Percentages of LinkedIn Users in the Midwest


LinkedIn has gained much deserved attention as its user-base has grown well over 100 million. Meanwhile LinkedIn’s IPO gained international attention and jumped 109% in one day.

Despite this fast growth however, the percentage of people using LinkedIn is incredibly low, especially in the Midwest. A state-by-state analysis of LinkedIn shows its growth in states with a larger urban population while rural states, like South Dakota, have a lower percentage of users.

These results make more sense when looking at the largest industry for LinkedIn users. Infotech and higher ed dominate the list with a touch of health care and automotive still topping the chart in Michigan.

What this means for LinkedIn users is opportunity

Instead of wading through the noise of Twitter or Facebook, on LinkedIn you can quickly connect with the decision-makers and employees of innovative and cutting-edge companies. Relevant results mean quick connections with leaders in the state or industry.

This is also an opportunity for people living in rural areas. Very quickly you can optimize your profile and become an industry leader with little competition from other rural businesses or industries.

Additional help from a tool like Lewis Howes’ LinkedInfluence can further jump-start your efforts. With a large potential audience and little competition, LinkedIn may well be the best place for small, rural businesses to make valuable connections that convert to real business results.

Take a look at the statistics on LinkedIn users in the Midwest in this Infographic below. Any surprises for you?


Scott D. Meyer is the Chief Outreach Officer of 9 Clouds, a digital education firm that teachers businesses to effectively use digital media through one-on-one trainings, company-wide workshops and the online digital media learning site: Sandbox. Contact 9 Clouds to improve your digital literacy.

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ya this is so true that higher ed dominate the list with a touch of health care and automotive still topping the chart in Michigan.

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Oh wow what a great information i learn a lot of things, keep up the good work, Thanks you for this opportunities it encourage me to start a small business, Thanks a lot!


Hi Tim-

I did a look and it looks like OK has just over 2.0% of its population on LinkedIn.

Definitely choose the later, you're the local leader!



This is very cool. Do you know where I could find stats on Oklahoma? The small business owners I work with in the OK region would probably be similar to these statistics. Very few business owners on are LinkedIn here - I'm usually the first intro email to invite them onto the platform. Two ways to look at it, I guess - 1. lonely and depressing or 2. lots of opportunity to help the business community locally. I'll choose the latter.


It's also interesting to note how one urban area can swing the numbers. Putting Kansas City in Kansas as it is on this infographic makes Kansas 3.6%. Without KC, Kansas' percentage would be 1%. With KC, Missouri however only increases to 2.3%.


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