Biggest challenge is selling myself to possible sponsors, because I have no experience there, but I guess I have to try it harder to achieve it.


This episode was absolutely inspirational! I've enjoyed all previous interviews, but none have hit home like Ben's interview. It has certainly inspired me to be more audacious, to give things a go, and look to worry about looking stupid as I try new and exciting things. Thank you so much Lewis and Ben! My audacious goal is to be interviewed on The School of Greatness podcast for achieving the five goals I set at the beginning of this year: 1. To create a world class online learning environment at my school. 2. To learn and perform publically on my ukulele. 3. To weigh in at 100kg with 10% body fat 4. To learn to speak Mandarin 5. To learn how to dance


1. Own and operate a profitable digital nomad/surf getaway in the tropics.

2. Capital


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