LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Keys to Growing Your Business on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Marketing It’s been called, “the ugly step child” of social media.

College graduates have no clue how to use it.

There are over 200 million users.

And yet, only a few have learned how to grow their business on LinkedIn.

In this video I share with you my top 5 strategies for using LinkedIn (the right way) to get the dream job you’ve always wanted, or increase more leads, traffic, and sales for your for your business.

It’s not rocket science, and these are some simple principles you can use to start seeing some real results from LinkedIn.  Click the video below to see what I’m talking about.

LinkedIn Marketing

Have you already applied these 5 strategies to your profile?

If so, I’m sure you are seeing the results you want with LinkedIn.

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I hope you enjoyed this video as I’ll have more like this coming soon.  I’d love to hear what your biggest challenge with LinkedIn is currently.  Let me know in the comments section below so I can guide you in the right direction. 


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Eric O Nelson III
Eric O Nelson III


You did a conference call last year where you showed how to increase search results on linkedin, and also explained the difference between all star and expert. Where can we find this info or link once again?



Miki Vicioso Cocco
Miki Vicioso Cocco

Great tips Lewis! I'm currently on most network but haven't look up on LinkedIn as I should. I will take time to test things out and see how it goes.


Lewis, thanks for the Linkedin tips, have done a few of the ones you mentioned and had not thought of setting up a group before, so of course will be implementing the rest, look forward to watch your videos to see how you do it


Lewis, another excellent and timely video!  I have found myself running into ever more people that are not on Linkedin.  Also, I am in the process of overhauling my profile, so you know I am going to be checking out your additional videos. 


I really love your videos and get a lot from them. This time I lost my concentration because of your video recording. I feel I have to say that when you loose the eye contact I loose my concentration. The up close view of your face is nice but cut through all my concentration. since it was to frequent I could not get back to the subject. I'll try to catch up with listening only. But I would like to recommend putting in some interactive visuals related to the subject, this time it was LinkedIn, that will add value to your recordings.

Thank you so much for getting my comments...


Good simple tips in that video Lewis.. Well done.

Thiago Leite
Thiago Leite

I guess the greatest challenge I'm seeing is how to engage people to participate in a new group on LinkedIn. With Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities people just don't seem that interested in participating on LinkedIn, using its groups mostly to spam outbound links :/ Any advice on that?


I'm glad you mentioned the part about endorsing others. This is something I started a couple weeks ago which I call social giving. I do the same in Klout. Every weekend for 20 mins I +K people in my network. Thank you for sharing the wealth Lewis. 


Great video Lewis! The new video series is looking great and can't wait to see more of them. 


Lewis, Great set of tips.  I've just started implementing them, and others from your LinkedInfluence course, and within 1 week my connections have more than tripled.



LewisHowes moderator

 @Thiago Leite I think you need to set expectations right when people join your group on LinkedIn.  Create a follow up auto email through the group letting them know you'll be sending them weekly/monthly tips and resources (based on what the group is focused on)


Thiago, I'm part of @LewisHowes "The School of Greatness" in Facebook.


Something I thought interesting that he did there is to starts things off with a very personable video stating what is and what is not allowed in the group, and a warning that violators may get kicked out without a warning.


Now this is a private group not a public group, but you can do the same thing on LinkedIn.  Hope you find this helpful. 


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