Aubrey Marcus: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Passion and Authenticity


What does it take to achieve optimal human potential?

This is a quest I’ve been on since childhood; seeking greatness in sports, business and life.

It has been the obsession of my next guest, and he has built a multi-million dollar fitness and nutrition empire over the past few years providing the best products on the market for those seeking to maximize their mental and physical performance.

He’s a leader in his industry (and a fun workout training partner I might add).

Thank you for tuning in to episode thirty five with Aubrey Marcus.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Aubrey Marcus on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The Secret Weapon Accounting for 92% of Sales for Onnit
  • The early failures and successes while starting Onnit
  • The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and getting sold out in 36 hours
  • How he managed rapid growth as a physical product business
  • The secret to Alpha Brain’s massive success
  • About traditional medicine and it’s effects
  • How Product Development Works at Onnit
  • Why Authenticity is the New Powerful Force in Marketing
  • About Adam Corolla, Joey Diaz and Steve Austin’s Onnit success
  • The Important Benefits of an Excellent Company Culture
  • What Drove Aubrey to seek greatness in all walks of life

“I was once troubled by the many paths that lay before me so I decided to be admirable at everything” – Cyrano De Bergerac

  • Advice for the Struggling in search of Direction
  • How Aubrey Overcomes Negativity
  • About his dreams for the future
  • Plus much more…


“Greatness is the point where in your heart of hearts, you are doing what you are truly capable of.” – Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus and Lewis Howes in Greatness Studio

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Such a great episode. Wealth of knowledge from you and Aubrey. It's amazing that over 90% of his business has come from podcasts, which is funny because I first heard of Onnit through a podcast and ended up ordered. Thanks for bring this to us Lewis!


Great interview.  It was interesting to hear Aubrey's strategy for building the business by focusing on a small niche and creating a quality supplement specifically for that niche.  It's all to easy to try to create one product that everyone considers good (or adequate).  Focusing on making a great product for a smaller niche is really the way to go and Onnit is proof.  Can't wait to try some of the Alpha Brain

Nelson David Bassey
Nelson David Bassey

Ive just applied the content sharing strategy to one of my articles. I'll observe for the next one week, and should share the results here..thanks Lewis Howes! Enjoying the podcasts all the way from Nigeria

James Dooney
James Dooney

Hmm I love speak online and all .. well.. might have to look at this !

Eric Graham
Eric Graham

This was a great episode Lewis! Loved it!

Kelly Lynn Adams
Kelly Lynn Adams

I listened to Aubrey on the joe rogan show love his energy!!!!


I really enjoyed this discussion with Aubrey (yet another compelling episode by TSOG). It is inspiring to hear about his success building an ethical company. Thanks, David Harper


Really glad to listen to Aubrey and learn of the Warrior Poet project.  I relate and concur.  From the female side, I'm currently, authoring the True Story  of a woman who mastered the warrior spirit - beauty, grace and power - called Dragons - Tigers and Lipstick; The Tao of the Modern Woman Warrior

Would love to connect with you Aubrey - Lewis; maybe have a women's perspective also?

My Best,

Maria Camille


Lewis and AUbrey - Word UP, homies, that shyt was AWESOME!!!


Many people seem to get into podcasting as a way to make money off the podcast itself. Not everyone understands that  the podcast often is meant to promote a product or services as a way of monetization. This is a great example of how powerful this medium can be when used right.

Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson

Awesome interview Lewis! Onnit is quite an amazing company in my city, Austin TX. I have a few of their products including the T+, Shroomtech and New Mood. I would recommend the T+ as it gives me a noticeable boost before my workouts (and I've even experienced clearer vision!). 

Excellent awareness about your mindset regarding your ego during the championship game. Keep up the great work! 


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  2. […] Aubrey Marcus: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Passion and Authenticity […]

  3. […] Aubrey Marcus: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Passion and Authenticity […]